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      20th Anniversary Gift:

      The Complete Guide To Your 20th Anniversary!

      Congratulations!!! The 20th wedding anniversary is a HUGE milestone! Not only is the 20th anniversary one of the first anniversary years that calls for a massive celebration, but, by this year, you and your partner are pretty darn settled together. At this point, if you and your spouse had children, they are most likely off to college (or will be pretty soon) and you and your partner can settle into some alone time together. Most likely, the next 10 years will bring some much needed vacation time and alone time with your spouse. What could be better?

      The 20th wedding anniversary is a testament to your bond, love and devotion to one another. If you’ve survived this long, chances are you have a sense of humor about marriage and the two of you have a good give-and-take. Let loose a little this year! Give yourselves some freedom to not be so strict with money and just enjoy each other’s company. After all, what matters most is being with each other, loving each other and encouraging each other’s passions.

      You might be wondering, what is the 20th anniversary gift and symbol?

      To celebrate your 20th anniversary, it is definitely important to know what the 20th anniversary gift and symbols are, but not required! The traditional 20th anniversary gift and symbol is china, while the modern 20th anniversary gift and symbol is platinum. Keep in mind that when you’re celebrating 20 years together, you don’t have to stick to any rigid structure, but if the following 20th anniversary gift and symbols speak to you and your partner, by all means use them! Keep reading to discover the different 20th wedding anniversary gift ideas for him and for her!

      In this Complete Guide to your 20th Wedding Anniversary, you will discover:

      • Modern vs traditional anniversary symbols
      • 20th anniversary color
      • 20th anniversary gemstone
      • 20th wedding anniversary flowers
      • 20th wedding anniversary gift ideas
      • 20th anniversary celebration ideas

      Modern vs Traditional 20th Anniversary Gift

      modern vs traditional 20th anniversary gift

      Modern: Platinum

      Looking for modern 20th anniversary gift ideas? You may be wondering what to give your husband for your 20th wedding anniversary and, if so, don’t worry, we’ve got some ideas for you! Though the modern 20th anniversary gift seems like it applies more to your wife (platinum jewelry), there are a lot of great platinum gift ideas for him as well!

      But first, what does the modern 20th anniversary gift mean?

      Platinum is strong and long-lasting, just like your 20-year-old marriage! Platinum will endure through a lot, just like the unique bond you have with your partner. That is why platinum is so important for your 20th wedding anniversary, because it represents the strength you both exert as individuals, and that you express as a couple. You two have made it through so much and your bond is stronger than ever! If you’re not sure of a good 20th wedding anniversary gift, get him or her a platinum gift to thank your partner for being strong when you needed them.

      Want some 20th anniversary gifts for her? Platinum jewelry is the obvious choice! If you’re looking for 20th anniversary gifts for husband, platinum jewelry could work for him too! Think cufflinks, money clips, tie clips or watches! No matter what you decide on, what matters most is what platinum represents: you two are definitely stronger when you’re together.

      Traditional: China

      Want to know what the traditional 20th anniversary gift is? It’s china! China is symbolic of the beautiful development of your relationship over the past 20 years. China is gorgeous and elegant, just like your marriage is. You might be wondering what are some good 20th anniversary gifts for wife. If that’s the case, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Traditional 20th anniversary gifts for wife don’t have to be limited to dinner sets: consider china picture frames, china figurines or a china vase!

      Also, you can think outside the box with this one if that suits you and your spouse. For instance, consider gifts that have to do with China, the country! No matter what, just remember that the traditional 20th anniversary gift of china has to do with the beauty and elegance of your marriage and relationship.

      20th Wedding Anniversary Color

      20th wedding anniversary color

      Emerald Green

      The 20th anniversary color is primarily emerald green. Why is this? The 20th anniversary color of emerald green is significant because it represents the 20th anniversary gemstone. What is the 20th anniversary gemstone? The 20th anniversary gemstone is an emerald! (Read below for more details regarding the 20th anniversary gemstone.)

      So, what can you do with the emerald green color for your 20th wedding anniversary? Think of planning a big celebration with emerald green as the theme! For 20th anniversary gifts for wife, think about getting her emerald jewelry, clothing in emerald green or perhaps just a simple emerald green balloon.


      The secondary 20th anniversary color is white. Why is this? White is used as an accent color for the primary 20th anniversary color, emerald. So, when you’re planning your 20th wedding anniversary celebration, consider a theme of emerald and white!

      What is the 20th Anniversary Gemstone?

      20th anniversary gemstone


      If you’re wondering, what is the 20th anniversary gemstone, it’s an emerald! The emerald gemstone is known for its brilliant green shine, which comes from a large concentration of chromium. Ancient Egyptians used to bury their mummies with emerald gemstones. Additionally, some of the best emeralds in the world come from South America, particularly in Columbia and Brazil.

      Emeralds are known for being tough gemstones, though they also have the potential to crack on the surface. Just like your marriage, emeralds are tough and will withstand the test of time, though they need to be cared for properly to prevent any cracking or damage. Furthermore, as a gemstone, emeralds represent unconditional love. Thus, an emerald jewelry item makes for the perfect gift for your loved one.

