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      The complete guide to your 2nd anniversary!

      In the whirlwind of marriage, the 2nd anniversary can often be overlooked with everything the two of you have going on. A 2nd anniversary can feel less significant than the 1st, the 5th, or the 10th, for instance, but this is not an anniversary you should skip over. Taking some time out of your busy schedules to recognize the love and bond you share is really all that matters. After all, the two of you are another year closer, wiser and more understanding within your marriage --  what better reason to celebrate than that? On your 2nd wedding anniversary, you will be married for 730 days and over 1 million minutes! That includes over 5,000 hours of snuggle time (sleeping) and over 1,500 meals together. So whether you’re looking for a fancy 2nd year wedding anniversary celebration or something more casual, it is important to recognize the devotion you two have for one another in some way. This complete guide will tell you all you need to know to make your 2nd year of marriage just as spectacular as the first.

      In this complete guide to your 2nd anniversary, you will discover:

      • Traditional vs modern (anniversary symbols)
      • Color
      • Gemstone
      • Flower
      • 2nd anniversary gift ideas
      • Ways to celebrate the 2nd year wedding anniversary

      Traditional vs Modern

      traditional vs modern 2nd anniversary

      Traditional: Cotton/Straw

      The traditional 2nd year anniversary gift and symbol is cotton. Though straw has also been used as a replacement for cotton, cotton is by far the most popular traditional 2nd wedding anniversary symbol. The soft material of cotton symbolizes resilience, adaptability, versatility and comfort: key components required for a marriage still in its beginning stages. The traditional 2nd year wedding anniversary gift sends a message to the couple that the individuals must be able to adapt to change in order to remain strong, happy and successful. The interwoven fibers of cotton symbolize the couple’s growing interconnectedness and their increasingly intertwining lives. Additionally, cotton is valued for its practical purposes: it is a long-lasting, durable material, which is intended to be representative of strong marriages. (Check out our traditional 2nd anniversary gift ideas below.)

      Modern: China/Porcelain

      The modern 2nd year anniversary gift and symbol is china. Many people view china as beautiful, elegant and classic, like the everlasting love and bond in a marriage. However, keep in mind that china is also fragile and can break easily if mishandled. Seen in this way, china is symbolic of a marriage still in its early years: in order to remain strong as a couple, you must treat each other and the relationship with care. Therefore, the 2nd anniversary gift modern emphasizes the beauty of new love, as well as the need for ongoing care to maintain its elegance.

      2nd Anniversary Color

      2nd anniversary color


      Red is the color of extremes: of passionate love, seduction, violence, danger, adventure and anger. At this point in your marriage, you’ve probably experienced some extremes of emotion with your partner and seen them at their highest of highs and their lowest of lows. The experience of a newlywed couple is one still entrenched in romantic, passionate love. Individuals in their 2nd year of marriage are also still getting to fully know one another, which means that everything still feels like an adventure. Red is also associated with sensitivity, romance, joy, courage, strength, leadership, willpower, vigor, stress, vibrance, radiance and determination. If you’re looking for 2nd anniversary gifts for him, red cotton egyptian sheets is not a bad way to express the passionate love of your young marriage.

      Linen White

      Linen white symbolizes sophisticated symplicity: though your marriage is still relatively new, your relationship is growing and maturing. In general, the color white can represent a successful beginning and is associated with purity, safety, understanding, faith, possibility and humility -- all necessary components of a successful marriage.

      2nd Anniversary Gemstone

      2nd anniversary gemstones

      If you’re searching for 2nd year anniversary gift ideas for her, you can’t go wrong with gemstone jewelry associated with the 2nd year of marriage. The primary 2nd wedding anniversary gemstone is garnet, though rose quartz has also been noted as an alternate. Both gemstones are connected to the gift of eternal, everlasting love.


      • Appearance & description: pretty, red (usually) semi-precious gemstone
      • “Garnet” comes from the Latin word “Garanatus,” meaning “seed-like” in reference to a pomegranate.
      • In Greek mythology, the pomegranate was referenced as a gift of love and is associated with eternity. The naming of the garnet gemstone is in reference to this understanding of the pomegranate.
      • The garnet stone helps us feel grounded and connected to the present moment.
      • A large garnet stone was believed to have been worn by Noah on the ark to light the way.
      • It is a regenerative and energizing stone.
      • It is believed to balance, strengthen and protect.
      • The red garnet stones were considered to be sacred by many groups and leaders: African tribal leaders, Aztecs, Mayans, Native American Indians and South American Indians.
      • The garnet gemstone was thought to bring creative powers to fruition and were believed to impart enhanced awareness.

