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      Anniversary Symbols to Celebrate 3 years

      3rd anniversary gift

      Three years -- whew! By now, you and your partner have had a few ups and downs, but your comfort level, loyalty and devotion to one another has only increased. At the end of a long day, when you see your partner after work, you feel at home. Though the 1st wedding anniversary often symbolizes a year of adjustment, the 3rd anniversary is said to signal the end of the “honeymoon” phase of your marriage. In fact, by the time you pass your 3rd wedding anniversary day, you will have been with your spouse for over 1,000 days! Your relationship is tough and elegant, just like the anniversary symbols associated with your 3rd year of marriage. In this 3rd anniversary gift guide, you’ll find all you need to know to make your 3rd wedding anniversary with your spouse one to remember.

      In this Complete Guide to your 3rd Wedding Anniversary, you will discover:

      • Modern vs traditional anniversary symbols
      • 3rd anniversary color
      • 3rd anniversary gemstone
      • 3rd wedding anniversary flower
      • 3rd wedding anniversary gift ideas
      • 3rd anniversary celebration ideas

      Modern vs Traditional

      modern vs traditional

      Modern: Crystal or Glass

      Crystal or glass is the modern anniversary symbol and represents the gentle elegance in which a couple can touch the lives of others. Crystal glass is dazzling and beautiful when light reflects off of its multifaceted surface, serving as a reminder for how a couple can dazzle and inspire others through their dynamic teamwork. Since crystal and glass are also fragile and have the potential for breaking, this aspect represents how a marriage in its 3rd year can also be fragile at times and in need to handling with care in order to prolong its beauty.

      Traditional: Leather

      Leather is the traditional anniversary symbol and gift for the 3rd year of marriage. In the 3rd year of marriage, the couple often becomes aware of the durability of their relationship: thus, leather as a traditional 3rd anniversary gift, symbolizes warmth, strength, flexibility, durability and resiliency. Like leather, your relationship is tough and will stay strong and beautiful when looked after and cared for. Leather has protective qualities: as both people care for the other, the relationship becomes a source of stability for the two people, just like when leather clothing products are cared for, they act as a source of protection for the wearer. If you’re looking for a 3rd anniversary gift for him, leather gifts are the way to go! (Traditional leather gift ideas below!)

      3rd anniversary colors

      3rd Anniversary Color

      Jade Green

      Jade green represents growth and balance. The jade green color also symbolizes serenity, tranquility and purity, which are states that are highly sought after in any relationship. In your 3rd year of marriage, it is important to have balance and equality among tasks in order to make sure your relationship continues to grow. In order to achieve your individual goals, the relationship as a whole must be healthy and serene, functioning properly and growing steadily.


      Traditionally, the color white symbolizes purity and innocence, but can also represent wholeness or completeness when understood in relation to your 3rd wedding anniversary. The significance of white as your 3rd year wedding anniversary color is that, as a couple, you two are whole and complete when together. White is the color of perfection: the two of you are undeniably perfect as a unit.

      3rd anniversary gemstones

      3rd Anniversary Gemstone


      The pearl is one of the oldest known gemstones and symbolizes beauty, purity, faith, honesty and innocence. Pearls symbolize wisdom and are believed to offer good luck and wealth while they are worn as protection. The pearl is said to represent generosity, integrity and loyalty of its wearer. Known for its calming abilities, the pearl is believed to balance one’s karma, strengthen relationships and keep children safe. If you’re looking for a 3rd wedding anniversary gift for her, you absolutely can’t go wrong with a pearl necklace.


      Jade gemstones are believed to help individuals see past self-imposed limitations and grant the wearer wisdom. Jade is valued for its metaphysical properties and it is said that it blesses whoever it touches. It is also believed that jade is a protective gemstone that can guard against accidents, misfortunes or negative thoughts. As the gemstone that is known to protect and support loving energy, the jade gemstone symbolizes gentleness, purity and nourishment. As one of the primary gemstones of the 3rd wedding anniversary, the jade gemstone encourages letting go of negativity in your relationship and promoting the positive, loving feelings in your marriage.


      In general, crystals of all kinds are associated with the 3rd wedding anniversary. Though each crystal or gemstone has a specific meaning and specific crystals are often associated with specific wedding anniversary years, crystals in general make for wonderful 3rd anniversary gifts for her.


      The moonstone is a gemstone of inward reflection and finding hidden truths. The moonstone gemstone enhances intuition, wisdom and patience. As a gemstone associated with the 3rd wedding anniversary, the moonstone encourages personal reflection and relying on intuition when solving marital problems.

      3rd wedding anniversary flower

      3rd Wedding Anniversary Flower


      Fuchsia flowers symbolize confiding and humble love, and is the main flower for the 3rd wedding anniversary. Fuchsia also represent good taste, amiability and the trust a giver feels with the recipient. These flowers dislike hot and dry areas and need a lot of water and light: like your relationship with your spouse, fuchsia flowers thrive when cared for properly. If you’re looking for a great 3rd wedding anniversary gift, a bouquet of fuchsia flowers will make the perfect gift.


