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      7th Anniversary Gift: The Complete Guide To Your 7th Anniversary!

      Is your 7th anniversary coming up soon? Wow, those last 7 years of marriage just flew by, didn’t they? Maybe not — those first 7 years can actually be kind of a struggle for some couples. Called “the 7 year itch,” the phase of a marriage designated by the first 7 years can see declining happiness rates among married couples. For couples who divorce, they would typically divorce within those first 7 years. However, if you and your spouse are one of the happy couples, then you’re truly lucky! You should celebrate your bond and dedication to one another because that is really all that matters. Thankfully, there are a lot of wonderful 7th wedding anniversary symbols for you and your partner to choose from to make the most of this special anniversary. For instance, you can use the modern and traditional 7th anniversary gifts as a theme for your celebration, or the 7th anniversary flowers and gemstones if those speak to you more. Keep reading to determine the 7th wedding meaning and for all the best ways to celebrate those first 7 years of marriage!


      In this Complete Guide to your 7th Wedding Anniversary, you will discover:

      • Modern vs traditional anniversary symbols
      • 7th anniversary color
      • 7th anniversary gemstone
      • 7th wedding anniversary flowers
      • 7th wedding anniversary gift ideas
      • 7th anniversary celebration ideas

      Modern vs Traditional

      7th anniversary modern vs traditional

      Modern: Desk Sets

      The modern gift for the 7th anniversary theme is desk sets. The modern 7th year anniversary gift of desk sets has become more popular since they represent the love and pride couples have for each other’s work. At this year in your relationship, you have grown to appreciate and value all the hard work your partner puts in. When you give the gift of a new desk, a set of pens or a new planner, for instance, you are letting your partner know that you appreciate your partner’s work ethic and all that they do for you and your relationship.

      Traditional: Wool/Copper

      Copper and wool are the traditional gift items associated with your 7th wedding anniversary. However, did you know that the 7th wedding anniversary had no specific gift designation until 1937? In that year, the American National Retail Jeweler Association published a list with items associated with each year of marriage up until 20 years of marriage, then for each 5th year thereafter. According to that list, copper and wool are the traditional 7th anniversary gifts, varying by country. In the UK, France, Spain and Italy, wool is chosen as the primary 7th anniversary gift, while copper is chosen in Russia and Germany.

      Copper has had a long, traditional meaning of good luck, prosperity and good fortune. Couples celebrating their 7 years of marriage can definitely relate to their good fortune in finding one another and in working through any problems that had occurred. The gift of wool represents comfort, durability, strength, security and warmth that couples married this long give each other. Another reason that wool is the 7th wedding anniversary traditional gift is that it is believed roman brides touched the threshold of their new home with wool. Additionally, The Old Testament has a passage (Proverbs 31) describing wives of noble character as women who select wool and spin yarns with eager hands.

      7th Wedding Anniversary Color

      7th wedding anniversary color


      Yellow is the color of sunshine, hope and happiness. It typically stands for freshness, happiness, positivity, clarity, energy, optimism, enlightenment, remembrance, intellect, honor, loyalty and joy. The color yellow is an attention-grabbing color that helps to activate the memory, encourage communication and build confidence within individuals and within a relationship. As a 7th wedding anniversary color, yellow is associated with the yellow sapphire gemstone of the 7th anniversary and is thus significant due to the gemstone’s meanings.


      Off-white is a greyish or yellowish white that is one of the 7th anniversary colors due to its association with the traditional 7th anniversary gift of wool and the yellow sapphire gemstone. Therefore, the significance of the off-white color is related to the meanings behind wool and yellow sapphire as 7th anniversary symbols. Need a 7th anniversary gift for him? Get him an off-white wool blanket and snuggle up with him while watching a movie!

      7th Anniversary Gemstone

      7th anniversary gemstone


      Onyx is a deep and powerful gemstone — perfect for your 7th year anniversary! This gemstone is truly stunning and has been used for centuries as a powerful artifact. Specifically, onyx was very popular with the Greeks, the Romans and the Egyptians, and means “nail” or “toe.” The legend and name behind onyx come from the gods of desire and love, Cupid and Venus. The legend states that Cupid cut Venus’ toenails while she was sleeping and scattered the clippings onto the ground. Fate then turned them into stones so that no part of Venus would perish. Thus, as a 7th anniversary gemstone, onyx is incredibly meaningful: when you give the gift of onyx jewelry you are saying that you want no part of your spouse to ever perish and that your love for each other will bond you eternally.  

      Yellow Sapphire

      Sapphire comes in a lot more colors than the legendary blue of the 5th anniversary. Yellow gemstones, such as yellow sapphire, are believed to aid in clarity for decision-making, boost concentration and increase energy. Yellow sapphire brings the wisdom of prosperity by its ability to manifest creative energy through action. Additionally, yellow sapphire is commonly associated with strength, kindness and wise judgment — all things that are necessary in a marriage of 7 years and that you and your spouse have learned how to cultivate by now. Thus, as a 7th anniversary gemstone, yellow sapphire makes for a great symbol that can remind you and your partner of how far you’ve come. If you’re looking for 7th wedding anniversary gifts for her that will sweep her off her feet, this is it!

