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      Modern Anniversary Gifts by Year

      Marriage is a beautiful thing—so it’s no wonder why couples exchange anniversary gifts each year in celebration of their love and devotion.

      However, many people struggle to find the perfect anniversary gift, and we totally understand! You’re looking for something meaningful and beautiful, but also something your partner can enjoy and use practically. You don’t want to be in a place where you’re second-guessing your gift, wondering if you’ve chosen the right one or doubting if they’ll actually like it. 

      Well, worry no longer because Forever Anniversary has got you covered! Today’s article will break down the modern gift themes for each milestone year of marriage, plus gift ideas. Specifically, we’ll be covering the anniversary years from one through ten and then every five years until we reach sixty.

      Gift-giving for anniversaries is a custom that’s been around for ages—even dating all the way back to the Victorian era. Additionally, there are specific colors, flowers, and gemstones that correspond with each anniversary year, meaning there are plenty of gift ideas out there. There are also traditional gifts people used to give for each anniversary year. However, that’s a topic for another day. This article will mainly focus on the modern anniversary gifts.

      We’ll explore this topic in-depth to help you find the perfect gift for your partner, no matter which anniversary year you’re celebrating. Without further ado, let’s dive right in!

      1-Year Anniversary

      The modern gift theme for this year is a clock—intending to help couples reflect on the time that’s passed in order to capture the moment before the years slip away. If your first anniversary of marriage is coming up, consider this Personalized Wall Clock. A unique gift, this clock also gives you the option to customize it with your names and anniversary date, making the gift especially meaningful.

      2-Year Anniversary

      The second anniversary’s modern gift is china, which is simultaneously tough and delicate, representing marriage. For example, this China Tea Set is perfect for a tea-loving spouse because of its elegance and practicality.

      3-Year Anniversary

      Crystal and glass symbolize light and hope for a future full of brightness—which is why these are perfect themes for a modern third-anniversary gift. If you’re celebrating your third anniversary, these Crystal Stud Earrings might be exactly what you’re looking for. Available in pink and clear options, this simple but beautiful gift will touch the heart of your significant other.

      4-Year Anniversary

      Some years, it’s best to go with a beautiful and sentimental gift, while other times choosing a practical gift option is the way to go. For the fourth anniversary, the theme is appliances, promoting gifts that your partner will actually use regularly. Is your spouse a coffee lover? Then they’ll adore this Mini Espresso Machine!

      5-Year Anniversary

      Another option for a practical gift is silverware, which is the modern theme for the fifth anniversary. Even though it doesn’t exactly fit the prompt, this Personalized Steel Wine Set is a stunning gift your spouse will appreciate and use on the daily. The good news is you can do whatever you want when it comes to giving anniversary presents! Think of these modern gift themes as a guide and use your creativity to fill in the blanks. You know your partner better than anyone, after all.

      6-Year Anniversary

      The modern theme for the sixth anniversary year is wooden objects, allowing for gift options that both spouses can enjoy. Take this Wood Cutting Board and Serving Tray Set, for instance. You can even personalize it with your family name, making it a lovely addition to your kitchen!

      7-Year Anniversary

      One of the more random gifts, desk sets, is this year’s anniversary theme. But if organization is important to your significant other, they will cherish this type of present for its usefulness. Desk sets, such as this Wood Desk Organizer, add a layer of peace and order to a desk space that everyone can appreciate.

      8-Year Anniversary

      Linen and lace, which are both elegantly delicate materials, make up the theme for the modern eighth-anniversary gift. Together, they symbolize the beauty and complexity of marriage. This year offers many options for gifts, and if you need an idea, we particularly love this Personalized Heart Vows On Linen

      9-Year Anniversary

      The ninth anniversary’s theme for gifts is leather. If you’re a lady looking for a present for your husband, you can’t go wrong with this Personalized Leather Wallet. Finely crafted, it even alows you to personalize the wallet with his name and initials in order to make it truly special to him.

