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      Anniversary Symbols to Celebrate 4 years

      With the initial years of marriage completed, a couple is usually settled in to married life around 4 years of marriage. After 4 years, a couple has begun to relax into a routine since their relationship is well established and solidified in terms of trust and emotional stability. However, the 4th year can be a hard one for a lot of couples, typically because it is often paired with a handful of major milestones: your first baby, struggling to find that ideal career path and financial stressors all seem to collide right around 4 years of marriage. Though you may have struggles, it is important to keep in mind that what matters most is the love and bond between you and your partner. Additionally, that 4th year of marriage is about understanding that marriage is a process in which commitment, loyalty, respect and open communication should reman common features of your relationship. When celebrating your 4th year of marriage, consider the following 4th wedding anniversary symbols to help you make your 4th wedding anniversary one emphasizing love and devotion.

      In this Complete Guide to your 4th Wedding Anniversary, you will discover:

      • Modern vs traditional anniversary symbols
      • 4th anniversary color
      • 4th anniversary gemstone
      • 4th wedding anniversary flowers
      • 4th wedding anniversary gift ideas
      • 4th anniversary celebration ideas

      Modern vs Traditional

      4th anniversary modern vs traditional

      Modern: Appliances

      As the modern 4th wedding anniversary gift, appliances symbolize everyday practicalities and the settled nature of the relationship. By this stage in your marriage, you know each other pretty well and you are settled in a routine. Most likely, what you want for gifts has transitioned from luxurious desires to practical needs: this is why appliances as the modern gift for your 4th year of marriage is so important. This year, if you’re struggling to find a good 4th anniversary gift for him or for her, consider an appliance that could help them cut down on the time it takes them to do household chores. What matters most is the happiness of your partner: think about gifts that help to alleviate stress so that your partner can spend more time doing what they love. When it comes to appliances, also consider getting ones that may not be 100% practical: though the intention of this as a 4th wedding anniversary gift is for its practicality, think about all the appliances you could get to encourage a hobby or a passion of your spouse. Does your spouse love experimenting in the kitchen? Get them a pasta maker or juicer. Do you and your partner love to snuggle up, watch movies and eat popcorn? Get a popcorn popper for the two of you to spend more time relaxing and enjoying each other’s company this 4th anniversary.

      Traditional: Flowers & Fruits (United States) or Linens & Silks (United Kingdom)

      Fruits & Flowers

      Flowers represent the growth and blossoming of the relationship, and subsequent ripening as symbolized by the fruit. Together flowers and fruits represent the expanding commitment and nurturing love of the couple: flowers nurture the soul, while fruit nourishes the body. Fruit and flowers are gifts from the generosity of earth’s bounty, and so, symbolizes love, fertility and fruitfulness. Since couples in their 4th year of marriage often have already had children or are just beginning to, gifts of fruit are a symbolic message to the couple for continuing abundance and fertility. Baskets of fruit and flower bouquets are a suitable traditional 4th anniversary gift, since they symbolize nature’s abundant harvest and the wealth and richness of a successful wedded union.


      In biblical times, garments crafted from fine linen was said to represent truths from the Divine. Fine linen worn by holy figures was of the purest white and was lustrous. It is also said that embroidered linen is representative of spiritual and natural truths, signifying all that is good and knowledgeable. Thus, as a traditional 4th year wedding anniversary gift, linen symbolizes truth, honesty and purity in a marriage.


      Silk represents the deep sensuousness, beauty, comfort, luxuriousness and elegance of the two people in love. The primary significance of silk for your 4th year of marriage is that it symbolizes happiness and comfortability with those closest to you in your life. Since silk is so comfortable, this item as a 4th year anniversary gift represents the comfortable flow and connection between two people.

      4th Wedding Anniversary Color

      4th wedding anniversary color


      The color blue is associated with open spaces, freedom, intuition, imagination, expansiveness, inspiration and sensitivity. In addition, blue represents feelings of depth, trust, loyalty, sincerity, wisdom, confidence, stability, faith, heaven and intelligence. The color blue has positive impacts on the individual mind and body, and simultaneously on the relationship of a devoted couple. For instance, the color blue evokes feelings of restfulness and tranquility, and encourages balance and expression — all necessary features of a successful and happy couple. The most important and meaningful association of the color blue with your 4th wedding anniversary is that it communicates importance and confidence without creating somber or sinister feelings. Thus, when thinking about a 4th wedding anniversary gift, consider incorporating the color blue in some way and remind your partner that they are the most important person to you in your life, no matter the troubles you may face.


      The color green is associated with growth, harmony, freshness, safety, fertility, environment, life, renewal, nature and energy. Green is a healing color that can help alleviate anxiety, depression and nervousness, and can simultaneously serve to create a sense of hope, health, adventure, renewal, self-control, compassion and harmony. Since green is associated with growth and hope, it often also stands for a lack of experience and a need for growth. Thus, when it comes to your 4th year anniversary, consider how you and your partner are still inexperienced in a certain area of your relationship and how you both can work on growing together.

