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      35th Anniversary Gift:

      The Complete Guide To Your 35th Anniversary!

      Your 35th wedding anniversary is definitely a call for celebration! Whether you’re looking for your wife, husband, parents or friends who are celebrating, the event is definitely a momentous one. If you’re searching for 35th anniversary gift ideas for her or 35th wedding anniversary gift for husband, you might feel a little stuck this anniversary because, well, you’ve already celebrated 34 years of marriage together and you might feel like you’ve already gotten them everything there is to get. That’s why it’s helpful to know the traditional and modern anniversary gift ideas for each year!

      So, what is the 35th anniversary gift?

      The traditional 35th wedding anniversary gift is Coral, while the modern 35th anniversary gift is Jade. Thankfully, there are so many different jade gifts for 35th wedding anniversary, as well as 35th anniversary coral gifts for you to choose from so you can be sure you’re getting the perfect gift for your spouse. If you’re looking for a great 35th wedding anniversary gift for parents, you can be sure you’ll find some great ideas here. No matter who you’re looking for or whether you prefer the traditional 35th anniversary gift idea or the more modern one, keep in mind that what really matters is the love and bond between the couple celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary. Keep reading to discover all the best 35th anniversary gift ideas!!

      In this Complete Guide to your 35th Wedding Anniversary, you will discover:

      • Modern vs traditional anniversary symbols
      • 35th anniversary color
      • 35th wedding anniversary gemstone
      • 35th wedding anniversary flower
      • 35th wedding anniversary gift ideas
      • 35th anniversary celebration ideas



      Modern vs Traditional 35th Anniversary Gift

      modern vs traditional 35th anniversary gift

      Modern: Jade

      The modern 35th anniversary gift is jade. Known for its beautiful shade of green, jade gemstones represent good fortune, wisdom and love. The jade gemstone has been prized for centuries all over the globe for its beauty, just like your relationship has been valued by you and your partner as a beautiful bond. If you’re at a loss for 35th wedding anniversary gift ideas, go for something in jade! Alternatively, you could go for a jade gemstone jewelry item or a jade plant!

      Traditional: Coral

      The traditional 35th anniversary gift is coral, like the marine invertebrate! Why is this?, you might be wondering. Well, coral takes a pretty long time to form, much like your unique bond with your spouse. Over the past 3-plus decades, you and your partner have grown pretty close: your lives are pretty intermingled at this point and your union is strong. Similarly, coral develops over time. Once it’s polished, coral appears red-pink in color and makes for a stunning gift. Another wonderful thing about coral is that it has been believed to heal and defend against harm, much like the love you have with your spouse heals and defends against any external harm you two may have experienced. If you’re at a loss for what to get as 35th anniversary gift ideas for her or 35th wedding anniversary gift for husband, consider 35th anniversary coral gifts!


      35th Anniversary Color

      35th anniversary color


      The 35th anniversary color is commonly understood as coral (though you could add Jade, too, no doubt!) Looking for a 35th anniversary gift for parents? Or perhaps you just need some 35th anniversary gift ideas in general? As a color, coral is just spectacular and can be translated to a lot of different gifts! You don’t have to purchase coral from the sea for it to count as a 35th anniversary gift. In fact, any gift you give that is coral in color counts as within the 35th wedding anniversary theme!

      So, what is the meaning of the coral color?

      Coral tends to be a bright pink-orange shade and is generally considered to be a shade of orange. The name “coral” was first used to describe a color in the 16th century. It is believed that the coral color encourages us to be more social and outgoing, and increases our physical energy. Coral is fresh, invigorating, dynamic, vibrant and feminine. Thus, this 35th wedding anniversary, consider incorporating the color coral into a 35th anniversary gift to stimulate you and your spouse to do something social and get out of your daily routines!


      35th Wedding Anniversary Gemstone

      35th anniversary gemstone


      Though it may seem natural to assume that the Jade gemstone would be the 35th wedding anniversary gemstone, it is in fact the emerald. The Emerald gemstone is referred to as the “stone of successful love” and is a stone of wisdom, intuition, compassion, unconditional love and revealing truths. As the 35th wedding anniversary gemstone, emerald makes a lot of sense: by this year in your marriage, you’ve definitely grown wise in love, have mountains of compassion for your partner and your unconditional love for your spouse is absolutely undeniable. As a 35th anniversary gift, consider either the jade or emerald gemstone. Your spouse will love the meaning behind both of these as gifts.


