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      Anniversary Gifts for Him


      Chances are if you’re reading this, you’re approaching the anniversary of your wedding—a wonderful opportunity that comes around once a year to celebrate the love between you and your significant other.

      As you’re preparing to commemorate this special day, naturally you must be wondering, “What are good anniversary gifts for him or her?”

      As you probably know, finding the perfect gift is no easy feat. 

      You must consider your priorities when gift shopping, whether practicality, sentimentality, or following the traditional anniversary themes. Plus there are your partner’s specific interests and tastes to take into account. You also want to choose a gift that they’ll appreciate and remember, one that truly represents your love for them well.

      How do you translate all of these thoughts into a simple gift? Well, luckily, Forever Anniversary is here to help, so look no further! 

      When it comes to anniversary gifts, the saying may be cliche, but it’s true—it’s really the thought that counts. So don’t stress out too much. You know your spouse best, after all!

      We’ve put together a diverse list of our favorite anniversary gifts. Specifically, this article will focus on recommending anniversary gifts for him. (However, if you’re looking for anniversary gifts for her, check here.)

      So sit back, and browse our list of top ten anniversary gifts for him. Even if you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for yet, you’re bound to find a gift that catches your eye. Or maybe one will spark your creativity to give you a better idea of what you’re searching for!

      1. Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

      If your husband appreciates music, then he’ll love this new speaker, so he can listen to all his favorite songs in high-quality sound. Plus, it operates with an easy connection through Bluetooth. Also, if you’re following the modern anniversary themes, this speaker fits the criteria for the fourth-anniversary theme of appliances.

      1. Tin Cufflinks

      A timeless and classy gift, you can’t go wrong with cufflinks! Maybe your spouse enjoys dressing up or maybe you’re planning to go out for a nice dinner together. Either way, he’ll love this opportunity to elevate his wardrobe for the occasion. If you’re celebrating your tenth anniversary, even better. Because tin represents this milestone year, these cufflinks include a small engraving in the corner to signify the tenth year.

      1. Personalized Cigar Holder Whiskey Glass With Personalized Coaster and Wood Box 

      Practical gifts are always a win, and this gift set—which includes a whiskey glass, coaster, and wood box—is no exception. Plus, the whiskey glass doubles as a cigar holder! Not to mention the personalization adds a touch of uniqueness and thoughtfulness, which emphasizes that you chose this gift just for him.

      1. Grilling Set

      Another functional gift would be this high-quality, stainless steel grilling set—perfect for the summer or if your husband enjoys grilling! This set includes: 

      • one grill fork

      • one three-in-one barbecue spatula

      • one pair of BBQ tongs

      • one basting brush

      • four skewers

      • eight corn holders

      • one grill-cleaning brush

      • one replaceable head of grill brush

      • one aluminum storage case

      1. Personalized Leather Wallet

      Customizable gifts make for special keepsakes that your partner won’t forget anytime soon. This leather wallet is personally monogrammed with your husband’s first initial and also includes a classy wooden box with his name on it! A few extra features include a snap pocket coin pouch, seven credit card slots, a cash pocket (two with a central divider), and four inner pockets.

      1. Glass Whiskey Decanter

      Looking for a gift more on the fancy side? This glass whiskey decanter might be just the tasteful present you’ve been searching for. Plus, once you order the decanter, you can customize it with your husband’s name, as well as the wooden case that’s included.

      1. Custom Gold Sheet Music Canvas

      If you’re feeling nostalgic this anniversary, consider this gorgeous sheet music canvas printed in a beautiful golden color! You can customize the canvas by size, as well as the printed sheet music—whether it be the first dance song from your wedding or maybe another song of special significance in your relationship. Whatever song you choose, this canvas will serve as a bright reminder of your love as you display it in your home.

      1. Damascus Steel Chef Knife Set

      Maybe your husband enjoys cooking and could use a new set of knives for his kitchen endeavors? If that’s the case, look no further than this high-quality, steel knife set. Including six knives of various sizes, these new tools will elevate your husband’s cooking game, and on top of their functionality, he’ll also appreciate the beauty of their ruby handles.


      1. Engraved Pocket Watch

      You won’t find a more thoughtful anniversary gift than this one! Both useful and unique, this sleek, metal pocket watch comes engraved with your husband’s initials. All around, a stunning representation of the wonderful time you’ve spent together so far and the love and memories still awaiting you in the future.

      1. Personalized Pocket Knife

      If you’re searching for a smaller, budget-friendly gift, this personalized pocket knife might be for you. You can also pair it with a few smaller gifts, such as snacks or little trinkets your partner might enjoy. Engraved with your husband’s initials, this black pocket knife is five inches in length with a three-and-a-half-inch blade.


      Whether you’re celebrating one year or fifty—anniversary gifts provide the opportunity for you and your loved one to reminisce on all the years you’ve spent together with special appreciation. At the same time, they help you look eagerly towards the future and all the wonderful memories yet to be made.

      Above all, we hope this list assists you in finding the right gift, one that your partner will appreciate and enjoy. This anniversary is sure to be one to remember as you celebrate the one-of-a-kind love the two of you share! Also, don’t forget to include a personalized note with your gift, the perfect cherry on top.

      And if you’re still keeping an eye out for gift ideas, continue browsing the Forever Anniversary website. Our gifts are organized by year, modern and traditional themes, or for him or her. 

      Good luck with your gift-buying journey, and happy anniversary!