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      15th Anniversary Gift:

      The Complete Guide To Your 15th Anniversary!

      Happy 15th anniversary!! The 15th anniversary is a significant milestone for you and your partner. By this year anniversary you definitely know each other well and you’ve already had many adventures together. You may or may not have kids, but regardless, you’re pretty connected as a couple. If you’re looking for some good 15th anniversary ideas, you’re in luck! There are a lot of great 15th wedding anniversary ideas to help you and your spouse celebrate 15 long years together.

      But, what is the 15 year anniversary gift?

      The traditional 15th anniversary gift is crystal, while the modern 15th anniversary gift is a watch, or timepiece. The meanings associated with all the 15th anniversary symbols will be discussed in greater detail below.

      Not sure what to get for 15th wedding anniversary?

      You might be wondering what is the 15th wedding anniversary symbol, and if that’s the case, don’t worry! There are a lot of different 15th anniversary gift symbols you can use to celebrate your 15th wedding anniversary — you don’t have to stick to just the modern or traditional 15th anniversary gift. Keep reading to learn all you need to know about 15th anniversary gifts for him and 15th anniversary gift ideas for her!  

      In this Complete Guide to your 15th Wedding Anniversary, you will discover:

      • Modern vs traditional anniversary symbols
      • 15th anniversary color
      • 15th anniversary gemstone
      • 15th wedding anniversary flowers
      • 15th wedding anniversary gift ideas
      • 15th anniversary celebration ideas

      Modern vs Traditional 15th Anniversary Gift

      modern vs traditional 15th anniversary gift

      Modern: Timepieces/Watches

      So, it’s your 15th wedding anniversary and you need to find some good 15th anniversary gift ideas for her and for him! Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. If you’re looking for some awesome 15th wedding anniversary gifts, then considering getting your spouse the modern 15th anniversary gift: a watch or a timepiece. A watch or timepiece makes for a great gift for either a man or a woman and can (thankfully!) be as expensive or as inexpensive as you want! No need to go all out — save the bulk of your money this year for your 15th year anniversary celebration! But, a watch or timepiece is a great gift to remind your partner of all the time you’ve spent together and all the time still to spend.

      That’s right!

      The modern 15th anniversary gift of a watch or timepiece symbolizes all the time you’ve already spent together, all the years you’ve had and all the time still left to experience together! Of course, 15 years is a long time to be with someone and, at this point, your commitment to one another is solid, but you still have so many more years ahead of you to learn more about each other! This anniversary, if you’re not sure of good 15th anniversary gift ideas for him, go for a well-made, high quality watch as a symbol of joy for the all the time you’ve been lucky enough to spend together.

      Traditional: Crystal

      Thankfully, the traditional 15th anniversary gift is not as old-fashioned as some of the other anniversary year traditional gifts. You might be wondering, what is the 15th anniversary gift and what does it symbolize? If so, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! The traditional 15th anniversary gift of crystal represents the sparkling, gorgeous love between you and your partner. It’s clear by now that the two of you work well together because you make a relationship look so shiny and easy! The traditional 15th anniversary gift of crystal is a simple reminder of the dazzling years you’ve had together and will continue to have together.

      If you’re looking for traditional 15th wedding anniversary gift ideas, consider getting him or her a crystal paperweight, a crystal ball, crystal stemware, a crystal vase filled with flowers, crystal jewelry or other crystal home decor. All of these crystal gift ideas are solid, but can be delicate, just like your marriage. Care for them, and they will shine.

      15th Wedding Anniversary Color

      15th anniversary color

      Ruby Red

      You might be thinking, why ruby red for the 15th wedding anniversary color? If that’s the case, then we can help clarify! Ruby red is the 15th anniversary color because it relates to both the 15th anniversary gemstone (ruby), and the 15th anniversary flower (red rose). If you’re not sure of 15th anniversary gifts for him, think red! Plan a red-themed party and tell everyone to come wearing red. Get her a red dress or him a red tie and have a date night. However you celebrate your 15th wedding anniversary, make sure red is involved in some way!


      15th Anniversary Gemstone

      15th anniversary gemstone


      The word, “ruby,” comes from the Latin word, “ruber,” which means “red.” The ruby gemstone is loved by those in power and those in love. It inspires and excites, and some ancient cultures even believed that rubies grew on trees, like fruit.

      Rubies are the 2nd hardest gemstone next to a diamond and they can range in color from orange-red to a purple-red. In the past, rubies were believed to have enabled people to predict the future and to help people stop bleeding. Rubies are often thought of as excellent alternatives to diamonds for engagement rings and other kinds of jewelry.

      For your 15th wedding anniversary, a ruby is a wonderful gift idea. When you give your spouse the 15th anniversary gemstone, a ruby, you are giving a gift that represents the fire that is still burning in your marriage. The ruby gemstone, as the 15th anniversary gemstone, represents the fire, passion and love that brought you two together and that you still have.


