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      9th Anniversary Gift:

      The Complete Guide To Your 9th Anniversary!

      You’ve made it 9 years with your spouse — happy 9th anniversary! These past 9 years have been filled with ups and downs, but mostly ups. Life can be crazy and chaotic and take you and your family in a direction you never expected. Regardless of where your family is now, what matters most is the love, bond and commitment between you and your partner. This 9th wedding anniversary is all about celebrating the many years and adventures behind you, and the countless adventures still to come. If you’re not sure what to get your spouse for a 9th anniversary gift, consider the 9th wedding anniversary meaning.

      So, what is the 9th wedding anniversary meaning?

      The 9th wedding anniversary meaning is tied up with the 9th anniversary symbols: leather, pottery, willow, lapis lazuli and poppy flowers. If you’re looking for 9th anniversary gift ideas, keep reading to determine the meaning behind each 9th anniversary gift item and which one is best for you and your spouse. Every relationship is different and unique, so spend some time to determine which 9th wedding anniversary gift makes the most sense for you and your spouse as a couple.

      In this Complete Guide to your 9th Wedding Anniversary, you will discover:

      • Modern vs traditional anniversary symbols
      • 9th anniversary color
      • 9th anniversary gemstone
      • 9th wedding anniversary flowers
      • 9th wedding anniversary gift ideas
      • 9th anniversary celebration ideas

        Modern vs Traditional

        9th anniversary gift modern vs traditional

        Modern: Leather

        Why is leather the modern 9th wedding anniversary gift? Because it is strong, flexible, warm and durable, just like your wonderful marriage is after 9 years together! In general, the modern 9th anniversary gift of leather is symbolic of your flexibility in making plans with one another and your ability to keep each other warm, happy and comfortable no matter what is going on.

        Traditional: Pottery & Willow

        The traditional 9th anniversary gift items are pottery and willow, but why is this so? Pottery and willow objects represent home, hearth and family. Both pottery and willow are symbolic of simplicity and flexibility, qualities that you and your spouse have likely learned to emulate after 9 years together. Historically, pottery items have been used to store water, which is understood as the underlying theme of the 9th anniversary. Water is understood to be strong, giving of life and enduring, just as your marriage is after 9 years.

        Willow is thought to be strong, intertwined, durable and symbolic of a stable marriage. After 9 year of marriage together, you and your spouse have probably realized that you need to communicate well and be aware of each other’s plans and intentions. In this way, the two of you are intertwined and will remain intertwined, just like a willow basket.


        9th Wedding Anniversary Color

        9th anniversary color


        As the 9th wedding anniversary color, terracotta is associated with the traditional 9th anniversary gift of pottery. As a color, terracotta is a darker orange that offers a sense of comfort, more so than the lighter shades of orange. When you’re thinking about 9th wedding anniversary gift ideas this anniversary, if your spouse really doesn’t want any pottery items, consider purchasing a terracotta-colored blanket, cloth napkins or bath towels.



        9th Anniversary Gemstone

        9th anniversary gemstone

        Lapis Lazuli

        Lapis lazuli is a pretty rare semi-precious gemstone. Having been mined in Afghanistan for over 6,000 years, lapis lazuli has been called “the sapphire” of ancient Egypt. The deep, celestial blue of lapis lazuli expresses the universal symbol for wisdom and truth, and is symbolic of spirit and vision. As a 9th wedding anniversary symbol, the lapis lazuli gemstone symbolizes the desire to learn more about your partner and to continue to keep learning about your partner no matter how many years the two of you have been together.


        Amethyst’s purple color is associated with purity of spirit and the gemstone as a whole is associated with humility, love, happiness and wealth. As a 9th anniversary gemstone, amethyst represents the love and happiness of your relationship and the feeling of wealth you receive from being so happy in love still after 9 years.

