12th Anniversary Gifts for Him and Her






12th anniversary gifts for him and her

His and Hers 12th Anniversary Gifts


It's the big 12! The dozen year mark! Happy 12th Anniversary!

This years traditional gift is all about linens and silk! For the modern 12th anniversary gift, we have pearls and colored jewels! This means jewelry, clothing, accessories, and bedding! The possibilities are wide open this year!

The 12th anniversary flower is the peony! A beautiful, lush and soft colored blossom like the one seen above!

For your 12th anniversary gems, seek out lovely green Jade and fantastical Opal!

Before we dip into our favorite anniversary gifts for the 12th anniversary, here's a quick list of 12th anniversary gift examples:





The 12th anniversary is represented by dazzling gems, but these gems are also very meaningful and resilient. The pearl can represent purity in your love as well are rarity and maturity. Jade can represent the wisdom shared between you two as well as the beauty of your relationship. Opal, with its exquisite rainbow colors, represents the passion and romance your marriage has strengthened. 

With the gifts of linen and silk, you get two deeper meanings. Silk is a smooth fabric, though delicate and light. After 12 years of marriage, you can expect your relationship to continue to go just as smoothly in the coming years. You've beat the 7 year itch and surpassed a decade together. You've really hit a milestone and then some!

As for linen, this fabric was highly regarded in biblical times and was only worn by those who represent truth and honesty. Linen gifts to your spouse represent the continuation of open honesty and the trust in each other that you never want to break. 

With the 12th anniversary flower, the peony, comes deeper meaning as well. The peony has been regarded as a romantic flower, and when gifted can represent the wish of a happy marriage, good fortune and prosperity. These flowers are also extremely beautiful and look so elegant in the home!


With all this in mind, let's dive into the best 12th anniversary gifts for him and her!



12th anniversary gifts for her


12th Anniversary Gifts for Her


photo gift ideas

Vows on Photo Canvas

For the 12th anniversary, a photo canvas from your wedding day is sure to make them smile! Take it up a notch and include your vows from your wedding ceremony! Remind your spouse of all the promises you made on that special day with a beautiful wedding canvas with your promises of love and commitment! This makes for great decor in the bedroom or living room!





12th anniversary gifts for her

Colorful Jewel Earrings

 Every girl needs a pair of statement earrings! Gift your wife some gorgeous and colorful earrings to compliment her dressier outfits! Pick something that suits her style with a lot of color and sparkle! The relevance of colorful gems is to represent the spark and passion still brewing between the two of you! That's what makes this a perfect 12th anniversary gift!






12th anniversary gifts for her

Pearl Earrings

 Pearl earrings may be an obvious one, but its a classic nonetheless, pearls are a more mature woman's choice of gem, and this year she's earned it. She's blossomed from the girl you met into the woman she has grown as you have been together. Pearls take time to form and so has she! That's why pearl jewelry is so appropriate for this anniversary!







Genuine Pearl Necklace

 Maybe a strand of pearls isn't quite her style. But this beautiful genuine pearl necklace with a diamond accent may be more her taste! It comes with a single freshwater pearl and a small diamond hanging from a sterling silver chain. It's subtle and stunning all at once. She can wear this daily or use it for times when she wants to dress up!






12th anniversary gifts for him and her

Hair Clips with Pearls

 Bold hair clips are very on trend right now! Give her something lovely to accessorize her hair with like hair clips strewn with lovely pearls! This will add a touch of class and retro style to her already fabulous look! Perfect for a woman with long locks or short!







12th anniversary gifts for her

Jade Feng Shui Luck Figurine

 This lovely jade feng shui luck tree is not just a beautiful collectible, but also a message of good wishes, luck, prosperity and wealth! She can place this somewhere in the house where she can come into contact with it frequently, so that she can mentally take note of the things she wants more of in life and send the message out into the universe by meditating on it.





12th anniversary gifts for him and her

Sterling Silver Cultured Freshwater Pearl and Flower Shaped Genuine Jade, Collar Necklace

 This gorgeous collar necklace is strewn with pearls and a beautiful heart shaped jade pendant in the middle. This statement necklace is perfect for a special event or even date night somewhere fancy! She'll be the envy of all when she sports this lovely necklace. As Jade is a lucky stone, she'll bring good energy her way every time she wears it.







12th anniversary gifts for her

Calvin Klein Women's Color-block Paisley Silk Scarf

 A silk scarf is more than just a piece of fabric. It can tie an outfit together (almost literally), be used as a hair accessory, a belt, and much more! Silk is such a smooth fabric, it will feel so nice to wear this lovely scarf around her neck or anywhere else she decides, and every time she wears it, she'll be reminded of you!






Silk Pajama Set 

 Silk pajamas are so comfortable, and this personalized silk pajama set is just what she needs to feel cute and comfy all at once! These pajamas can be personalized with her name or initials so she can feel extra special and luxurious as she wears them.