      7th Anniversary Flowers

      7th anniversary flower


      Jack in the pulpit is an American spring flowering woodland herb of the arum family. It is a characteristically distinct-looking flower with an upright club-shaped spadix arched over by a green and purple spathe. This common wildflower blooms in spring in moist, wooded areas, though it is the spathe that most people are fascinated with when it comes to Jack in the pulpit. The cup-like growth makes the plant look incredibly unique, just like your marriage is after 7 years together. When you give a Jack in the pulpit flower as a 7th anniversary gift for her, you are letting her know that you believe your relationship is truly one-of-a-kind and incredibly meaningful.


      Freesia flowers have a bell-shaped bloom and a sweet, citrus scent that your spouse will be sure to love on your 7th wedding anniversary. Though in most cases, the white variation of a flower is typically the most fragrant, the pink and red varieties of Freesia are the most fragrant. The wiry stems and delicate blooms of Freesia flowers led to one of its more popular varieties being named Ballerina. Due to their overwhelming popularity, Freesias have been cross bred. Today, there are over 1,400 species of Freesia, which range in color from red, white and yellow to purple and pink, each with their own specific meaning:

      • White freesias symbolize purity and innocence. They are a popular wedding flower since they represent the purity and trust of the individuals.
      • Multi-colored freesia bouquets symbolize friendship and thoughtfulness.
      • Pink freesias symbolize motherly love.
      • Yellow freesias symbolize joy, renewal and friendship.
      • Red freesias symbolize passion.

      7th Anniversary Gift Ideas

      7th anniversary gift ideas


      There are a lot of wonderful 7th wedding anniversary gifts for her and for him to choose from. Whether you are leaning towards traditional 7th anniversary gift ideas or modern 7th anniversary gifts, you can definitely find a gift that your spouse will absolutely love. There are a variety of 7th wedding anniversary gifts for him and 7th anniversary gifts for her (both above and below) that will make your spouse truly happy and overjoyed. Check it out!


      7th Anniversary Traditional Gift Ideas (Wool or Copper)

      7th Anniversary Modern Gift Ideas (Desk Sets)

      Wool-lined gloves

      Onyx jewelry (necklace, bracelet, ring, earrings)

      Copper wind chimes

      Floral themed gifts including jack-in-the-pulpit and freesia

      Wool blanket

      A new desk!

      Copper bookends

      Personalized writing journal

      A wool sweater made in the Aran Islands of Ireland with the pattern known as “marriage lines” - twists & turns in the design represent the ups and downs of a marriage.

      Luxury pen holder for home office

      Copper telescope

      Everything Is Fine paper pad

      Copper bracelet

      Guardians of The Galaxy Groot Flower Pot

      Wool dryer balls

      High quality desk chair

      Copper tea kettle

      Wooden desk organizer

      Copper cookware

      Antique portable writing desk

      Engraved copper medallion. Have a coin engraved to commemorate this special anniversary.

      Weekly planner

      Personalized “I still do” penny keychain

      Desk name plate

      7th Wedding Anniversary Celebration Ideas

      7th wedding celebration ideas


      Though some wedding anniversaries can actually be kind of hard to celebrate around a common theme, there are a lot of great celebration ideas for your 7th wedding anniversary! At this point in your relationship, you're settled in to your marriage, you know each other pretty well and your lives are pretty intertwined and dependent on one another — good! Now that you and your spouse feel pretty comfortable with each other, it’s time to add some of that excitement back into the mix. Around the 7th year of marriage is a great time for a couple to go on a trip together, take a little time off and just rekindle your love for one another. Go explore a new part of the world and adventure in a way that is meaningful to you both. If you and your spouse would rather just bundle up in your new wool blanket and watch some movies, we have some ideas for that, too! Check it out:


      • Watch the movie “Desk Set” together!
      • Go on a trip together where there are lots of sheep. For instance, travel to New Zealand where sheeps outnumber humans 7 to 1, or to Australia where they outnumber humans 3 to 1!
      • Take a trip to the Statue of Liberty in New York City. The Lady Liberty is green because of the patina created by the material she’s made of, copper. Go see her up close and even go inside!
      • Find a fountain in your hometown or a neighboring town and throw pennies in! This a sweet and simple way to spend your anniversary: take a stroll, throw some pennies and don’t forget to make a wish with your spouse!
      • Trip to Copper Canyon, Mexico. Visit the 6 breathtaking canyons in Chihuahua, Mexico that, in many places, are deeper than the Grand Canyon! Then, head further south to have some fun in the sun.
      • Watch “Pennies From Heaven” together. Are you and your spouse into watching old movies together? This Bing Crosby is sure to please.
      • Go to Copper Mountain Ski Resort. Head to Colorado for an anniversary weekend on the slopes (or in the cabin!).

        Happy 7th Anniversary!

        happy 7th anniversary