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      50th Anniversary Gift:

      The Complete Guide To Your 50th Anniversary!

      The 50th wedding anniversary is truly a momentous occasion. Whether you’re looking for traditional 50th wedding anniversary gifts, 50th anniversary gift ideas for parents, 50th anniversary gift ideas for friends or unique 50th anniversary gifts for your spouse, there is a lot that this year’s theme has to offer.

      So, what is the 50th anniversary gift?

      The 50th anniversary gift is gold. Everything about the 50th wedding anniversary has to do with gold: the 50th anniversary color, the 50th anniversary gemstone and even the 50th anniversary flowers all have to do with gold! As a symbol, gold is incredibly meaningful and makes for an incredibly unique 50th anniversary gift. For all the best 50th anniversary gift ideas for friends, 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas for parents and traditional 50th wedding anniversary gifts for spouse, keep reading!!

      In this Complete Guide to your 50th Wedding Anniversary, you will discover:

      • Modern vs traditional anniversary symbols
      • 50th anniversary color
      • 50th anniversary gemstone
      • 50th anniversary flowers
      • 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas
      • 50th anniversary celebration ideas

      Modern & Traditional 50th Anniversary Gift

      modern and traditional 50th anniversary gift

      Modern & Traditional: Gold

      As the modern and traditional 50th anniversary gift, gold has many meanings. Whether focusing on it as a color or a mineral, gold represents success, achievement and triumph. At this point in your marriage, there is no question that you and your spouse are successful in love, have achieved many goals, individually and together, and have triumphed over all that life has thrown you. Therefore, as a 50th anniversary gift and symbol, gold represents all that you have accomplished together and serves to remind you and your spouse of the beautiful and successful life the two of you have led together. What could be more meaningful than that?


      50th Anniversary Color

      50th anniversary color


      The color gold is believed to be the color of extravagance and wealth. At this point in your marriage, you have definitely been blessed with an extravagant amount of love and devotion. The 50th anniversary color, gold, is a warm color that is associated with love, compassion and wisdom, all of which are in abundance at this point in your relationship with your spouse. If you’re not sure what to get for 50th anniversary gifts, consider something in a gold color to express how rich your life has been because of your spouse.

      50th Anniversary Gemstone

      gold element


      Gold gemstones are believed to increase personal power and wisdom, aid in your health and wellness, and illuminate your path. Gold is one of the most popular minerals in the world, since it was first discovered. Gold symbolizes the development of total understanding. As a 50th anniversary symbol, you can’t get better than gold: after 50 years together, you have probably come to an understanding about your love and relationship.  

      50th Anniversary Flowers

      50th anniversary flower

      Yellow Rose

      The yellow rose is an excellent pairing to the 50th anniversary gift of gold. Not only do they both have a yellow appearance, but they also both cheer people up! The yellow rose is commonly associated with the sun, and they have been used as a symbol for friendship, appreciation and joy. The color of the yellow rose represents feelings of joy and delight. If you’re not sure what to get your spouse this wedding anniversary, consider sending a bouquet of the 50th anniversary flowers to remind them they’ve been a joy and delight throughout your shared life together.


      As the other option for the 50th anniversary flower, violets are associated with humbleness, devotion, protection and interconnectedness among people. Therefore, violets make an excellent alternative to the yellow rose as the 50th anniversary flower, since you and your spouse are undoubtedly devoted and connected, like no other pair is.

      50th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

      50th wedding anniversary gift ideas

      Need some ideas for 50th anniversary gifts? For this wedding anniversary, 50th wedding anniversary gifts are relatively easy to find. With gold as the 50th anniversary symbol, there are so many 50th anniversary gift ideas out there! The best part about these 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas is that there’s something for everyone! Whether you’re looking for 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas for parents, 50th anniversary gift ideas for friends or traditional 50th wedding anniversary gifts for your spouse, you’ve come to the right place! There are so  many ways you could celebrate with gold 50th wedding anniversary gifts for parents and other unique 50th anniversary gifts! Check out these 50th anniversary gift ideas to get the celebration off to a fantastic start!

      Traditional 50th Anniversary Gift Ideas (For Her)

      Modern 50th Anniversary Gift Ideas (For Him)

      Gold engraved wedding champagne flutes

      Personalized solid gold plate

      Engraved family tree with gold base

      50th anniversary figurine

      Gold engraved cake knife and server set

      Gold cufflinks

      Personalized gold afghan

      Reusable gold ice cubes

      Personalized gold rose

      24K gold playing cards

      Gold straightener

      Gold and diamond ballpoint pens

      Gold earrings

      Gold golf log journal

      Gold bracelet

      Golden anniversary family tree print

      Gold ring

      Gold chain bracelet

      Gold necklace

      Personalized gold LP album

      Bouquet of violet flowers

      Gold chain necklace

      50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration Ideas

      50th wedding anniversary celebration ideas

      Need some awesome 50th wedding anniversary celebration ideas? Sometimes, the best 50th anniversary gifts for parents are vacations! For your parents’ 50th wedding anniversary, send them on a cruise or encourage them to vacation somewhere new and unique. If the traditional 50th anniversary gift didn’t really speak to you and your spouse this year, don’t worry about it! What matters most, above all else, is that you and your partner are really just enjoying each other’s company. If you’re still at a loss for 50th wedding anniversary gifts for parents or how to incorporate traditional 50th wedding anniversary gifts into a fun celebration, check out these ideas below!

      • Make a slideshow of images and home videos of important moments throughout you and your spouse’s life.
      • Create a “50 facts about the couple” timeline.
      • Buy a full-or half-page ad in a local newspaper to place a surprise congratulations announcement for the lucky couple.
      • Plan an anniversary party with the theme of 50 years ago.
      • Take your spouse on a trip down memory lane: drive by your first date spot, the park you used to take walks in together or the church you used to attend together back before you were married.
      • Go on a Yangtze Gold Cruise!
      • Find a baker who can recreate your wedding cake.
      • Plan a 50th anniversary celebration with gold tablecloths, gold silverware, gold-rimmed plates and gold balloons!
      • Renew your marriage vows.
      • Toast one another with a golden sparkling wine, such as Chardonnay.
      • Plan a picnic with paper gold-colored plates and cups.
      • If you’re in the United States, you can request a greeting from the White House on your 50th wedding anniversary.
      • Plan a romantic getaway to one of your favorite foreign cities, such as Paris!

      Happy 50th Anniversary!

      happy 50th anniversary