      If you’re looking for great 20th anniversary gifts for wife, consider getting her a platinum ring with an emerald gemstone. She will absolutely love it!

      Yellow or Golden Diamond

      The secondary gemstone of the 20th wedding anniversary is a yellow or golden diamond. Also referred to as “canary diamonds,” yellow diamonds are a symbol of love and devotion. As a color, yellow represents knowledge, intellect and wisdom and is, in general, a fun and uplifting color. Yellow evokes a sense of optimism and cheerfulness, which you and your spouse undoubtedly have after having been married for 20 years. The yellow diamond represents the continuation of living a happy life and of being in love — what could make for a better 20th anniversary gift than that?

      20th Anniversary Flower

      20th anniversary flower


      The 20th anniversary flower is the daylily, which is considered rugged and strong, just like your marriage! The daylily also represents coquetry, or flirtatious behavior, just like how the two of you were when you first started dating. This anniversary, get her a bouquet of daylilies to represent the love and flirtation of your younger years to help stoke the fire a little bit. The day lily also symbolizes motherhood and devotion; this 20th anniversary, remind her that she is an incredible woman and mother, that you are devoted to her, and that you can’t imagine anyone else being the mother of your children. A daylily bouquet makes for a thoughtful and gorgeous gift item that any spouse would love to receive on your 20th wedding anniversary.

      20th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

      20th wedding anniversary gift ideas

      Looking for 20th wedding anniversary gift ideas? Thankfully, we’ve got a lot of great 20th anniversary gift ideas to help you celebrate 20 years of marriage together! Twenty years of marriage is definitely a long time to be together and is absolutely a cause for celebration. This 20th wedding anniversary, don’t think that you have to be limited to china dinner plate sets when it comes to the traditional gift ideas for the 20th anniversary gift. China-inspired gifts, like a quote from Lao Tzu or a Money Tree, work just as well with the traditional 20th anniversary gift ideas.

      Need 20th anniversary gifts for husband or a 20th anniversary traditional gift?

      Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

      Branch out this wedding anniversary and go for traditional 20th anniversary gift ideas that are outside the box. Similarly, go for modern 20th anniversary gift ideas that are unique and thought-provoking. Of course, if the 20th wedding anniversary gift ideas don’t speak to you and your spouse, don’t worry! Perhaps a big celebration (read below!) is the way to go. Keep reading to check out all the best 20th anniversary gifts for husband, 20th anniversary gift ideas and 20th anniversary gifts for her.

      Traditional 20th Anniversary Gift Ideas (China)

      Modern 20th Anniversary Gift Ideas (Platinum)

      China picture frame

      Platinum jewelry

      China dinner plate set

      Emerald jewelry

      China pendant necklace

      Fresh bouquet of daylilies

      Lao Tzu floating quote

      Platinum ring

      China mugs

      Platinum record print

      Broken china state mosaic

      Real rose dipped in platinum

      Dinnerware storage set

      Platinum pocket watch

      China figurine or sculpture

      Platinum credit card

      Porcelain lily ring holder

      Art Deco platinum ring

      Money Tree

      Anniversary Book


      Platinum-accented tea pot

      Personalized couple wedding plate

      Platinum Égoïste Eau de Toilette Spray

      20th Anniversary Celebration Ideas

      how to celebrate 20th anniversary

      Not sure how to celebrate your 20th wedding anniversary? Don’t worry, we’ve got some great ideas for you to make sure your 20th anniversary celebration is just spectacular. Whether you and your spouse have the funds to do something wild (like go to China!), or you just want to keep it casual this year, there are a lot of great ideas for every kind of marriage out there. The most important thing this year is just to spend some time together outside of whatever hectic schedule the two of you have.

      If neither of you are too keen on any of the 20th anniversary gifts for wife or 20th anniversary gifts for husband, then don’t worry about gifts this year! Do something together, either just the two of you or with friends and family. After all, the best 20th wedding anniversary gift ideas are ones that really celebrate your unique bond and encourage the two of you to just enjoy each other’s company. Check out the following 20th anniversary celebration ideas to make this year’s anniversary extra special!

      • Go to China!
      • Relax and listen to a platinum album together.
      • Visit the nearest Chinatown to you. Take a weekend trip to tour Chinatown and relax with your spouse.
      • Plan an anniversary party with a Chinese theme and use Chinese lanterns as decorations.
      • Have an outdoor picnic with just your spouse or with your whole family. Use real china plates and cups to make it a little fancier.
      • Do something especially romantic at home. Read poetry to each other or cook your favorite meal together.
      • Have a day of sacrifice. This can mean two things: plan a day when you each do something kind for the other, or decide on a charity to donate to together.
      • Learn something new together! Take a French class and then, eventually, go to France together!
      • If you’re going on a vacation either for your 20th anniversary or just for fun sometime in the future, make it more spontaneous! Do something on the vacation you wouldn’t normally do, like scuba diving or whitewater rafting.
      • Plan a huge 20th anniversary party and invite all of your friends and family.
      • Above all, enjoy each other’s company. Take 20 minutes out of the day (minimum!) to just sit, talk and be with each other.  

      Happy 20th Anniversary!

      happy 20th anniversary