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Forever Anniversary

14K Gold Sheet Music Necklace- 50th Anniversary Necklace


A beautiful solid 14k gold custom sheet music necklace from our collection of 50th anniversary gifts. For the 50th anniversary, the traditional and modern gift of choice is anything and everything gold! Gold can represent so many things, it can represent favor, high esteem, honor, winning, strength, beauty, and luxury. Perhaps gold is meant to represent the 50th anniversary because all the other gifts leading up to it have been weaker metals and materials leading up to the strength and goal of gold. This gorgeous sheet music necklace in 14k gold is the perfect gift for your wife of 50 years, especially if she's a big music fan! Choose a short stanza from any song with existing sheet music and we can engrave it onto this beautiful bar necklace! Choose her favorite song, a song that reminds you of her, or even your first dance song from your wedding! It's a unique and romantic gift for the woman you've chosen to spend your life with and she'll look lovely in it too!