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      12th Anniversary Gift:

      The Complete Guide To Your 12th Anniversary!

      Wow, a dozen years! This wedding anniversary definitely deserves a gift or a celebration of some kind, but what? Thankfully, there are a lot of great 12th anniversary gift ideas for her and for him for you and your spouse to celebrate in the best way possible. But first, you might be curious about the traditional 12th anniversary gift or 12th anniversary gift ideas modern.

      What is the gift for the 12th anniversary?

      The traditional 12th anniversary gift is silk and linen, and the 12th anniversary gift ideas modern are pearls or colored gems. In general, the 12th wedding anniversary gift should be about what matters most to you and your spouse! Thankfully, there are a lot of great 12th anniversary gift ideas for her and 12th wedding anniversary gifts for him for you to find the perfect gift to celebrate your marriage. Keep reading to learn what each of the 12th anniversary gift ideas mean!

      In this Complete Guide to your 12th Wedding Anniversary, you will discover:

      • Modern vs traditional anniversary symbols
      • 12th anniversary color
      • 12th anniversary gemstone
      • 12th anniversary flowers
      • 12th wedding anniversary gift ideas
      • 12th anniversary celebration ideas

      Modern vs Traditional

      12th anniversary gift modern vs traditional

      Modern: Pearls/Colored Gems

      The 12th anniversary gift ideas modern of pearls symbolize purity, innocence, honesty, charity, integrity, spiritual transformation and wisdom. For your 12th anniversary gift item, thankfully gems and pearls come in a variety of colors! Common colors for pearls are white, rose, gold, black, pink and silver. You can either purchase colored pearls for your 12th anniversary gift, or string your own pearls in a necklace. You can be sure she will love either option! For colored gems, there are quite a few options for you to choose from. For instance, sapphire, emerald, ruby, amethyst and aquamarine are all wonderful colored gems you could choose for 12th anniversary gifts for her. For 12th anniversary gift ideas modern, you could buy a loose colored gemstone and then design a ring or necklace with the colored gemstone as a centerpiece. She will absolutely love it!

      Traditional: Silk/Linen

      The traditional 12th anniversary gift items are silk and linen. As a traditional 12th anniversary gift, linen represents truth, honesty and purity. Why is this, though? The idea of linen as symbolic of truth comes from biblical times when garments made of fine linens were worn by figures who represent truth, such as angels.

      A marriage that has lasted 12 years has undoubtedly faced a few challenges here and there, and has successfully overcome those hurdles. In overcoming these hurdles, the relationship has become a lot stronger. Therefore, due to the strength of your bond now at this point, you can expect things to go “smooth as silk.” The 12th anniversary should be celebrated by taking the time to indulge in certain pleasures as a reward for overcoming various hurdles. As a 12th anniversary gift for him or for her, silk is meant to symbolize the ease of your relationship now, as well as to remind you to take some time to enjoy with your spouse, rather than working all the time.


      12th Anniversary Color

      12th anniversary color


      The meaning of the color jade as a 12th anniversary color is wrapped up in the jade gemstone as the 12th anniversary gemstone. The color jade has a soothing purity about it and is often used in feng shui. As a shade of green, jade is more transparent and opaque and commonly means purity, gentleness and love. The color jade is also associated with harmony, balance, protection and good luck. If you’re looking for a 12th wedding anniversary gift, try to incorporate the color jade to remind your spouse that your life has balance as long as they’re in it.


      The meaning of the color opal as a 12th anniversary color is wrapped up in the opal gemstone as the alternative 12th anniversary gemstone. The name, “opal” is derived from the sanskrit word, “upala,” which means “precious stone.” Later, the Greek word, “opallios” was associated with opal, which means, “to see a change of color.” As a 12th anniversary color, consider getting an opal jewelry item to represent the changing and growing nature of your relationship.

      Oyster White

      Oyster white is somewhat of an unusual color: it can range from a pale yellowish green to a light gray. The significance of this as a 12th anniversary color is that it is related to pearls. Oysters produce pearls, which is one of the modern 12th anniversary wedding gift ideas. If you’re unsure on 12th anniversary gift ideas for her or for him, consider getting him or her an oyster white-colored blanket that the two of you can snuggle up in! This oyster white-colored blanket will remind you of your honest and virtuous relationship.


