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It’s your first anniversary together as a married couple. Congratulations! You know you want to get your partner something fantastic but you’re not sure what’s the best course of action after only one year of wedded bliss. You’ve heard of other couples celebrating their silver anniversary and golden anniversary, but is there a special theme for the first year? There is! And it's something very simple and accessible: paper! The first year of marriage is all about new beginnings, the start of the journey, the first chapter. Together, you and your partner are taking a blank slate and writing your story. Perhaps this is why paper is the traditional 1st year anniversary gift. Speaking of paper and what to give your spouse for your first anniversary gift, below I have compiled lists of the top five best anniversary gifts for him and her to give you a little inspiration for your upcoming milestone...


Top Five First Anniversary Gifts for Him

 first anniversary gifts for him

Wood Cover Notebook Personalized

Wood is normally reserved for the 5th anniversary, but it's still a neutral theme all the same. A notebook is a modest but meaningful gift for anyone for any use! Perhaps your man is a writer. He likes to jot down his thoughts or even song lyrics if you’ve married a musician. Maybe he can use it to write himself reminders for the day whether he works at home or is holed up at the office. Whatever he uses it for, it’s a great gift for any paper use backed up with a lot of symbolism for your first year of marriage together. Take it a step further and write a sweet note on the first page for him to read when he opens it. The cherry on top for this present is a custom engraving on the cover. Personalized this thoughtful gift by getting your names engraved on the front, or even a simple Happy First Anniversary! It’s the thought that counts and he can write all the thoughts he can imagine in his new wood cover notebook


1st anniversary gifts for him camera

Instant Print Camera

Think a Polaroid or a Fuji-film camera. These instant print cameras are so fun and a reminder of simpler times. Go out on an adventure with your love and take some great photos together! Make some memories! Then when you get back home, take a look at your prints and try putting them together in a scrapbook or hang them up on light strings in your bedroom or wherever you wish to display them. There’s just something magical and more fun about taking photos with a camera that prints out photos instantly rather than just on your phone. Bonus points if you can find him an old school camera that’ll add a vintage touch to every photo you take!


Personalized Pocket Watch

Now, the traditional first year anniversary gift is paper. However, a more modern spin on this collection is...clocks. Clocks and the first anniversary of your marriage actually do have a connection! A clock represents the time you’ll spend together as a couple, the endless progression of time, similar to your endless love. Most people check the time on their phones, but imagine how your hubby will stand out from the crowd with his personalized pocket watch gifted to him by his one and only? Pocket watches are a timeless classic, conversation starters and a fashion statement. Imagine how proud your man will be when he’s asked for the time and he pulls out his snazzy pocket watch...of course specially engraved with a heartfelt message or perhaps his initials in fancy script. It’ll be his new prized possession and every time he looks at it he’ll instantly be reminded of you. 


1st anniversary gifts for him and her

Photo Box

Does your hubby travel a lot? Photos on your phone are fine, but why not get him a small but fun reminder of you for the times you’re apart? A custom photo box is a small but sweet surprise for your significant other. Rather than a large book of photos, a photo box takes about 13 your best photos and folds them up into a small cube. When you present it, it will appear as nothing more than a small gift box, but as your partner will soon see, it unfolds into about 13 photos of your favorite memories together! Mix in a few random heartfelt notes and you have a special surprise that your love can enjoy again and again!


1st anniversary gifts for him couple laughing

Conversation Cards

Maybe your man isn’t the type to carry around a fancy pocket watch no matter how sweet the sentiment is. Still in line with the topic of paper, a good alternative gift for your husband of one year is something you can do together...conversation cards! Obviously your amazing conversations are what led you to this point of being wed one year thus far, but what about topics or situations you’ve never considered before? If necessary, would you move to another planet? If you had to give up a limb, which one and why? Anything from super personal to silly or existential, the possibilities are endless! And luckily there's a lot of conversation card games out there, some with specific themes like romantic or bizarre. This is a laid back fun gift you can both enjoy! So crack open a beer, grab your favorite snack and let the fun begin!



Top Five First Anniversary Gifts for Her

1st anniversary gifts for her

Paper Flowers Bouquet

Your first anniversary with your bride is fast approaching, you know you’ve got to get her something amazing because she honestly deserves it. Most spouses would just swing by the floral department on the way home the day of. But oh no, not you. You’re not letting this momentous occasion pass you by without a proper token of affection for your first anniversary together. Why get her a dozen roses that will die in a few days when you could get her something more permanent? You’ve got the right idea with flowers, but let's take it up a notch. As aforementioned, the symbol for the first anniversary is paper. Why not put the two sentiments together? A paper flower bouquet is the perfect combination of the traditional paper anniversary and the romance of flowers. Now she has a stunning and one of a kind bouquet of flowers that she can keep forever! If you get them from us, you can choose between six different colors for the petals and choose between a black button, a pearl or a rhinestone for the center. To top it off, written across each petal is the message, “I love you.” This gift says everything you need it to (quite literally) which is why it's a great gift your wife will love!



1st anniversary gifts for her sheet music with frame

Custom Sheet Music Print

Did music bring the two of you together? Is there a song that plays a major role in your love story? Maybe you want to remind your spouse of that precious moment you had together during your first dance as a married couple? If you said yes to any of these I have the perfect gift for you. Getting a custom sheet music print is a lovely sentiment to commemorate the song that makes you and your partner smile every time you hear it. Whether your first dance was to Etta James or Ed Sheeran, the first page of sheet music can be printed out and placed inside a lovely frame and displayed wherever in your home it will be most appreciated. It makes for great wall art and is a sweet reminder of how music can bring people together.


 1st anniversary gifts for her

Personalized Stationery

There’s no denying we live in the digital age, but who says hand written notes have to be a thing of the past? Encourage your love to write by gifting her a lovely personalized stationery set! Whether it's letters to friends, overdue thank you notes, or love letters to you, beautiful personalized stationery is a perfect first anniversary paper gift for the woman who has it all. Think of what her favorite colors are and what kind of font you think best fits her personality. Simple yet elegant? Fun and colorful? You know your partner best and choosing stationery can say a lot about how you perceive her. If it doesn’t come as a set, throw in a fancy pen and paper weight to complete the collection. I guarantee she’ll feel high class sitting at her work space putting together thoughtful or fun notes. 


1st Anniversary Gifts for Her   

Anniversary Photo Album/Scrapbook

It may sound cheesy, but when it comes down to it, a photo album is the perfect representation of the 1st year of marriage. It's full of blank pages for you to fill with memories from the years to come. What better way to spend an afternoon bonding with your partner than looking through your wedding photos and mementos of your adventures together so far? Don’t just stop at photos. Get creative! Add fun stickers and writings into your scrapbook! Do you have any old love letters or maybe some movie ticket stubs from your first date? Find a page for your wedding invitation! The possibilities are endless! Pop open a glass of wine and throw on your favorite music and get crafty! Each year of your marriage pop open the scrapbook and look for new photos to add. Start a yearly tradition! Every year you do this you’ll have more to look back on and more to look forward to in the future.


first anniversary gifts for him and her

Now you’ve gone through ten different ideas for best first anniversary gifts for your husband or wife. Feel free to take these ideas and mix them up! Put your own spin on them. Whatever you decide to do for your significant other, they’re going to love and cherish it all the same. Here’s to another year of marital bliss, cheers!

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