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      45th Anniversary Gift:

      The Complete Guide To Your 45th Anniversary!

      It’s your 45th wedding anniversary — congratulations!! Spending 45 years with your spouse is definitely a call for celebration. By this point in your marriage, you might’ve had kids and watched them grow up, you’ve moved around a bit and maybe even changed career paths a few times. Through it all, you’ve known you could always turn your head and there, standing beside you would be your spouse, in sickness and in health. More than just about anyone, your spouse has been your partner throughout the choppy, but beautiful waters of life and you can’t figure out how to convey the gratitude you feel for their loyalty and love. This year, you know you need to find the perfect 45th anniversary gift, but what?

      So, what is the gift for the 45th anniversary?

      The traditional and modern 45th anniversary gift is the sapphire. While the majority of anniversary years differentiate between the traditional gift and the modern gift, some anniversary years do not. This is mainly because the 45th anniversary gift of sapphire speaks for itself! With a beautiful and meaningful gift like the sapphire gemstone, you won’t need to consider any other 45th wedding anniversary gift ideas for your parents, your friends or your spouse. For all the best 45th anniversary gifts for parents, 45th anniversary gift ideas for couples and 45th anniversary gifts for husband and wife, keep reading!!

      In this Complete Guide to your 45th Wedding Anniversary, you will discover:

      • Modern vs traditional anniversary symbols
      • 45th anniversary color
      • 45th anniversary gemstone
      • 45th wedding anniversary flowers
      • 45th wedding anniversary gift ideas
      • 45th anniversary celebration ideas

      Modern & Traditional 45th Anniversary Gift


      Modern & Traditional: Sapphire

      The modern and traditional 45th anniversary gift is the sapphire. The sapphire is such a meaningful gift for the 45th wedding anniversary because it signifies success in love. It is believed that the sapphire gemstone only keeps its color when the affections of the wearer are true. If the wearer is to change his or her affections, the gemstone is believed to fade from a blue to a greenish tint. Therefore, the symbolism of the 45th anniversary gemstone has to do with the enduring affection of the couple. For a 45th anniversary gift, you could not come up with a better and more meaningful anniversary gift than sapphire: at this point in your marriage, you and your spouse definitely have helped to grow an enduring love, no doubt about it.

      45th Anniversary Color

      45th anniversary color

      Red or Sapphire Blue

      What is the 45th anniversary color? The 45th anniversary color is both red and sapphire blue. This is because the sapphire gemstone comes in a gorgeous blue color, as well as a pinkish hue. The color blue is associated with depth and stability, which definitely symbolizes your relationship at this point. The color red is associated with determination, passion and love, which are all definitely present in your marriage on this 45th wedding anniversary! If you’re not sure what to get for a 45th anniversary gift, go for something sapphire blue or red to add an extra meaningful element to your 45th anniversary gift.

      45th Anniversary Gemstone



      What is the gemstone for 45th wedding anniversary? The 45th anniversary gemstone is the sapphire gemstone. The history of the sapphire gemstone as a great gemstone goes back to 800 BC when the rulers of ancient Persia believed the sky was painted blue to reflect the sapphire gemstones. In some religions, it was even believed that the color of the sapphire gemstone represented the heavens. Therefore, the sapphire gemstone has, for centuries, been a symbol of the heavens, a guardian of innocence and a promoter of good health. If you’re at a loss for what to get as a 45th wedding anniversary gift, a blue sapphire gemstone is just the thing to get!

      45th Wedding Anniversary Flowers

      blue iris

      Blue Iris

      The 45th wedding anniversary flower is the blue iris. The blue iris symbolizes a lot, but, above all, it symbolizes faith and hope. After 45 years together, you and your spouse undoubtedly have a lot of faith in each other and hope for the future. If you’re not sure what to get as the 45th anniversary gifts for parents, 45th anniversary gift ideas for couples or 45th anniversary gifts for husband or wife, consider getting a gorgeous bouquet of the 45th wedding anniversary flowers!


      45th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

      45th wedding anniversary gift ideas

      Are you looking for 45th anniversary gifts for parents? Are you hoping to make this year extra special by getting 45th wedding anniversary gifts for parents that they will absolutely love? Luckily, there are a lot of great 45th wedding anniversary gift ideas out there for you to choose from! Whether you’re looking for your parents, friends or for your spouse, what matters most is that you get something that really speaks to the love of the couple. If sapphire just isn’t the lucky couple’s thing, then don’t worry about it! Branch out and get something wild — like a vacation to Maui! However, sapphire is deeply meaningful for a couple who has been together for 45 years, so if you can find a sapphire gift you think they’ll like, go for it! Whether you’re looking for 45th anniversary gift ideas for couples, 45th wedding anniversary gift ideas or 45th anniversary gifts for husband, there are a lot of great sapphire gift ideas for him and for her!

      Check it out!

      Traditional 45th Anniversary Gift Ideas (For Her)

      Modern 45th Anniversary Gift Ideas (For Him)

      Sapphire hoop earrings

      Sapphire tie

      Sapphire pendant necklace

      Sapphire cufflinks

      Sapphire bracelet

      Sapphire glass and stainless steel watch

      Diamond sapphire vase

      Anniversary clock

      Sapphire gin bottle cheese board

      Personalized sailboat gift

      Sapphire perfume

      Sapphire sundial

      Sapphire ring

      Sapphire gratitude globe

      Sapphire earl grey tea

      Sapphire ceramic mugs

      Sapphire flute pair

      Sapphire genie lamp

      Fresh bouquet of blue iris flowers

      Sapphire swiss army pocket knife



      45th Wedding Anniversary Celebration Ideas

      45th wedding anniversary celebration ideas

      The 45th wedding anniversary flowers, 45th anniversary color, 45th anniversary gemstone and the 45th wedding anniversary gift ideas just aren’t suiting you and your spouse this year — that’s okay! Sometimes, the best way to celebrate an anniversary is with an event, rather than just exchanging gifts. You can be sure that the 45th wedding anniversary is definitely an event that calls for celebration! With this many years together, you’ve probably been with your partner longer than you’ve been without them! The love and commitment the two of you have is something to be cherished and celebrated. That’s why you should peruse these 45th wedding anniversary celebration ideas and find one that suits you and your spouse! Sometimes, the best 45th wedding anniversary gift is just spending a little time together.

      Check it out:

      • Sapphire blue and red-themed party! For a more relaxed anniversary event, have all your guests come in blue jeans!
      • Recreate your wedding night menu. Have a romantic evening with your spouse by cooking your wedding meal together.
      • Relive your first date!
      • Go to a nearby botanical garden and walk around with your partner.
      • Go to a local bed and breakfast and spend the weekend in your spouse’s arms.
      • Go out to eat at your wedding venue.
      • Do something new together, like take an art class.
      • Travel to someplace new together. Never been to Asia? Now’s the time!
      • Find a nearby lake and rent a cabin for the weekend. Rent a canoe or jet skis and spend some time on the water with your spouse.
      • If you’re in the United States, you can request a greeting from the White House.
      • Make your spouse a sapphire quilt for your spouse.

      Happy 45th Anniversary!

      happy 45th anniversary