      Nothing can lift someone’s spirits quite like a sunflower can. Sunflowers are bright, cheery and inviting! Their brilliant yellow petals (known as “rays”) have an unmistakable sun-like appearance that has made them a favorite for so many. When it comes to your 3rd wedding anniversary, sunflowers represent trust and passion, as well as the strength and warmth that is shown in loyalty and fidelity. Sunflowers also symbolize feelings of adoration and admiration, loyalty and a strong bond between two people, positivity and strength, self-nourishment and last happiness.

      Lily of the Valley

      Lily of the valley flowers represent sweetness, humility, purity and the return of happiness. Lily of the valley flowers also symbolize trustworthiness and purity of heart. When you give a lily of the valley flower for your 3rd wedding anniversary, you are saying to your partner that they complete you.

      Substitute: White Rose

      The white rose is a substitute or alternative flower for the 3rd year anniversary. When you give a white rose, you are saying, “I will always love you.” Though the white rose is considered a substitute for the 3rd wedding anniversary, you really can’t get better when you give a 3rd year anniversary gift: white roses symbolize true love, purity and innocence. The white rose is the traditional wedding flower and represents the pureness of a new and everlasting love.

      traditional gift ideas

      3rd Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

      By your 3rd wedding anniversary, you most likely know what your partner likes and doesn’t like. Sometimes, it can be a challenge to find something your spouse will like while remaining in the theme for your wedding year -- but don’t worry, we have some ideas for you! Keeping in line with traditional gift ideas for your wedding anniversary is always fun because you know that so many people before you have given similar gifts! The traditional 3rd anniversary gift is leather and some great traditional 3rd anniversary gifts for him include a leather briefcase, leather belt, a leather wallet or leather shoes. You really can’t go wrong with leather products: their durability makes them last a long time so that you know you’re getting your money’s worth. Keep in mind that you can also get faux leather of any of the leather products mentioned!

      While traditional gifts connect you and your spouse to the past, they might not speak to you the way a modern gift does. With glass and crystal options, modern 3rd anniversary gift ideas include glassware, a crystal paperweight engraved with your wedding date or a loving message, or crystal flutes to toast each other in this new year of marriage. Some great 3rd anniversary gift ideas for her include pearl, crystal, jade or moonstone jewelry and a fresh bouquet of any of the 3rd anniversary flowers (fuchsia, sunflower, lily of the valley and white rose).

      Traditional Gift Ideas (Leather)

      Modern Gift Ideas (Glass/Crystal)

      Leather clothing items (e.g. belt, gloves, cap, jacket, shoes)
      Crystal or glass homeware (e.g. vase, bell, wine glasses, beer glasses, bowl/dish, candle holder, jug/pitcher)
      Leather luggage tags
      Crystal paperweight
      Leather photo album
      Crystal figurines
      Leather passport holder
      Pearl jewelry
      Leather wallet, handbag, bookbag, or purse
      Crystal, jade or moonstone jewelry
      Leather laptop computer case or briefcase
      Floral-themed gifts with fuschia, sunflower, lily of the valley, or white rose flowers (e.g. art print, scented products such as candle, perfume, or a plant)
      Leather diary
      Fresh bouquet of 3rd anniversary flowers
      Journal with leather binding
      Crystal watch
      Bracelet of braided leather
      Jade paper for scrapbook
      Leather luggage
      Swarovski crystal necklace
      Autographed football/basketball
      Stained glass mosaic
      Leather flowers
      Billy Crystal movie
      Leather-bound edition of your spouse’s favorite book
      Crystal Gayle music
      Leather furniture
      Glass blowing class

      modern gift ideas

      3rd Anniversary Celebration Ideas

      If you’re looking for how to celebrate 3rd wedding anniversary, we’ve got some great ideas for you! The main thing to keep in mind is that your wedding anniversary celebration is a time for the two of you to really focus on just the two of you. Whether there are little ones in the mix or it’s just the two of you busy at work, your wedding anniversary is a time to dedicate a few moments to your relationship. Though giving gifts can be a great way to celebrate your wedding anniversary, the best 3rd year wedding anniversary gift is spending some quality time with your partner.

      • Plan a movie night with 3 movies
      • Relive the past by watching your wedding video & looking through your wedding photo albums
      • Get tickets to a movie, sports event, concert or play
      • Go to a local wine tasting
      • Mix it up! Instead of going out to a nice dinner, go to brunch
      • Plan a picnic in a local park
      • Go for a hike or walk on a nearby wilderness trail
      • The “3” theme: choose to do 3 special things in your anniversary week
      • Go for 3 romantic meals in one day: breakfast, lunch and dinner
      • Go on a 3-day weekend vacation
      • Spend the first 3 hours of your wedding anniversary in bed with your partner
      • Go for a couple’s massage
      • Learn the art of glass making where it began in Murano, Italy
      • Go on a trip on a glass-bottom boat

      Happy 3rd Wedding Anniversary!

      happy 3rd wedding anniversary