      Alternate: Rose Quartz

      • Appearance & description: fair and lovely pink hue, called “the crystal of unconditional love.”
      • Traditional folklore claims rose quartz is the gem of unconditional love and infinite peace.
      • The rose quartz gemstone carries a soft, feminine energy of compassion, peace, tenderness, healing, nourishment and comfort.
      • It is believed that the rose quartz gemstone speaks directly to the heart chakra, dissolving emotional wounds, fears and resentments.
      • It provides a deep sense of personal fulfillment and contentment, allowing an individual to truly give and receive love from others.

      2nd Year Anniversary Flowers

      2nd anniversary flowers


      The meaning behind the cosmos flower is modesty. Cosmos flowers can grow whether you tend to them or not, and also grow tall without ever flopping over -- no extra support required. These flowers are lively and bright and represents a playful love. In the Greek language, the cosmos flower denotes orderliness and beauty. It is a flower of love, and its appearance expressed the attributes of peacefulness, modesty and wholeness.

      Lily of the Valley

      Lily of the valley is a fragrant flower that represents purity, the return of happiness, sweetness, trustworthiness and purity of heart. Most often, the lily of the valley flower symbolizes happiness, luck and humility. In essence, the lily of the valley flower captures the idea, “you have completed my life.” Folklore tells us that lily of the valley is supposed to protect gardens from evil spirits, was used as a charm against witches’ spells and was considered the flower of the fairies. In the same way that lily of the valley protects against evil in the garden, it represents a protection against uncertainty, doubt or instability in your marriage.

      Substitute: Red Rose

      The red rose is a common substitute for the 2nd wedding anniversary flower primarily because it is the perfect way to declare feelings of romantic love. In Western culture, the red rose is essentially synonymous with long-lasting, enduring love, and can be used as a substitute flower for any wedding anniversary.

      2nd Anniversary Gift Ideas

       traditional 2nd anniversary gifts

      In addition to getting her a bouquet of cosmos, lily of the valley and red roses, or getting him those red cotton egyptian sheets, there are a lot of other great 2nd year anniversary gift ideas! Whether you’re looking for 2nd anniversary cotton gifts or china gifts, there are a lot of 2nd wedding anniversary gifts for him and 2nd anniversary gifts for her to choose from! Above all, what matters is that the two of you celebrate your anniversary in a way that highlights your love and bond.

      Though still fresh, the two of you know each other fairly well at this point in your marriage. A great way to celebrate your budding love is with gifts that symbolize the resilience and versatility characteristic of your bond. For instance, consider putting together a gift basket with cosmos seeds, cotton gardening gloves, and a coupon on red paper with a personalized note to your spouse!

      Traditional 2nd anniversary gifts

      2nd anniversary gift modern

      Cotton gloves

      China place sets

      Cotton t-shirts

      China figurines or sculptures

      Cotton handkerchiefs & bandanas

      Porcelain refrigerator magnets

      Monogrammed towel set

      Porcelain or ceramic coffee mugs

      Egyptian cotton sheets & pillowcases

      Tea & sugar bowl set

      His & hers pillowcase set

      Garnet jewelry

      Plush, cotton bathrobes

      Rose quartz jewelry

      Cotton table cloth, napkins & place set

      Porcelain ring holder

      Quirky, cotton socks

      Fresh bouquet of cosmos or lily of the valley

      Cotton rope hammock

      Floral-themed art prints of cosmos or lily of the valley

      Cotton flowers

      Custom ceramic jewelry

      Cotton canvas print

      Ceramic vase with flowers

      2nd anniversary gift modern

      How To Celebrate Your 2nd Wedding Anniversary

      Though purchasing each other gifts that are symbolic of this stage of your marriage is a great way to celebrate your 2nd wedding anniversary, it is also important to find time to enjoy each other’s company. Sometimes, the best and only gift we need is a little time with our partner, hanging out at home and not doing anything in particular. Whether you want to do something extravagant with your partner, or just keep it simple, what matters is the time you spend together. Take a day off work, or meet your partner for lunch and just enjoy each other’s company.

      • Plan a movie night & watch your wedding movie
      • Recreate your wedding night menu & cook it with your spouse
      • Relive your first date
      • Look through your wedding photo album
      • Do a personal photo shoot
      • Get tickets for a movie, concert, theater, sports event to attend together
      • Go on a spur of the moment vacation!
      • Plan a day together doing something exciting (e.g. skydiving, doing an Escape Room or maybe just a romantic dinner out) and take pictures of the activities! Later on, make a scrapbook or photo album of your day together, adding to it for years to come.
      • Take a walk and enjoy the sunset at the end of the day
      • Go camping together and look at the stars together
      • Find an activity you both would enjoy and book a class together, whether it be cooking, dancing or learning a musical instrument!
      • Go to a wine tasting
      • Help your partner with tasks around the house
      • Have a gourmet meal at an exotic restaurant
      • Write a romantic love letter and hide it somewhere for your spouse to find

      how to celebrate 2nd wedding anniversary