15th Anniversary Gifts for Him and Her





15th anniversary gifts

It's been two years since your last big anniversary. There's no specific gifts for the 13th and 14th anniversary, assuming its because the number 13 is associated with bad luck. Of course, this doesn't mean you shouldn't acknowledge these anniversaries as they come. Every year of marriage is a triumph and deserves recognition!

However, as the 13th and 14th anniversaries don't have a specific traditional or modern gift, we will be focusing on the 15th anniversary! The traditional gift this year is...crystal gifts! While the modern 15th anniversary gift is...time pieces! To give you an idea of what sorts of gifts this could entail, here's a shortlist of crystal and time piece themed gifts before we get into our favorites:


Traditional 15th Anniversary Gift Ideas (Crystal)

Modern 15th Anniversary Gift Ideas (Timepieces)

Personalized crystal champagne glasses

Wall clock

Crystal beer glasses

Gold watch

Crystal wine chiller

Sport/waterproof watch

Crystal candleholders

Alarm clock

Crystal jewelry

Pocket watch

Crystal ring holder

Fashion watch

Crystal chandelier

Apple watch

Crystal clutch bag

Chronograph watch

Swarovski ring, earrings or necklace

Dali melting clock

Rose Quartz water bottle

Picture frame table clock

Crystal cufflinks

Oversized wall clock

Crystal whiskey decanter

Crystal mantel clock


15th Anniversary Symbols


15th anniversary gifts for him and her

The 15th anniversary color is Ruby Red!


15th anniversary gifts for him and her

The 15th anniversary flower is...a red Rose!


15th anniversary gifts for him and her

The modern 15th anniversary gift is... Timepieces!



The traditional 15th anniversary gift is... crystal!



20 Best 15th Anniversary Gifts





Crystal Stud Earrings

 The 15th anniversary is all about crystal! Give your wife a beautiful accessory with this lovely crystal stud earrings! Appropriate for year 15 and are perfect for everyday wear or to dazzle an outfit for a night on the town!



Geode Crystal Drink Coasters

 Geodes and crystals are very on trend with home decor as of late. Elevate your spouses drinkware game with these beautiful and unique blue geode crystal drink coasters! They'll keep water rings off and add a touch of modern sophistication to your coffee table or dining table!


Smartwatch for Her

 The 15th anniversary is also all about timepieces! Bring your wife into the modern age with this sleek and stylish smartwatch! She can count her steps, check the time, count calories and more! This is perfect for the woman on the go or for someone trying to live their healthiest life!



Personalized Marble Clock

 This antique styled personalized marble clock comes in a beautiful green Jade color or white marble and can be personalized with your shared last name or her name! This exquisite timepiece will look beautiful on her desk, on a bookshelf, side table, or anywhere else it can be admired!



best christmas gifts for wife

Photo Word Art Canvas

Really wow her this with a beautiful photo word art canvas! Choose from memorable photos like a wedding photo, a family portrait, your favorite picture together, or anything else she'd like and bring it to life in a stunning canvas! Choose a special message to include such as a love letter, your vows, or even her favorite song lyrics! Customize this canvas however you'd like and proudly display it in the bedroom, living room, or anywhere else in your home! There really is nothing better than beautiful canvas art! 



our story custom star map

Our Story Custom Star Map

Romanticize her this year with this beautiful custom star map! This canvas tells the story of the day you met, the day you proposed and the day you wed all with constellations from those exact dates, times and locations! If you'd like, you can customize the events chosen to be other major milestones such as the birth of your children, when you bought your first home together, adopted a pet together, or anything else particularly memorable! Customize with your names or the names of anyone else you'd like to include or even a short message!



 Crystal Engraved Heart

 3D Personalized Crystal

A personalized 3d crystal using a memorable photo of you and the love of your life. Comes with a light stand to illuminate the stunning crystal. They offer quite a few sizes. 





Swarovski Crystal Accented Mesh Bracelet Watch

 If she's a regular watch wearer, then update her look with this beautiful, classic mesh bracelet watch with Swarovski crystals! This comes in varying colors and is a beautiful accessory that will reminder her of you! This anniversary gift covers both and traditional and modern 15th anniversary gifts all in one!




Tiny Heart Pendant Necklace 

 Speaking of crystal, for your 15th anniversary, why not gift your wife this lovely tiny heart crystal pendant necklace with the message, "I love you" on it? It's a subtle and stylish token of love that she can wear everyday or on special occasions! She'll look stunning in this precious pendant necklace and absolutely adore showing it off to everyone she sees!