      4th Anniversary Gemstone

      4th wedding anniversary gemstone

      Blue topaz

      Topaz as a gemstone is a beautiful clear gemstone that comes in many colors. Blue topaz is one of the rarer colors of this stone that carries with it a symbolic meaning of water due to its calming and serene effect. As a 4th wedding anniversary symbol, blue topaz represents a calm and enduring love, one of devotion and enchantment with one another. Additionally, this gem symbolizes a clear perspective, understanding through communication, tolerance and respect for both individuals. The blue topaz gemstone is associated with love and successful long-term relationships.

      Blue zircon

      Blue zircon represents the clearing of your mind. Regarding love and relationships, blue zircon represents the expression of honest emotions, the hopeful future of two people, deep love for one another and boosted self-esteem. As a 4th year wedding anniversary symbol, blue zircon serves to invite happiness and love into your marriage, while simultaneously expelling negativity.

      4th Anniversary Flower

      4th anniversary flower


      Flower symbolism helps us to express our thoughts and feelings without having to say anything at all! The meaning of the geranium flower has been contested but is most commonly associated with folly and true friendship. As a 4th anniversary gift for wife, a bouquet of geranium flowers signifies that your friendship with your spouse is just as important as your romantic relationship. Geranium flowers are typically perceived to be a symbol of happiness and positive emotions. Check out these other common meanings of the geranium flower:

      • Folly
      • Comfort
      • Gentility
      • Ingenuity
      • Melancholy
      • Bridal Favor
      • Unexpected Meeting
      • Expected Meeting
      • Preference
      • True Friendship

      4th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

      4th wedding anniversary gift ideas

      Every marriage is different, and so your choice of gift will depend on your personalities, lifestyle, expectations and budget. Regarding a modern 4th anniversary gift for her, a unique or special appliance that is not associated with the drudgery of household chores is best. Though appliances in general make for good, practical gifts, think about getting appliances that either help to cut down on the time spent doing household chores ones that encourage a hobby or passion. When it comes to anniversary gifts, something heartfelt and unique to you as a couple is perfect! What are your hobbies, passions or favorite past-times? What do you like to do together? What item can you get to encourage your spouse to relax and do what they love? There are a of great 4th anniversary gift ideas that fall in line with the traditional or modern 4th anniversary symbols! Whether you’re looking for 4th wedding anniversary gifts for him or 4th anniversary gift ideas for her, check out the suggestions below!

      Traditional Gift Ideas (Flowers & Fruits)

      Traditional Gift Ideas (Linens & Silks)

      Modern Gift Ideas (Appliances)

      Cut flowers

      New linens

      Blue topaz or zircon jewelry

      Potted flowering plants or bulbs

      Silk undergarments

      Cappuccino maker

      Floral paperweight

      Silk blouse

      A smart TV

      Floral-scented candles, bubble bath & massage oils

      Silk bed sheets

      iRobot Roomba

      Edible bouquet of fruit

      Silk scarves or bandanas

      Alexa and Alexa-compatible products

      Chocolate-covered strawberries

      Silk fan

      Keurig brewing system

      Garden tools

      Silk kimono

      50s style popcorn popper

      Floral stationary

      Silk scrunchie or headband

      Pasta maker

      Book about flowers

      Linen bag

      Searing Grill

      The Fruit Company - a monthly fruit club

      Linen towels (swimming, bath, body, beach and wash towels)

      Panini press

      Scattered rose petals

      Linen tablecloths, napkins & table runners

      Waffle maker


      Linen chair covers

      Food processor

      Wine & Champagne

      Linen clothing

      Tiered Food Steamer

      4th Wedding Anniversary Celebration Ideas

      4th wedding anniversary celebration ideas

      This 4th anniversary, there are a lot of ways you can celebrate your relationship that will be unique and meaningful to you as a couple. If you’re wondering how to celebrate 4th wedding anniversary, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Sometimes, getting a simple gift just isn’t enough to convey how much your partner matters to you: you want to do something, like travel somewhere, go on an adventure or plan an amazing outing with your spouse. Celebrating your 4th wedding is important, not only because it is important to celebrate your bond each and every year, but because this year may have been a little more difficult than the previous years. Thus, it is doubly significant to remind yourselves of your connection and devotion to one another. Check out these awesome 4th wedding anniversary celebration ideas:

      • Surprise your partner with a dinner party of friends and family
      • Take your partner on a long weekend getaway to a ski lodge (if your anniversary is in the winter months)
      • Visit a lodge at a state or national park. Go hiking, backpacking or biking along the wooden trails
      • Take a romantic picnic to a favorite park or garden.
      • Plan a trip to a restaurant with special significance to you and your partner. Call ahead and ask the restaurant to incorporate a special dessert featuring flowers or fruits!
      • Have a romantic night in using floral-scented candles, bubble bath or massage oil to really make the night special.
      • Explore a new and beautiful location together! If you’ve never been to a conservatory, arboretum or botanical garden, now is the perfect time.
      • If the season allows, go to a pick-your-own farm with your partner. Here, you can pick your own apples, grapes, peaches, oranges and other fruits! This is a great way to go on an adventure and explore the outdoors together. After the farm, spend time cooking or baking a yummy fruity dessert!

      Happy 4th Wedding Anniversary!

      happy 4th wedding anniversary