        Green Spinel

        The green spinel gemstone is believed to aid with problem solving, increase communication and rejuvenate old feelings. Many years have gone by at this point, and it is not uncommon for that feeling of connection in your relationship to have slipped away slightly. If you’re not sure about getting her the 9th anniversary traditional gift, consider a jewelry item with a green spinel gemstone to help rekindle some of the love and passion from your early years.



        9th Anniversary Flower

        9th anniversary flower


        The poppy flower is one of the most brilliantly-colored flowers out there. Poppies come in a whole variety of colors, such as white, pink, orange, yellow, blue and red. The poppy flower is a very attractive flower that symbolize restfulness and peace. After 9 years of marriage together, you and your partner are bound to have had a few fights. With poppy flowers, remind him or her that your love runs deep and that what truly matters is being kind to each other and cultivating a peaceful bond.



        9th Anniversary Gift Ideas

        9th anniversary gift ideas

        There are a lot of great 9th wedding anniversary gift ideas out there! Whether you want to go traditional or modern, there are some really awesome 9th year anniversary gift ideas for her and for him. Looking for a 9th anniversary gift for him but not sure where to start? Or perhaps, on your 9th anniversary, you’re looking for an anniversary gift for her? Since the traditional 9th anniversary gift is pottery and willow, you could get your spouse pottery home items or a ceramic sculpture. If you’d rather go for a 9th anniversary gift modern, get him a leather jacket or get her lapis lazuli jewelry! If your spouse doesn’t like to buy leather items, get her or him some faux leather items such as a faux leather clothing, a faux leather purse or a faux leather wallet! If you’re still not finding the right 9th anniversary gift ideas, check out the 9th anniversary gift traditional and modern list below!

        9th Anniversary Traditional Gift Ideas (Pottery & Willow)

        9th Anniversary Modern Gift Ideas (Leather)

        Pottery home items (e.g. vase, bowl, mugs, dish, flower pot, candle holder, jug)

        Leather card holder/money clip

        Pottery sculpture

        Faux leather gifts (e.g. wallet, purse, clothing items, shoes)

        Willow picnic basket

        Leather gloves

        Willow pen

        Lapis lazuli jewelry

        Willow sculpture

        Bouquet of poppy flowers

        Willow wine cooler

        Leather briefcase

        Porcelain pottery roses

        Leather-covered journal or photo album

        Coffee or tea mugs

        Leather cigar kit

        Ceramic watch

        Leather passport holder or wallet

        Tea set

        Leather bracelet

        Porcelain collectible figurine

        Leather watch

        Ceramic jewelry

        Personalized leather organizer

        Porcelain cookware

        Personalized leather coasters



        9th Wedding Anniversary Celebration Ideas

        9th anniversary celebration

        Not sure how to celebrate your 9th wedding anniversary? There are a lot of wonderful ways you and your spouse can celebrate this wedding anniversary to make it special and unique to your relationship. If you and your spouse are thinking you want to wait until your 10th year anniversary to go all out, then there are a lot of great simple 9th wedding anniversary celebration ideas that you both are sure to love. Sometimes, going for the traditional 9th anniversary gift can feel like it doesn’t go with your relationship. If pottery, willow and leather gifts don’t suit you and your spouse, consider doing an activity together and spending some time with one another! For an alternative to 9th anniversary gift ideas, check out these 9th anniversary celebration ideas!

        • Plant poppies and a willow tree in your  backyard!
        • Take a pottery class together.
        • Write a letter to your spouse with 9 reasons why you love them, one for each year of your marriage.
        • Create a list of places you’d like to travel to together and plan out a vacation for next year’s anniversary.
        • Recreate your first date together. Go to the same restaurant and do the same activities as that exciting night!
        • Go on a picnic together (maybe underneath a willow tree and using your new willow picnic basket!).
        • Cook dinner together in your new porcelain cookware.
        • Visit the Amethyst Mine in Thunder Bay, Ontario! You can dig your own Amethyst gemstones from May to October.

          Happy 9th Anniversary!

          happy 9th anniversary