12th anniversary gifts for her

Opal Necklace

Opal is such a mesmerizing gem, and she'll be utterly enchanted when she sees you've given her this! Opal is said to be a stone of devotion, love, and fidelity. A great stone to give a significant other. It’s a very emotional stone and can boost romance, sensuality, and desire! (See more about Opal here)






Anniversary Linen Frame Personalized Sign

 This romantic linen sign tells the story of your marriage! It's a sweet decor piece that looks beautiful anywhere! Personalize it with your names, anniversary date, and the time you've been together and present it to your wife! She'll be blown away by how much detail you put into your gift this year!





12th anniversary gifts for her

Linen Bed Sheets

New, high thread count, luxurious bed sheets are always a nice gift. Get her a bed set with soft, linen sheets, new pillowcases and maybe even a new comforter! She'll love rolling around in her new sheets so much, she'll never want to get out of bed!





12th anniversary gifts for him


12th Anniversary Gifts for Him



12th anniversary gifts for him

Silk Ties

 He can never have too many ties! Silk ties look luxurious, dressy and classy! Get him a set of silk ties for work, for big events, or for date night! There's just something about a guy in a classic silk tie that's hard to resist am I right?




12th anniversary gifts for him

Linen T-Shirts

 Get him some new standard t shirts made of linen! Everyone appreciates a good quality basic tee! Perfect to wear on its own or layered with a jacket or sweater! Get him a linen t shirt for every day of the week so he can feel stylish and comfortable every day! His wardrobe could use an upgrade anyhow!







12th anniversary gifts for him

Linen Button Down Shirt

 The classic button down shirt. Every man needs a few of these in his closet. Get him his favorite colors or colors you think he looks good in and add a little style and comfort to his wardrobe! These shirts are perfect for everyday wear, for work, for an event or even for date night! He'll look so handsome with his sleeves rolled up or down and his collar buttoned up with a tie or casually open!







12th anniversary gifts for him and her

Linen Scented Candle

 Even men can enjoy scented candles! And this candle fits the 12th anniversary theme of linen! This slow burning soy wax candle from LuLu Candles is scented like fresh linen, so every time he lights it he can feel the comforts of home and that sweet smell of fresh out-of-the-dryer laundry for hours! It's subtle and not too flashy so it'll blend in with any decor!







12th anniversary gifts for him

Men's Silk Pajama Set

 A silk pajama set is such a sweet gift for your husband of 12 years! He'll feel like a king in this royal blue silk pajama set and so comfortable too! These pajamas are perfect for bedtime, or lounging around the house in his slippers on a Saturday morning with his coffee in hand. Plus, you can't help but notice how adorable he's gonna look in this!







12th anniversary gifts for men

Men's Stainless Steel Mother of Pearl Inlay Money Clip

 Money clips are kind of an old school accessory, but that doesn't mean they're completely out of style and can't be appreciated! This GORGEOUS money clip is made of stainless steel, has a mother of pearl inlay and a lab created sapphire in the center. We're pretty sure this covers a few different anniversary's all in one! This is such a statement piece and everyone will be wowed anytime he goes to pay for something and pulls out this!







12th anniversary gifts for him

Men's Jade Ring

 Jade is a good luck stone for wealth, prosperity, abundance, and good fortune. He can carry this message with him always when he wears this very handsome men's Jade ring. Statement rings aren't just for women. In fact, large, bold, jeweled rings have been worn by men all throughout history! Bestow upon him well wishes and hope for an abundant future together with this amazing men's Jade ring! 







12th anniversary gifts for him

Men's Jade Bracelet

 If your husband is a bracelet guy, then this men's Jade bracelet is a perfect gift for your 12th anniversary! This adjustable bracelet has a braided rope cuff with a pull chord for sizing and a beautiful jade charm in the center. This is a perfect everyday bracelet he can wear with any outfit he chooses and be constantly reminded of you and of all the hope and good fortune your future together holds.







12th anniversary gifts for him

Men's Opal Ring

 This stunning men's Opal ring will definitely wow him this year! Opal is a radiant, colorful and dazzling gem that makes for eye catching jewelry. This statement ring will make him feel like royalty when he wears it. Opal is a very passionate stone that promotes desire, romance and endless true love. The array of colors and chaotic sparkle of the gem can represent that wild and passionate feeling of romantic feelings and how enchanted we are by the person we're attracted to. This feeling is still strong even 12 years later!







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Mini Clothes Steamer

Perfect for steaming out wrinkles in the linen shirts you get him, cleaning clothes that aren't meant for the typical washer and dryer or even cleaning a mattress or other furniture! This small and portable tool is so handy for someone that doesn't have time to head to the laundromat or just wants to make their clothes look more presentable. This mini clothes steamer is easy to use and the perfect size for storage and for travel!





12th anniversary gifts for him and her


Happy 12th Anniversary!



What was your favorite anniversary gift on this list? Tell us in the comments!


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