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      The Complete Guide To Your 8th Anniversary!

      Eight years of marriage have gone by — whoa, how did that happen?! Time really does fly when you’re with the person you’re supposed to be with. After 8 years of marriage, you and your spouse have probably learned a thing or two about marriage. Sure, you still have quite a ways to go, but you can now confidently look on those younguns who’re just getting married and share a few gems of wisdom. After 8 years of marriage with your spouse, you now know that you can’t make someone else happy, that you have to celebrate the good but remember the bad, and that, yes, there will be times when you will be misunderstood. These lessons are important to learn but they must be genuinely experienced. When you and your partner go through these kinds of realizations and continue to trust, communicate with and rely on one another, that is a sign of a strong marriage. The only thing to do now is to celebrate your 8th wedding anniversary with the many 8th anniversary symbols! Keep reading to determine which 8th anniversary symbols are right for you and your spouse.

      In this Complete Guide to your 8th Wedding Anniversary, you will discover:

      • Modern vs traditional anniversary symbols
      • 8th anniversary color
      • 8th anniversary gemstone
      • 8th wedding anniversary flowers
      • 8th wedding anniversary gift ideas
      • 8th anniversary celebration ideas

      Modern vs Traditional

      8th anniversary gift modern vs traditional

      Modern: Linens/Lace

      The modern 8th anniversary gift of linens or lace can be both practical or luxurious, depending on the specific gift item. The gift of lace signifies refined beauty and elegance, just as a marriage exemplifies polished and perfect love. Over time, a delicate but strong and beautiful object has been created, just like your marriage. (Also, keep in mind that lace gifts are given as the “traditional gift” for the 13th wedding anniversary and linen gifts are given as the “traditional gift” of the 4th wedding anniversary.)

      Traditional: Bronze/Pottery

      Traditionally, bronze and pottery are the 8th wedding anniversary gifts you would receive if you were celebrating your 8th wedding anniversary. Bronze represents beauty and durability while pottery is indicative of nature and simplicity. When copper and tin are combined, bronze is created: this is symbolic of a strong marriage that is created when two different, strong individuals come together as one. In antiquity, bronze was an important metal alloy because it was strong, easy to cast and made the perfect tools and building materials. Just like bronze, your marriage is a tool you can use to bond further with your partner and build a healthy relationship. Bronze instruments also make great music: bronze bells and bronze wind chimes ring loud and true, just like your marriage. For your 8th anniversary, pottery is symbolic of marriage in that it can be like a lump of clay: over time and with dedication, persistence and care, it is shaped into something truly beautiful, purposeful and long-lasting. By the 8th year, your marriage will feel strong, solid and fully-formed.

      8th Anniversary Color

      8th wedding anniversary color

      Deep Cobalt Blue

      The deep cobalt blue color is associated with tanzanite and its meaning is tied up with the meaning of the tanzanite gemstone. In general, the color blue is associated with trust, responsibility, honesty and loyalty — all necessary components of a long-lasting relationship. Additionally, the color blue symbolizes an inner security and confidence, as well as the ability to do the right thing in difficult times. These symbolic meanings of the color blue are particularly meaningful in a marriage of 8 years: after 8 years of marriage, you must each, as individuals, have a sense of security and confidence, and the ability to make tough decisions in order for the marriage to be successful and last for a long time.

      Ultra-Deep Violet Purple

      This color is associated with tanzanite and its meaning is tied up with the meaning of the tanzanite gemstone. In general, the color violet purple tends to represent the future, something that is an important thing to consider in a long-lasting relationship.


      These are the colors that the tourmaline gemstone typically come in; thus, the meaning of these colors is associated with the meaning of the tourmaline gemstone.


      The color bronze is an 8th anniversary color since bronze objects are one of the traditional 8th wedding anniversary gifts. In general, the color bronze captures the qualities of brown, but it is also more earthy, natural and mature.

      8th Wedding Anniversary Gemstone

      8th anniversary gemstone


      Tourmaline is a crystal that comes in every imaginable color. Tourmaline can come in a wide variety of colors, including green, brown, yellow, purple and blue. This gemstone has been appreciated and valued for centuries, even though many people did not know what they were. Since tourmaline is a very colorful gemstone family, it has often been mistaken for more valuable gemstones like rubies or emeralds. First recognized in the 1800’s, tourmaline is appreciated as a gemstone due to its similarities to other gemstones. Thus, as an 8th wedding anniversary gemstone, tourmaline symbolizes the ways in which you and your partner compliment each other, as well as the similarities you two share. The name of this gemstone is also symbolic of your marriage. “Tourmaline” means “a mixed color precious stone,” which symbolizes how the bonding of two people in a marriage results in a colorful collage of memories, behaviors and beliefs.