      12th Anniversary Gemstone

      12th anniversary gemstone

      Jade Gemstone

      The jade gemstone is typically associated with wisdom and guidance past self-imposed limitations. As a symbolic 12th anniversary wedding gift, the jade gemstone reminds you and your partner that what matters most in a marriage is making wise choices that benefit both you and your spouse. If you’re looking for a 12th anniversary gift ideas, go for a jade gemstone or jade cufflinks for him!

      Alternate: Opal

      The opal gemstone has a long history, and so therefore, there are many myths relating to the stone. Opal is considered the “eye stone” because it flashes even with the slightest movement. Opals range in color from clear to white, grey, slate, brown and black with flashes of red, orange, yellow, green and blue. In ancient times, the opal was thought to bring good luck, though it has also been associated with the opposite. Today, the opal is known for its relation to hope, love, purity, innocence, luck and happiness. As a 12th wedding anniversary gift, consider getting a loose opal gemstone and crafting your own design and ring for her. She will be thrilled!  


      12th Anniversary Flower

      12th anniversary flower peony


      Today, there are over 600 types of peonies, ranging in color from red to white to pink to yellow. In Greek mythology, it is said that the peony was created by the moon goddess to reflect the moon’s light. As the 12th anniversary flower, the peony has several meanings: romance, happy marriage, prosperity and good fortune. The full, lush bloom of peony flowers is beautiful and resembles money and wealth. If you’re looking for a 12th anniversary gift for her, a bouquet of peonies makes for the perfect gift because it embodies romance and love. Peonies are fragrant, beautiful, and pair well with silk gifts to make for the perfect 12th wedding anniversary gift!


      12th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

      12th wedding anniversary gift ideas

      So, it’s your 12th wedding anniversary and you want to find the perfect 12th anniversary gift for him. Or, perhaps you’re looking for 12th anniversary gifts for her. All that matters is that you and your spouse find the right 12th anniversary gift items and symbols to celebrate this special day. Whether you want to celebrate in style or go for something more simple, it is important that you find a 12th wedding anniversary gift that has a lot of meaning and value to your partner. Only you can know what that is. Check out these traditional 12th anniversary gift ideas, as well as 12th anniversary gift ideas modern, to find the perfect gift for your spouse!

      Traditional 12th Anniversary Gift Ideas (Silk & Linen)

      12th Anniversary Gift Ideas Modern (Pearls & Colored Gems)

      Silk lingerie

      Pearl necklace

      Linen clothing

      Jade cufflinks

      Silk tie

      Jade necklace

      Silk scarf

      Peony bouquet

      Silk boxers

      Peony perfume

      Silk robes

      Peony seeds

      100% silk sheets

      Pearl pocket knife

      Linen tableware (napkins or tablecloth)

      Jade clock

      Silk pajamas

      Jade knives

      Linen suit

      Jade bowls

      Linen scrapbook

      Opal jewelry



      12th Anniversary Celebration Ideas

      12th anniversary celebration ideas

      Have you decided against 12th anniversary gifts for him or for her and decided instead to celebrate your 12th anniversary in a big way? What matters most on this anniversary is the love and bond between you and your spouse, so pick out an activity that encourages the two of you to spend time together. At this stage in your marriage, you’re pretty settled in and comfortable, so maybe try to break up the routine a little bit with a wild adventure! Go somewhere you’ve never been before! If that’s too extravagant, consider just spending the entire day in bed with your partner. Relax and enjoy each other. You don’t need much to make your 12th wedding anniversary super spectacular — just each other.

      • Plant peonies in your backyard together.
      • If you’ve got the time and the funds, tour the silk trade routes in Asia!
      • Starting with breakfast in bed, plan a day for just the two of you: go for a picnic lunch and then a candlelight dinner.
      • Since oyster white is one of the 12th anniversary colors, go out to a fancy seafood dinner and enjoy some oysters!
      • Have a romantic evening in with your new silk pajamas, robes and sheets.

      Happy 12th Anniversary!

      happy 12th anniversary