      No Specific 35th Wedding Anniversary Flower

      35th anniversary flower

      The 35th wedding anniversary has no specific flower, so this gives you two options: you can choose a bouquet of your spouse’s favorite flower or get a jade plant! It is nice that the majority of anniversary years have a designated flower, so that you don’t have to worry if you’re getting the right flower bouquet or not. However, the 35th wedding anniversary gives you a little more freedom and you don’t have to feel compelled to stick to any specific anniversary flower theme this year. Feel free to pick out a unique bouquet of flowers that your spouse will love!

      If you want to still stick with the 35th wedding anniversary theme, you can get a jade plant as the 35th wedding anniversary flower. Commonly known as the Jade plant, Crassula ovata is also known as the “money plant” and is native to South Africa and Mozambique. The Jade plant is a succulent with little white or pink flowers, and is one of the most common houseplants grown worldwide. So, if you’re at a loss for what to get your spouse for your 35th wedding anniversary, consider a Jade plant!

      35th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

      35th wedding anniversary gift ideas

      Not sure what to get as a 35th wedding anniversary gift? If the 35th wedding anniversary flower and the 35th wedding anniversary gemstone don’t really speak to you and your spouse, consider a traditional 35th anniversary gift idea (coral) or a modern 35th anniversary gift idea (jade). Think out of the box this anniversary! The traditional 35th anniversary gift of coral can refer to the coral color or the marine wildlife! Regarding the modern 35th anniversary gift, this can refer to the color jade, the jade plant or the jade gemstone! Really, what matters most is that you and your spouse celebrate this 35th wedding anniversary in a way that celebrates your love for one another!

      Check out these traditional 35th wedding anniversary gift ideas as well as modern 35th anniversary gift ideas!  

      Traditional 35th Anniversary Gift Ideas (Coral)

      Modern 35th Anniversary Gift Ideas (Jade)

      Coral ring

      Jade plant

      Coral tie

      Jade golf tees

      Coral sundial

      Jade teardrop pendant necklace

      Coral scarf

      Jade photo frame

      Coral stone coaster set

      Jade figurine

      Coral earrings

      Jade towels

      Coral table lamp

      Jade necklace

      Coral bedding

      Jade facial roller

      Coral golf shirt

      Jade glass pedestal stand

      Coral tropical shirt

      Jade bracelet

      Coral fruit bowl

      Jade turtle figurine

      Coral kimono robe

      Jade lovebird figurine



      35th Wedding Anniversary Celebration Ideas

      35th wedding anniversary celebration ideas

      Didn’t like any of the 35th wedding anniversary gift ideas for this year’s anniversary? Perhaps you’re searching for 35th wedding anniversary gift for parents and you don’t think your parents really want a gift, but more like an event. So, maybe this year the 35th wedding anniversary gift ideas really just don’t speak to you and your partner.

      That’s okay!

      In that case, consider taking a trip with your partner or doing something out of the ordinary! You’ve spent 35 years getting to know this person — go on an adventure and do something that makes the both of you happy! No need for the standard status quo gift-swapping this year. What you and your partner really need is some time away from your daily responsibilities and a little time alone with the love of your life.

      Check out these 35th wedding anniversary celebration ideas!

      • Take a Caribbean cruise with your partner.
      • Take a roadtrip with your spouse along Interstate Highway 35, which passes through Minnesota, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas.
      • Rent a cottage on Emerald Isle, North Carolina for a weekend.
      • Take a trip to Jade Mountain Resort in St. Lucia for a romantic weekend with your spouse.
      • Organize a coral-themed 35th anniversary party!
      • Celebrate your 35th wedding anniversary Hawaiian luau style.
      • Throw a backyard BBQ or a potluck dinner with all of your friends and family!
      • Go to Hawaii with your spouse, go snorkeling and explore the coral.
      • The jade tree is native to South Africa and Mozambique — take a trip there with your spouse!

      Happy 35th Anniversary!

      happy 35th anniversary