      Tanzanite is a beautiful, deep cobalt blue or ultra-deep violet colored stone that is used extensively to make jewelry. If blue or deep violet is your partner’s favorite color, you can’t pass up Tanzanite Jewelry Designs as an 8th year anniversary gift for her! Tanzanite is a relatively rare and costly gemstone, occurring in only one place in the world: the Merelani Hills in Tanzania, East Africa. Discovered in 1967, tanzanite gemstones are named for their country of origin. Tanzanite gemstones can be somewhat fragile and should be worn with care — a gentle reminder that even after 8 years of marriage, there are still some topics you and your spouse should broach with empathy, care and caution. After 8 years of marriage, the two of you are not indestructible, but you are still learning to communicate with each other and explore each other’s personalities, something that this gemstone is known for aiding.

      8th Anniversary Flower

      8th anniversary flower


      The clematis flower is a beautiful climber that traditionally means clever and intellectual. The clematis flower symbolizes ingenuity and mental beauty, perhaps due to its clever climbing abilities around trellises and walls. In your marriage, the clematis flower can symbolize the way you and your partner have grown together and the ingenious ways you two have navigated life’s difficulties. Another meaning for the clematis flower is “poverty overcome through mental ingenuity,” which can be symbolic of how the two of you have overcome any problems you may have faced in the first 8 years of your marriage.


      Lilac symbolizes the emotions of young love, beauty, pride, humility, confidence and youthfulness. Additionally, lilac represents the first emotions of love, youthful innocence and fastidiousness in love and relationships. Therefore, if you’re looking for an 8th year anniversary gift for her, a bouquet of lilac flowers would be a perfect gift! This will remind her of the youthful love between you and her, as well as the attentiveness that is required in a long-lasting relationship. In a marriage lasting more than 8 years, you need both the giddiness and naivety of young love, as well as the care and attention to detail that ensure the relationship will survive any bumps or scuffles along the way.

      8th Anniversary Gift Ideas

      8th anniversary gift ideas

      If your wife loves lace or linens, this year’s anniversary gift will be a breeze for you! There are a lot of great 8th anniversary gifts for her, as well as unique 8th anniversary gifts for him. No matter which symbol speaks to you most (whether it is lace, linens, bronze, pottery, lilac, clematis, tourmaline, tanzanite or any of the 8th anniversary colors), we’ve got a lot of great gift ideas for your 8th wedding anniversary. For 8th anniversary gifts for him, bronze and pottery items tend to work best. The 8th anniversary traditional gift is a meaningful one that both him and her will love.

      8th Anniversary Traditional Gift Ideas (Bronze or Pottery)

      8th Anniversary Modern Gift Ideas (Linens or Lace)

      Bronze jewelry

      Canvas prints

      Bronze sculpture

      Linen pants

      Bronze picture frame

      Linen paper

      Sword from the Bronze Age. Is your spouse a history buff? Get them a replica sword or some other artifact from the Bronze Age.

      Linen napkins

      Money clip engraved with anniversary date

      Lace lingerie

      Bronze wind chimes

      Lace tablecloth

      Pottery homewares (eg. vase, bowl, dish, mugs, jug/pitcher, candle holder, plant or flower pot)

      Lace roses

      Pottery sculptures or figurines

      Vintage lace dress

      Bronze photo frame with a picture of the two of you

      Linen bedding

      Bronze baby shoes

      Lace gloves

      Bronze garden statue

      Flower bouquet of lilac or clematis

      Bronze or pottery bookends

      Tourmaline or tanzanite jewelry

      8th Wedding Anniversary Celebration Ideas

      8th wedding anniversary celebration ideas

      This year’s anniversary is all about doing a fun activity with your spouse. If you’re really not into any of the 8th anniversary gift ideas, consider finding an activity that fits the 8th wedding anniversary theme and going on a little adventure with your spouse. Whether you and your spouse are really excited to do a random activity 8 times, or you’d rather stick to one event that relates to the 8th anniversary theme, there are some great 8th wedding anniversary celebration ideas to make this year’s anniversary super spectacular.

      • Go take a pottery class with your spouse!
      • Bronze yourselves — jet off to a tropical island with your spouse to bronze your skin in the sunshine (but don’t forget sunscreen!).
      • Go to a bronze jewelry workshop and create some bronze pieces together. If you or your spouse are a serious artist, consider doing a Bronze Casting Workshop.
      • Plant a Clematis Vine in your yard or in a pot and watch it grow together.
      • Take a sewing class together and make something out of lace or linen for your home.
      • Go on a food tour of 8 different spots! If your stomachs can handle 8 different food places in one, then try out 8 different pizza joints, 8 different ice cream shops or 8 different cheesecakes!
      • Go out to a local bar and play eight-ball pool!
      • Purchase a bronze framed share of stock in a major company that has meaning to you both.

      Happy 8th Anniversary!

      happy 8th anniversary