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Forever Anniversary

2nd Anniversary Canvas- Custom Fingerprint Canvas


Celebrate your 2nd anniversary with this unique and colorful thumbprint canvas in the shape of a heart! Choose any colors and send us your names and anniversary date and we'll print it onto a high quality canvas for you to display in your living room, bedroom, home office, or anywhere else it can be admired! We'll take your unique thumbprints and put them together to create a unique and beautiful heart design that no other couple in the world will have! Thumbprints are unique to every individual which is what makes this design so special. Your thumbprint and your partners thumbprint will blend together to create a pattern unlike any other. It's a creative and romantic sentiment to celebrate your 2nd anniversary together!

This is a personalized canvas using your thumbprints and turning them into a heart shaped design. Can be customized to your liking. Can turn the thumbprints into any color. Can add your names and a meaningful date. 

*Size in example photo is the 24x36"*