10th Anniversary Gifts for Him and Her





10th anniversary gifts for him and her

Happy 10th anniversary! Wow! 10 years of marriage together! That's an entire decade! A lot can happen in 10 years but you and your spouse have gone the distance and stayed true to your vows all this time! This calls for a celebration! For your 10th wedding anniversary, the traditional gift is diamond jewelry, while the modern is tin or aluminum gifts! A bit of a challenge but to help you out we've compiled the best ideas for 10th anniversary gifts for him and her that they'll love! 

But first let's go over what constitutes as a modern and a traditional 10th anniversary gift with this helpful list:


Traditional 10th Anniversary Gift Ideas (Tin & Aluminum)

Modern 10th Anniversary Gift Ideas (Diamond)

Aluminum sheet music

Diamond necklace

Aluminum planters

Diamond-patterned throw blanket

Deluxe slow cooker with aluminum insert

Diamond watch

Aluminum monogrammed cheese plate

Diamond earrings

Personalized ice bucket

Diamond cufflinks

Aluminum Cocktail Shaker

Bouquet of Daffodils

Couple's Infinity Engraved Keepsake Box

Diamond Drinking Glasses

Wedded Pair Personalized Aluminum Vase

Diamond anklet

Sound Wave Art Tin Print

Diamond-patterned makeup bag

Aluminum Bible Scripture Quote

Diamond painting kit

Tin Wind Chime

Diamond bamboo towels

Tin/Aluminum Art

Diamond ballpoint pen



Those were a few items that you could consider for a 10th anniversary gift, but lets dive in to some of our favorites specifically for him and her!


10th Anniversary Gifts


for her





10th anniversary gifts for him and her

#1 A Diamond Bracelet

 Get her a beautiful diamond bracelet that's just as dazzling as she is! Perfect for everyday wear or to accent an outfit on a special occasion!


diamond watch

#2 A Diamond Watch

 For a woman that's all about sophisticated style, a brand new diamond watch may suit her better than a diamond bracelet. Choose a watch with diamond accents that suits her personality!


#3 Diamond Stud Earrings

 Diamond earrings are a classic anniversary gift! Great for everyday wear or to add some sparkle to a date night look! Diamond is the traditional symbol of the 10th anniversary, so this year, go classic!


#4 Tin Art Print

 Get her something unique and romantic! This tin art print will look lovely in your home! It's a beautiful art print with silver trees and an image of the moon. In the center is your personalized names and your anniversary date! A beautiful keepsake that also makes for original wall decor!


#5 10th Anniversary Sound Wave Canvas

 Sound wave art is all the rage right now. Add a little modern art to your home that really speaks to you! No really! This sound wave canvas is personalized to correlate with a romantic message you record for your spouse that is then transferred into an image that is printed onto a high quality canvas! Personalize it further with your names and anniversary date and voila!


words on canvas print

#6 Words on Canvas Print

 Take a photo from your wedding day, a particularly memorable vacation, or other special picture and turn it into a special canvas print! Include your vows, favorite song lyrics or a personalized romantic message! It will look beautiful in your home and be the perfect romantic gift for your anniversary this year



#7 Sound Wave Necklace - 10th Anniversary

 If not for a sound wave canvas, then bring the sound wave message concept to a beautiful necklace she can wear every day! Record a short message or choose a sound byte from her favorite song and have the sound wave image transferred onto this beautiful bar necklace!


words of love necklace

#8 Words of Love Necklace

 Take your vows, a love letter, poem or her favorite song and have them engraved onto this circle pendant words of love necklace! It also has a sweet heart charm attached! She can wear these sentimental words every day over her heart!


keepsake box

#9 I Carry Your Heart E.E. Cummings Laser Cut Wood Keepsake Box

This beautiful keepsake box is perfect for storing any memorable items from your life together such as old letters, ticket stubs, photos, or anything else! The beautiful design on the box makes it something she'll want to put on display for all to see! 


10th anniversary gifts for him and her

#10 Personalized Couples Street Sign Art

 A very adorable couples home decor piece. Just personalize with your first names and shared last name and it will be incorporated onto this beautiful black and white street sign photo! Perfect to display in any part of your house!





10th anniversary gifts for him


#1 Tin Cuff Links

 Tin or aluminum is the metal of choice on the 10th anniversary, so gift your hubby these sleek and sophisticated tin cuff links for special occasions! Whether its for a business meeting, a wedding, or any other occasion where he needs a suit, he'll stand out for sure with this stylish tin cuff links!



#2 Grilling Tool Set

 For the grill master you married, this grilling tool set is a useful and excellent gift for the 10th anniversary! It comes with everything he needs for a bbq with the family or dinner for two!


#3 Aluminum Wall Art

 Get him something artsy and original for his home office, home gym, or man cave! This aluminum wall art will look great with any decor and add a pop of creativity to any room!


diamond watch for him

#4 Diamond Watch for Him

 All men need a good reliable watch. he may already have a watch or two, but does his have diamond accents? Even men can rock diamonds in their ensemble! So for the man who loves a good watch, get him one of these!



10th anniversary gifts for him

#5 10th Anniversary Rock

 He's been your rock for over a decade...so naturally the most appropriate gift for your 10th anniversary is...well, a rock! But not just any rock! It's engraved with the message "You've been my rock for 10 years" and has a silver aluminum/tin color that's appropriate for this anniversary! It comes with a special certificate so it can be displayed proudly on a bookshelf, desk or anywhere else!



10th anniversary gifts for him

#6 Aluminum Handle Steak Knives

 If his collection of steak knives are dull, outdated and over used, then its time for an upgrade! Get him these sleek and high quality aluminum handle steak knives that are perfectly matched to your 10th anniversary!



10th anniversary gifts for him

#7 Bar Tool Set

 This is so cool, we want one for ourselves! It's a bamboo bar tool holder with all the fixins! everything from a wine opener to a shot measuring glass to a cocktail shaker! His dreams of making the world's best margaritas and mixed drinks are coming true when he's got this at his disposal!



diamond whiskey decanter set

#8 Diamond Whisky Decanter Set

 It's exactly as described. A diamond shaped whiskey decanter set, because whiskey decanter sets are the height of luxury.




10th anniversary gifts for him

#9 Men's Link Bracelet with Diamond Accents

 Link bracelets are to men what tennis bracelets are to women. Think of it as a coming of age jewelry piece. Your husband will certainly love how fancy he feels with his sterling silver link bracelet with diamond accents! Men deserve to feel pretty once in awhile too!




10th anniversary gifts for men

#10 Men's White Gold Diamond Ring

 Like we said before, men deserve a little bling to feel fancy too! This white gold diamond ring for men is classy, dazzling but not too gaudy. He can feel like a king when he slips this on and be reminded that after ten years, your marriage is rock solid!




10th anniversary gifts for him and her

What are your 10th anniversary plans? Tell us in the comments!




Happy 10th Anniversary!


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