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      60th Anniversary Gift:

      The Complete Guide To Your 60th Anniversary!

      The 60th wedding anniversary is truly a momentous time for any couple. With 60 years spent together, you and your spouse are pretty darn comfortable with one another. You’ve been through quite a lot together and your spouse is your partner for life and beyond. You can’t imagine going through anything without them, which is why it is so important that you find the right way to say, “I love you” this 60th wedding anniversary. There are a lot of great 60th anniversary gift ideas, as well as celebration ideas to get this year’s anniversary off to a great start.

      So, what is the 60th anniversary gift?

      The 60th anniversary gift is the Diamond. This is because the modern and the traditional 60th anniversary gift is the diamond. While a lot of anniversary celebrations differentiate between the modern anniversary gift and the traditional anniversary gift, the 60th wedding anniversary does not. This is not uncommon for anniversary celebrations that get up there in years, and is usually because the traditional gift idea has such meaning for the couple that there is no need to add a modern option. For all the best 60th wedding anniversary gift ideas for parents, friends or spouse, keep reading!!

      In this Complete Guide to your 60th Wedding Anniversary, you will discover:

      • Modern & traditional anniversary symbols
      • 60th anniversary color
      • 60th anniversary gemstone
      • 60th anniversary flower arrangements
      • 60th wedding anniversary gift ideas
      • 60th anniversary celebration ideas



      Modern & Traditional 60th Anniversary Gift

      diamond 60th anniversary gift

      Modern & Traditional: Diamond

      A 60th wedding anniversary celebration entails a marital journey of ups and downs, but a sense of balance, stability and devotion throughout. A couple celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary would most likely be in their 80s, so the 60th anniversary gift and symbol should reflect this type of deep bond, and it does! The tradition of celebrating a 60th wedding anniversary rose to popularity after Queen Victoria celebrated her Diamond Jubilee. Prior to that event, the diamond was only associated with the 75th wedding anniversary.

      The wonderful thing about the diamond as the modern and traditional 60th anniversary gift is what it represents. Coming from the Greek word “adamas,” diamond means unconquerable and enduring, just like your love and marriage! Many people also believe that the sparkle within diamonds represents the constant flame of true love. Never fading and constantly stunning, the diamond is truly a remarkable symbol for your 60th wedding anniversary and 60th anniversary gift.



      60th Wedding Anniversary Color

      diamond white

      Diamond White

      You might be wondering, what is the color for a 60th wedding anniversary? If that’s the case, it is diamond white! Diamond white is a specific color of white that represents the traditional 60th anniversary gift of diamonds. Diamond white represents holiness and cleanliness, in addition to representing everything that white diamonds represent. (See below!)

      60th Anniversary Gemstone

      60th anniversary gemstone


      The white diamond is one of the hardest gemstones, representing improved marriage and family life, as well as never-ending love. The white diamond is used to protect against outside influences, keep your environment peaceful and enhance your imagination. As a 60th anniversary gift, diamonds make for wonderful 60th wedding anniversary gift ideas for parents because they represents the internal stability of a loving relationship after 60 years of marriage together.

      Though the 60th anniversary color is diamond white, this does not mean you are limited to only white diamonds for the 60th anniversary gift! Diamonds come in a variety of colors, including orange, red, pink, brown, yellow, green, blue and black!

      Each diamond color has its own symbolic meaning:


      Represents courage, enthusiasm and energy.

      Red & Pink

      Red and pink diamonds are extremely rare, with only 30 red diamonds known to exist in the world. Red and pink diamonds symbolize strength, power, passion and confidence.


      Represents a connection to earth and nature. Additionally, brown diamonds symbolize order, stability and clarity.


      Symbolizes humility, hope, happiness and friendship.


      Represents youthfulness, strength, nature and prosperity.


      Symbolizes peace, truth, devotion and eternity.


      Represents passion, power, creativity, action and energy.

      (Alternative 60th anniversary gemstone: star ruby.)

