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      The complete guide to your 1st wedding anniversary!


      It’s your 1st year wedding anniversary and you’re looking to make it extra special! Perhaps you and your partner are still paying off your wedding, and that’s okay! Your 1st anniversary gift & occasion doesn’t have to be costly -- what matters is the commitment you have made to each other and the bond you are developing. Sure, that first year of marriage may be characterized with various kinds of adjustments and struggles, but you know deep in your heart that your bond is strong and you love each other dearly. That is really all that matters. Though there are a lot of different kinds of symbols for the 1st year wedding anniversary, you get to decide what is meaningful and significant to you and your spouse. As you reflect on this 1st year of marriage, consider celebrating with your spouse in a way that appreciates the milestone the two of you have reached.


      In this Complete Guide to your 1st Wedding Anniversary:

      • Traditional Vs. Modern Anniversary Symbols
      • Color
      • Gemstone
      • Flower
      • Anniversary gift ideas for her & for him
      • Celebration ideas

      Traditional Vs. Modern Anniversary Symbols

      1st anniversary gift traditional vs modern

      The traditional 1st year wedding anniversary gift is paper. The first year of marriage is still considered to be a relatively new slate and a new beginning. The traditional 1st anniversary gift of paper symbolizes the freshness of this new phase and the ability of you and your spouse to write your story together. If the traditional 1st year wedding anniversary gift of paper speaks to you, consider how you and your spouse will write your story together -- do the positives outweigh the negatives? Are the main characters happy? What do you want your story to say?

      The modern 1st anniversary gift is clocks. Similar to the idea of paper as the 1st year gift, the clock represents the fact that you now have the rest of time to be together. Since your marriage has just begun, the modern 1st anniversary gift of a clock symbolizes eternal time with your partner. If the modern 1st year anniversary gift speaks to you, consider how you and your spouse pass the time -- do you spend enough time together? What kinds of activities do you do together? Could you use your time more effectively?

      1st Anniversary Color

      1st anniversary color

      The 1st anniversary color is gold or yellow. There are many different meanings behind these two colors as the 1st anniversary color: gold is the color of accomplishment and triumph, while yellow is identified with learning and growth. Though the two colors are very similar in appearance -- as well as meaning -- there are subtle differences among them. Consider how the meaning behind the two colors relates to and symbolizes your 1st year of marriage. In general, yellow and gold represent positivity, joy, trust, motivation & curiosity -- not only are these attributes necessary in the beginning stages of a relationship, but they are also ones that need to be encouraged and maintained throughout the lifecycle of a relationship in order to avoid staleness or stagnancy.

      The color gold is related to:

      • Plentitude, flourishing, extravagance
      • High quality & advancement
      • Style & esteem
      • Material riches & lavishness

      The color yellow is related to:

      • The left hemisphere or “rational” side of the brain
      • Intellectual capacities, mental deftness & recognition
      • Elevated & enlightened moods
      • Trust, joy, happiness & fun
      • Motivation, unique thought & curiosity

      1st Anniversary Gemstone

      1st anniversary gemstone

      The 1st anniversary gemstone is gold (the metal), or gold-colored gemstones. Some of these gold-colored gemstones are: citrine, yellow topaz, golden pearls, yellow sapphire, amber and zircon. Yellow and gold gemstones are believed to aid in clarity, decision-making, concentration, energy, and offer relief from panic, nervousness and exhaustion.

      For your 1st wedding anniversary, the yellow- and gold-colored gemstones are extremely important and meaningful. Since the relationship is still new, you are learning a lot about each other as a couple and as individuals. These gold- and yellow-colored gemstones represent the excitement of your new and deep bond, as well as the hope for your journey together. Whether you decide to gift your spouse a gold or yellow gemstone for your 1st wedding anniversary or not, it is crucial to recognize the significance of these gemstones. When you read the symbolic meanings of the gemstones for the 1st wedding anniversary, consider what they mean to you and your relationship with your spouse.