15th anniversary gifts

Stemless Crystal Wine Glasses

 Stemless wine glasses are a staple piece for a home with a wine lover. For your 15th anniversary, present her with these beautiful stemless crystal wine glasses and her favorite wine to go with it! These glasses have a pointed bottom so that they can rotate on the table as you drink to keep your wine fresh! Not only that, but they look modern and chic! You'll impress her and any guests you have over with these beautiful crystal wine glasses!




15th anniversary gifts for him



Engraved Pocket Watch

 For your 15th anniversary, gift him something modern like these beautiful engraved pocket watch to stay with the theme of timepieces! Personalize it with his name, or your shared last name, or even his initials! You could even add your anniversary date! This black and chrome colored pocket watch is a classic and sophisticated accessory that he can wear on him or keep at home in a keepsake box!



15th anniversary gifts

Crystal Whiskey Glass and Decanter Set

 Crystal is the traditional 15th anniversary theme, and what better way to celebrate then to give your hubby this beautiful and classic crystal whiskey glass and decanter set? This will look stunning in your kitchen, dining space or even in his home office or man cave! Crystal glass adds a touch of sophistication to any home! Step it up further and include his favorite whiskey or liquor with this set!



15th anniversary gifts

Light Up Electronic Word Clock

 A modern take on the modern timepiece tradition. This electronic light up clock tells time in a whole new way! Instead of the normal digital display or hands and numbers, this clock displays the time in a crossword puzzle style. As the time changes, the letters that correspond to the time will light up! This will look so chic and sophisticated in his home office, in the bedroom or living room!



15th anniversary gifts for him

Personalized Couples Canvas

 Gift him something that makes great wall art and also a romantic personalized gesture. This canvas comes with a lovely beach scene with your individual names and anniversary date personalized into the sand! This will look great in a living room, bedroom, home office or anywhere else! This can be a reminder of your honeymoon, a memorable vacation, or just be something nice to look at as you relax!


15th anniversary gifts for him

Wallet Insert For Him

 A small token of affection, but an effective one nonetheless! Give him this sweet message engraved onto a wallet insert that he can carry with him always! This will remind him of your love and can be a comfort during times you are apart or if an argument ever ensues. A simple I love you can truly make all the difference!



15th anniversary gifts for him

15 Years and Counting Engraved Wooden Watch Gift Set

 Keeping with the timepiece tradition, here's a lovely wooden watch for your hubby to celebrate 15 years together! This rustic and unique take on the wrist watch comes with a special engraving on the back. it says, "15 Years of Love, And Still Counting." A beautiful way to say that you've loved every single day together as a couple and you're looking forward to every day following in the future!


christmas gifts for men

Whiskey Ice Wedge Mold and Glass

For a modern take on the whiskey glass, gift your guy this whiskey ice wedge mold glass! This will keep his drink cold, and keep him looking cool. This is perfect for the guy who hates when his ice waters down his whiskey. Now he can keep his whiskey cold without ruining the flavor! This glass works great for other drinks too! Try brandy, rum, or even schnapps!


christmas gifts for men

Glass Ship Whiskey Decanter

For your sea captain, classy gentleman, or whiskey aficionado, we have just the Anniversary gift for him! Enhance your husband's decanter game with this glass ship whiskey decanter with 4 laser etched glasses! Imagine how classy he'll feel when he has the guys over for poker night or over to watch the game and THIS is what he offers his guests. Even when its not in use, this decanter set looks great as decor! It's a gift so cool, you'll probably end up using it too!


best christmas gifts for husband

Personalized Monogram Beer Glasses

Most people typically don't think to buy beer glasses because they usually drink their brews out of a can or out of a bottle. But now your husband can have the "on draft" experience at home with this personalized 16 oz monogram beer glass! Personalize with his first initial, first name and either the date of your anniversary or maybe even his birth date! Add three more to your cart to make it a whole set!



christmas gifts for men

Retro Liquor Dispenser- Gas Pump Liquor Dispenser

Now THIS is cool. Blow your guy away with this retro liquor dispenser, modeled to look like a old school gas pump! Perfect for the man who's a fan of whiskey, rum, brandy, or anything else he'd like to put inside it. This liquor dispenser is great for the kitchen or a man cave, and will be a hit at parties!





15th anniversary gifts for him and her


What was your favorite gift on our list? What did you get your spouse for your 15th anniversary?


Tell us in the comments below!




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