      No Specific 60th Anniversary Flower

      60th anniversary flower

      While a lot of anniversary years tend to focus on a specific flower, the 60th wedding anniversary does not specify a flower. Though it’s nice to already have the flower specified for each anniversary year, it can actually be pretty relieving when it’s not specified. This way, you can get exactly what your spouse wants, without having to worry about staying within any sort of theme.

      Does your spouse have a favorite flower or plant?

      If your spouse doesn’t have a favorite flower, there is another great way you can celebrate your 60th wedding anniversary with flowers: create a bouquet with various kinds of white flowers, two for each decade together! Additionally, consider getting a lavender thornless rose bush called Diamond Anniversary, or another one called Rose Diamond Wishes.  



      60th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

      60th wedding anniversary gift ideas

      Need some gift ideas for your 60th wedding anniversary? What about a 60th anniversary traditional gift? Thankfully, there are a lot of great 60th wedding anniversary gifts to help you celebrate! The 60th wedding anniversary, or the Diamond Anniversary, has a lot of great options to make sure you and your spouse celebrate these last 60 years together in style. If diamonds aren’t your thing, opt for getting a bouquet of her favorite flowers! Keep in mind that diamonds can be used in a variety of objects and keepsakes, in addition to jewelry.

      For all the best 60th anniversary gift ideas, check out our list below! Whether you’re looking for 60th wedding anniversary gift ideas for parents, for friends or for spouse, you can be sure you’ll find a 60th anniversary gift they’ll definitely love.

      Traditional 60th Anniversary Gift Ideas (For Her)

      Modern 60th Anniversary Gift Ideas (For Him)

      Pearl and diamond necklace

      Diamond sundial

      Candy bud vase

      60th anniversary poster

      Diamond ring

      Anniversary champagne glasses

      60 year anniversary mugs

      Diamond cufflinks

      Diamond necklace

      Diamond cocktail mixer

      Diamond ring

      Diamond money clip

      Diamond bracelet

      Diamond passport cover

      Diamond earrings

      Tiffany watch

      Fresh bouquet of her favorite flowers

      Diamond beer mug

      Swarovski figurine

      Diamond fountain pen

      Tiffany carafe

      Diamond pen cup

      Diamond bangle

      Diamond band

      60th Wedding Anniversary Celebration Ideas

      60th wedding anniversary celebration ideas

      If diamonds just aren’t your thing, then don’t worry! There are a lot of great 60th wedding anniversary celebration ideas out there to get your anniversary party started. After all this time, you probably feel as though you’ve gotten everything there is to get. If that’s the case, then there’s no need to spend money on objects. What matters most is just spending time with your loved one and making sure you both enjoy your time together. Now is the time, more than any other time in your life, to really celebrate as much as you can. Relax with your spouse in Europe! Or, get creative with the diamond anniversary theme and go to some place with “diamond” in its name. Sometimes, the best 60th anniversary gift ideas are ones where we just spend time with the love of our life! Check out these 60th wedding anniversary celebration ideas to get your anniversary event off to a great start!

      • Plan a 60th wedding anniversary party at home.
      • Travel somewhere you haven’t been before, like Europe or Asia!
      • Throw a diamond-themed party!
      • Take a trip to Diamond City, Alberta; Diamond City, Arkansas; Diamond City, Montana; Diamond City, North Carolina; Diamond City (Shopping Centers), Japan; Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania (aka “The Diamond City”); Kimberely, Northern Cape in South Africa (aka “The Diamond City”); or Surat, India (aka “The Diamond City”).
      • Watch the 1949 British film, Diamond City.
      • Take a trip to a country that produces diamonds, such as Canada, Brazil, Russia, China, Australia, D.R. Congo, South Africa or Sierra Leone.
      • Throw a diamond celebration dinner!
      • Plan a diamond celebration at the Disneyland Resort.



      Happy 60th Anniversary!

      happy 60th anniversary