      Yellow Sapphire

      • Is a stone of prosperity & growth
      • It encourages willpower & energy
      • It helps people to transform their dreams into a reality


      • Encourages manifestation, willpower & imagination
      • It clears the mind & stirs the soul to action
      • Sustains the process of transformation from one state to another


      • Yellow and gold topaz help with accepting your path
      • Helps you to manifest your wants & intentions


      • Lifts your spirits & comforts the sick
      • Carries the energy of the sun, warmth & wellbeing
      • It can transmute negative or stagnant energies into positive energies
      • Acts as a bubble of protection against negativity


      • Is the oldest mineral on Earth & is found in the crust of our planet
      • Brings balance, grounding & healing
      • Encourages love of yourself and of others
      • Stimulates & motivates

      Golden Pearls

      • Above anything, pearls are said to symbolize purity & loyalty
      • They symbolize creativity, optimism, clarity & happiness
      • Encourages prosperity & a full life

      1st Year Anniversary Flowers

      1st anniversary flowers

      The 1st year anniversary flowers are: orange blossom, pansy, or carnation. Though all of the three flowers represent different things, they are all similar regarding the innocence and devotion of new love. To celebrate your 1st year anniversary, you have options when it comes to giving flowers: you could give a single flower of any of the three kinds, you could give a whole bouquet of just one of those types of flowers, or you could give a bouquet of all three combined! Whichever you find most meaningful and you think your spouse would enjoy is the way to go.

      Orange Blossom

      Orange Blossom flowers symbolize a variety of different things, including: fruitfulness, innocence, eternal love, marriage, purity and true love. As the flower for your 1st wedding anniversary, you could not find a better flower to touche on the newness, excitement and pure devotion of a newlywed couple.


      The pansy flowers represents thoughtfulness and remembrance, as well as merriment, joy and loyalty. The pansy is a small, delicate flower, much like a newlywed couple: the beginning of any relationship can be sensitive and prone to problems. The relationship (and flower) must be watered, pruned and bathed in sunlight in order for proper growth. Once a firm foundation is set in the dirt, the pansy flower can grow.


      The beautiful carnation is representative of the young, passionate love often seen in young marriages in their first year. A legend claims that the sight and smell of a fresh bouquet of carnations could cause immediate and lasting love (almost like a love potion!). Since carnations come in a variety of colors, you can pick and choose which ones suit your relationship and your spouse! To stick with the theme of the 1st year wedding anniversary, yellow carnations would make a darling gift for your partner. The 1st wedding anniversary is the time to celebrate the rest of your lives together. There is no better flower to represent the sweetness, innocence, optimism & passion of that first glorious year together.

      1st Anniversary Gift Ideas

      1st anniversary gift ideas

      Traditional 1st anniversary gifts

      • Moleskine notebook or journal
      • Planner or calendar
      • Tickets to an event (concert, sports event, play)
      • A signed book
      • A love note
      • Personalized/monogrammed stationery
      • Art prints
      • Photo album
      • Jigsaw puzzle

      Modern 1st year anniversary gifts

      • Crystal clock
      • Gold wristwatch
      • Antique grandfather clock
      • Wall clock
      • Sport watch
      • Clock for office desk

      1st Anniversary Gifts For Her

      • Gold jewelry
      • Bouquet of 1st anniversary flowers
      • Paper flowers (no water required!)

      1st Anniversary Gifts For Him

      • Art prints
      • Wristwatch
      • Tickets to a show

      1st Wedding Anniversary Celebration Ideas

      1st anniversary celebration ideas

      There are a lot of fun and unique ways to celebrate your 1st year anniversary. In addition (or in place of) giving your spouse a gift that holds a lot of symbolic meaning for your 1st wedding anniversary, celebrating your anniversary is a wonderful thing to do as a newlywed couple. Whether you would rather skip the gifts and just spend some time together, or you’re looking to make your 1st anniversary celebration extra special with gifts and an event, doing something together is always a good idea.

      • Plan a picnic with paper plates & cups
      • Plan a paper treasure hunt using paper clues throughout the house (or other location) that leads your spouse to a romantic location
      • Start a family tradition, like a time capsule with meaningful mementos!
      • Use paper flowers for the centerpiece of your romantic dinner
      • Have a romantic dinner at the site of your reception
      • Write loves notes or a love poem for your spouse to read at a romantic dinner
      • Watch your wedding video together & look through your wedding photo album
      • Print tickets to see a movie, a play, a sports game, or a concert
      • Buy & eat a replica wedding cake with your spouse
      • Go on another honeymoon
      • Throw an anniversary party with friends and family


      Happy 1st Anniversary!

      happy 1st anniversary