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      55th Anniversary Gift:

      The Complete Guide To Your 55th Anniversary!

      It’s your 55th wedding anniversary and you’re looking to make this one extra special. After so many years together, you and your spouse have spent more time together than apart! You know each other well, you’ve travelled together, you’ve raised kids together, maybe you’ve even started a business together! Your spouse is your partner through it all and you’re sometimes at a loss for words when it comes to trying to describe how important he/she is to you. Thankfully, there are a lot of great 55th anniversary gift ideas out there to help you and your spouse celebrate!

      So, what is 55th wedding anniversary called?

      The 55th wedding anniversary is called the Emerald Anniversary because both the traditional 55th anniversary gift and the modern 55th anniversary gift is the emerald. While a lot of anniversary celebrations differentiate between the modern and traditional symbol, or gift, the 55th wedding anniversary does not. This is because the emerald has such significance for a couple who have been together for 55 years. For all the best 55th anniversary gift ideas, keep reading!

      In this Complete Guide to your 55th Wedding Anniversary, you will discover:

      • Modern & traditional anniversary symbols
      • 55th anniversary color
      • 55th anniversary gemstone
      • 55th wedding anniversary flowers
      • 55th wedding anniversary gift ideas
      • 55th anniversary celebration ideas



      Modern & Traditional 55th Anniversary Gift

      emerald 55th anniversary gift

      Modern & Traditional: Emerald

      Both the modern and the traditional 55th anniversary gifts are emerald. Though a lot of the younger anniversary celebrations (e.g. 1 - 20) tend to different between the modern and the traditional symbols and gifts, the later years tend to focus just on the traditional gift idea. Keeping things simple is a good idea in the later years: this helps to cut down on any and all confusion or uncertainty regarding gift-giving. Furthermore, after this many years together, you probably know what your spouse likes and doesn’t like, so you’ll know right off the bat if they’re all for sticking to the anniversary theme this year or not.

      The great thing about the traditional 55th anniversary gift of emerald is what this beautiful green gemstone represents: the emerald is known to represent eternity and commitment, just like your love and marriage to your partner! Keep in mind that emerald gifts don’t have to be just the gemstone: there are a lot of ways you can celebrate what the emerald theme represents without the gemstone, per se. Keep reading to check out more ways you can celebrate the Emerald Anniversary!



      55th Anniversary Color

      emerald green

      Emerald Green

      A great way to celebrate the meaning behind the emerald anniversary without the gemstone is with the emerald color! If you’re looking for 55th anniversary gift ideas or celebration ideas, consider throwing an emerald-colored party with emerald paper plates, cups, cutlery, balloons, tablecloths and even food! Deck out a happy 55th anniversary cake in emerald frosting or have a baker create emerald gemstone cupcakes!

      So, what does the 55th anniversary color, emerald green, represent?

      Well, like the emerald gemstone, the emerald color represents loyalty and commitment in love. By its nature, green is by far the most calming and relaxing color, encouraging growth, reflection, balance and peace. After 55 years together, you certainly have grown together, spent time reflecting on your love together, balanced each other out and found a sense of peace in your relationship. What’s more — the emerald green color is tempered by a blue, which symbolizes an unwavering bond.  


      55th Anniversary Gemstone

      55th anniversary gemstone


      The 55th anniversary gemstone is the emerald, but many don’t know that alexandrite is also a common 55th wedding anniversary gemstone. Alexandrite is a more modern gemstone, as well as a fairly rare one. As it was discovered in the 19th century, alexandrite doesn’t share the folklore stories of other gemstones. However, alexandrite does share a common history with emeralds.

      Miners were working in the emerald mines near the Tokovaya River in Russia’s Ural Mountains in 1830 when they discovered a gemstone that initially looked like emeralds. Later on, they discovered that these gemstones altered their color and shone a bright shade of red! Once they saw that the gemstones reverted back to its green shade, they realized they had discovered a new and unique gemstone. Prized for its unique coloration, alexandrites are believed to bring balance in interactions, good fortune in love, strength and romance. If you’re looking to amp up your emerald anniversary celebration, opt for alexandrite jewelry as a great alternative 55th anniversary gift.


      As has already been mentioned, the emerald gemstone promotes balance between partners and commitment in love. The emerald gemstone is particularly known to provide domestic bliss, contentment and loyalty. In the ancient world, the emerald gemstone was dedicated to the goddess Venus for its ability to ensure security and stability in love. Representative of eternity, the emerald gemstone makes for a great 55th wedding anniversary gift since it serves as a symbol of your eternal love for your spouse.