      The garnet gemstone is a gorgeous alternative to the ruby gemstone for the 15th wedding anniversary. The garnet gemstone is a red, semi-precious stone that has a long history as a treasured jewel. Historically, the garnet gemstone is believed to have been a “giver of light” and a protector. To this day, garnet is a treasured gemstone and is often found in watches and in jewelry items. If you’re struggling to figure out 15th anniversary ideas, consider getting a beautiful garnet watch or jewelry item for him or for her!


      Compared to rubies, the alexandrite gemstone is a relatively new gemstone that was only discovered about 150 years ago. Though it is still a young gemstone, many spiritual, magical and mystical properties have been ascribed to it. Since its discovery, the alexandrite gemstone is believed to bring good luck, good fortune and love to all who interact with it. Additionally, it is believed to bring balance, healing, strength, intuition, creativity and imagination. As a 15th anniversary gemstone, the alexandrite makes for a great option to represent the balance and love in your marriage.

      15th Anniversary Flower

      15th anniversary flower


      In the language of flowers, the red rose represents passion, love and perfection. In general, red roses are the traditional flower given to symbolize passionate love. They represent deep love and passion and can be given as a single flower or in a bouquet. What better way to celebrate your 15th anniversary than with a red rose? When you give this 15th anniversary flower, you are letting your partner know that what matters most is your deep love for one another.


      15th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

      15th wedding anniversary gift ideas

      Need some ideas for 15th wedding anniversary gifts? The 15th wedding anniversary is definitely one to celebrate! You’ve spent quite some time together now; 15 years together is definitely a call for celebration. Thankfully, the 15th wedding anniversary gifts are good ones, so you know that your spouse will be happy. If you’re looking for some 15th wedding anniversary ideas to celebrate 15 years together, we’ve got some great ideas for you. Whether you’re looking for traditional 15th anniversary gift ideas, 15th anniversary gifts for him or 15th anniversary gift ideas for her, there are a lot of ways you can celebrate with your spouse.

      Check out these awesome 15th wedding anniversary gift ideas!

      Traditional 15th Anniversary Gift Ideas (Crystal)

      Modern 15th Anniversary Gift Ideas (Timepieces)

      Personalized crystal champagne glasses

      Wall clock

      Crystal beer glasses

      Gold watch

      Crystal wine chiller

      Sport/waterproof watch

      Crystal candleholders

      Alarm clock

      Crystal jewelry

      Pocket watch

      Crystal ring holder

      Fashion watch

      Crystal chandelier

      Apple watch

      Crystal clutch bag

      Chronograph watch

      Swarovski ring, earrings or necklace

      Dali melting clock

      Rose Quartz water bottle

      Picture frame table clock

      Crystal cufflinks

      Oversized wall clock

      Crystal whiskey decanter

      Crystal mantel clock

      15th Wedding Anniversary Celebration Ideas

      how to celebrate 15th anniversary

      Not sure what to do for your 15th wedding anniversary? Thankfully, we’ve got a lot of great celebration ideas for you to celebrate these last 15 years together. What matters most, of course, is that the two of you really just enjoy each other’s company and reflect on what it means to be married together. Are you enjoying your time? Do you like where you are together as a couple? Do you like where you’re currently living or working? Spend some time with your spouse, sit down and talk together about where you’d like to be, or perhaps where you’d like to move to next!

      If you and your spouse didn’t like any of the 15th wedding anniversary gifts, 15th anniversary gifts for him or 15th anniversary gift ideas for her, then don’t worry! Instead, this wedding anniversary, consider just spending some time together, go on a vacation or do something you wouldn’t normally do! If you’re strapped for money and want to do something more casual, don’t worry, we’ve got some ideas for anniversary celebration ideas on a budget, too! Keep reading to check out 15th anniversary ideas and celebration ideas! Happy 15th anniversary!!

      • Go to Crystal Mountain, Washington!
      • Go to Crystal River, Florida!
      • Go on a Crystal Cruise.
      • Go to Sedona, Arizona and stock up on some gorgeous crystals.
      • Take a trip to NYC for New Year’s Eve to celebrate the passing of time together!
      • Toast each other with red wine!
      • Fill a crystal box with a love poem, note or a picture of the two of you 15 years ago!
      • Plan out a road trip on a paper roadmap, drawing the path you’d take in Ruby Red.
      • Take a trip to somewhere known for watches or crystals, such as Switzerland or Italy.
      • Plan a scavenger hunt for your spouse in your backyard where the last clue leads to a watch or crystal gift.
      • Go out on a coffee or breakfast date instead of dinner.
      • Go to a local art gallery and just spend the day together.
      • Write a love letter to your spouse and give it to them with breakfast in bed.
      • Spoil your spouse for just one day.

      Happy 15th Anniversary!

       happy 15th anniversary