      10-Year Anniversary

      Your tenth anniversary is a huge milestone, so congratulations! The modern gift theme for this year is diamond jewelry—because it’s only fitting to utilize such a special gemstone for such a monumental anniversary. A beautiful option to celebrate this year, among many, would be this Diamond Pendant Necklace.

      15-Year Anniversary

      Watches are the gift theme for the fifteenth anniversary, representing all the years you’ve spent together so far and, hopefully, the many years to come in the future. As an example, this Smartwatch For Her is an awesome gift any active or fitness-loving wife will appreciate!

      20-Year Anniversary

      Wow! Twenty years! This is a milestone that deserves to be grandly celebrated. And a perfect modern theme to commemorate twenty years together is platinum. This Platinum Sound Wave Art, for instance, is a thoughtful and special gift. You can even customize the display with a song of your choice, maybe one that’s meaningful to you and your significant other.

      25-Year Anniversary

      The modern gift for this anniversary year is sterling silver, which is where the phrase “silver anniversary” comes from. After all, twenty-five years is a quarter of a decade and should be celebrated accordingly. This Silver Morse Code Necklace is a sweet gift that will remind your wife of your love daily. The necklace even spells love in Morse code!

      30-Year Anniversary

      Since some of the years repeat, the modern theme for the thirtieth anniversary is diamonds—giving you a chance to outdo yourself from the last year it was an option or to hop on the train if you missed it back then. For example, these gorgeous Diamond Stud Earrings are sure to light up your wife’s day as a gift she will cherish for years.

      35-Year Anniversary

      The gemstone jade stands for wisdom and is known for its prized beauty all over the world. That’s why it’s the perfect modern theme for this anniversary year! Take this elegant and dainty Jade Ring as an example of a simple yet stunning piece your wife will fall in love with.

      40-Year Anniversary

      The modern gift for the fortieth anniversary year is the gemstone ruby, representing a love and commitment that never burns out. If you’re shopping for your husband’s anniversary gift, look no further than this Damascus Steel Chef Knife Set that sports a bold ruby color.

      45-Year Anniversary

      The gemstone sapphire is most commonly associated with royalty. However, it also symbolizes loyalty and sincerity, which are two desired traits of any relationship. This makes it a special theme for the forty-fifth anniversary year. Searching for gift ideas? Check out this Satin Pajama Set that comes in a beautiful sapphire color. Additionally, you can personalize this gift with your partner’s name to make it extra special. 

      50-Year Anniversary

      Gold is the modern theme for this anniversary year—which should be no surprise to anyone. Fifty years is a long time for a relationship to continue lasting strongly, so it should be celebrated in the most significant way possible! This Gold Sheet Music Canvas makes for the perfect fiftieth-anniversary gift, as it allows you to personalize the sheet music with a song that’s significant in your relationship.

      55-Year Anniversary

      Emeralds are a gemstone that symbolizes true love and devotion, making this a truly romantic theme for the fifty-fifth anniversary year. As an example, this Emerald Ring is a special gift your partner will appreciate forever as a sign of your everlasting love.

      60-Year Anniversary

      Because of their toughness, which represents a strong relationship that’s made it all the way to sixty-five years, diamonds are a fitting theme for this anniversary! Since this was also the theme for years ten and thirty, you can take inspiration from those ideas when shopping for gifts to celebrate your sixtieth anniversary.


      Whether it’s your first wedding anniversary or your sixtieth—or any year in between—you and your spouse deserve to celebrate your love and devotion annually. By utilizing the modern gift themes for each year, you can easily find the perfect anniversary gifts without all the hassle and stress. Don’t forget that it’s okay to stray away from the gift themes. Use them as a guide, but don’t stress too much about following the “rules” perfectly.

      And if you’re looking for more ideas for a special anniversary gift, browse the Forever Anniversary website. We’ve designed our site so that it’s organized with a plethora of gift options for each anniversary year. Simply click on the second dropdown near the top of the home page and tap on the year you’re celebrating. Happy anniversary!