      55th Anniversary Flower

      calla lily

      Calla Lily

      The calla lily is a popular choice for weddings and other romantic events, and for good reason! Calla lilies' ivory white petals, green leaves and elegant bloom make this flower a highly sought-after prize. Native to Southern Africa, the calla lily has incredible strength: it can survive frost! The name “calla lily” comes from the Greek word for “beautiful,” and you can see why. Typically, the calla lily symbolizes marital bliss and true devotion, making it a perfect 55th anniversary symbol! At a loss for 55th wedding anniversary gifts for parents? A fresh bouquet of calla lilies is just the thing to get.

      (Substitute 55th anniversary flower: green rose to match the 55th anniversary color!)



      55th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

      55th wedding anniversary gift ideas

      Looking for 55th wedding anniversary gift ideas? There are a lot of 55th anniversary gift ideas out there to help you and your friends and family celebrate the 55th anniversary! For instance, whether you’re looking for 55th wedding anniversary gift ideas for your parents, friends, a family member or for your spouse, you are sure to find something that they’ll like!

      It can be a little tricky picking out the perfect 55th wedding anniversary gifts for parents or for your spouse because it might feel like you’ve already bought them absolutely everything there is to buy! That is why it is so great that there is a specific 55th wedding anniversary symbol to help make sure you’re celebrating the anniversary in the best way possible.

      No need to go above and beyond if the happy couple doesn’t want extravagant gifts; instead, consider getting the 55th wedding anniversary flowers, 55th anniversary color or the 55th wedding anniversary gemstone! If you’re at a loss for what to get your spouse, parents or friends for their 55th wedding anniversary, check out these 55th anniversary gift ideas below!

      Traditional 55th Anniversary Gift Ideas (For Her)

      Modern 55th Anniversary Gift Ideas (For Him)

      Emerald Y necklace

      Emerald cufflinks

      Emerald earrings

      Emerald tie clip

      Emerald ring

      Emerald stud earrings

      Emerald candle

      Emerald watch

      Emerald stemless wine glasses

      Emerald tie

      Emerald luxury throw blanket

      Emerald sundial

      Emerald scarf

      55th anniversary keepsake

      Emerald pottery

      55th anniversary plate

      “Emerald Green” arborvitae plant

      Personalized pocket watch

      Personalized emerald cushion

      I love you figurine

      Engraved 55th anniversary photo frame

      Mr and Mrs pillowcases

      Personalized compact mirror

      Photo candle



      55th Wedding Anniversary Celebration Ideas

      55th wedding anniversary celebration ideas

      It’s your 55th wedding anniversary and you want to do something truly spectacular. Gifts are great, but you’ve had 55 years of gifts; it’s time to do something a little out of the ordinary! If you and your spouse have been relatively frugal throughout the course of your lives, it is definitely time to splurge a little and do something for yourselves. Whether you just want to take a family trip to Italy or you want to get creative with emeralds, we’ve got a lot of great 55th wedding anniversary celebration ideas for you to make your wedding anniversary the best one yet!

      • A cruise on the Emerald Princess.
      • Throw an emerald-themed party!
      • Take a trip to the Emerald City and watch the Wizard of Oz with your spouse.
      • For the adventurous couple, take a trip to Emerald Isle, AKA Ireland.
      • Visit Emerald Bay in the Cayman Islands.
      • For a truly romantic getaway, visit the Emerald Lake in Canada.
      • Also in Canada, visit Emerald, Prince Edward Island; Emerald, Ontario; Emerald No. 277, Saskatchewan; or Emerald Park, Saskatchewan.
      • In the United States, visit Emerald Lake Hills, California; Emerald Triangle, California; Emerald Coast, Florida; Emerald Township, Minnesota; Emerald Beach, Missouri; Emerald, Nebraska; Emerald Isle, North Carolina; Emerald, Pennsylvania; Emerald, Texas; Emerald, Washington; Emerald, Wisconsin; Emerald, Wisconsin; or Emerald Grove, Wisconsin.
      • Take a trip to Sydney, Australia, AKA “The Emerald City.”
      • Go to Emerald, Queensland in Australia.
      • Visit Emerald, Victoria, a suburb in Melbourne.
      • Visit Emerald, New South Wales, a small township near Coffs Harbour.

      Happy 55th Anniversary!

      happy 55th anniversary