2nd Anniversary Gifts for Him and Her




Let’s talk about COTTON. You use it just about everyday in more ways than one. Think about it...the clothes you wear, the sheets you sleep in, small items like cotton balls, q-tips and bandages… Cotton is a fabric interwoven figuratively and literally into our everyday lives. It holds us together, keeps us warm, keeps us comforted...similar to the person we choose to spend our lives with. When you hear the term, “Cotton Anniversary” it probably sounds silly. But when you really think about it, it makes sense that the second anniversary is gifted with cotton, a material that would be hard to live without. Trying to find a cotton gift for your spouse may be mildly challenging, especially if you want it to be unique. However, I’ve got a few suggestions up my sleeve (appropriately made of cotton) for the best 2nd anniversary gifts for him and her…




Top Five Second Anniversary Gifts for Him





2nd anniversary gifts for him

Personalized Cotton Robe

Picture this: It’s the day of your 2nd anniversary and its present time. Your husband wakes up and is greeted by you with a kiss and a beautifully packaged gift. He opens the box and is surprised with a plush and stylish cotton robe. And what’s this? His initials are on it too? Aw, honey you shouldn’t have! Bonus, there’s a hot bubble bath and a mimosa waiting for him in the bathroom! No one can resist a relaxing bath with a snazzy drink! Men deserve a spa day too! And think about how adorable your hubby is going to look in this. It’ll probably be his favorite thing to lounge around the house in...who knows, maybe he’ll get you a matching one so you can make a set! 






2nd anniversary gifts for him

Personalized Travel Bag (Canvas Bag)

Your man travels a lot for work. Or maybe the two of you like to vacation frequently. Either way, your partner is a wanderer, an explorer, a man of adventure! Carrying around a clunky suitcase is no ones favorite thing...but a chic and sporting personalized canvas bag with a leather strap? That’s more like it! A shoulder bag, like a denim or leather jacket, can make any look become trendy and contemporary...dare I say, rugged.  Need I say more? Your husband is going to look super cool with his fashion-forward canvas bag and he’ll get a lot of use out of it for business trips or your adventures together! It’s a gift that's practical and stylish!






2nd anniversary gifts for him

Egyptian Cotton Dress Socks

Speaking of ways to up your husbands fashion game...another gesture that makes a suitable 2nd anniversary gift for him is something very simple...socks! But not just everyday bulk socks you can get anywhere. Oh no, I’m talking luxurious Egyptian cotton dress socks. Egyptian cotton is considered the finer choice between that and average cotton. Egyptian cotton is hand picked, leaving the fibers of the cotton softer and less stressed, can be woven into finer strands and overall and produce a higher thread count making it softer than most fabrics. The silky softness of Egyptian cotton is what makes it considered a high-end item, even if it's something you’ll be wearing on your foot. Make him feel like he’s walking on air with his new threads!






2nd anniversary gifts for him and her

Personalized Cotton Apron

Mr. Right also just so happens to be Master of the Kitchen. Your husband is always coming up with delicious recipes and really killing it in the culinary department. What’s something that every master chef needs (other than an expert taste tester like yourself)? A custom chef’s apron! But don’t just stop there! Make it personal! Anything from, “Culinary Cutie” to “Kitchen King.” Take it a step further and buy a set of matching aprons, maybe ones that say, “Mr. Right,” and “Mrs. ALWAYS Right,” for your date nights in cooking together. Not only will your husband look super cute in his new apron, but its a practical gift too! So long are the days of getting spaghetti sauce and grease on all his shirts. Now he’s prepped and ready to cook!






2nd anniversary gifts for him

Fun Cotton Underwear

Maybe it's cheesy, but underwear is underwear. Who doesn’t appreciate a comfortable pair of undies?? It’s a cotton gift, keeping in the line of tradition, but it's also a fun and flirty present that can get a good laugh and inspire a night of romance! For an anniversary, you can’t just get him any average pair of skivvies. The cheesier the better. Get him a personalized pair of knickers that say something along the lines of “Property of YOUR NAME HERE” or “Belongs to YOUR NAME HERE.” If you’re brave, take it up several notches and get your face printed all over them. Guaranteed laughs and cool points. 






Top Five Anniversary Gifts for Her




2nd anniversary gifts for her

China Tea Set

The typical theme of the 2nd Anniversary is cotton, however, a modern spin on the tradition is to swap out cotton for china. Instead of searching for the perfect cotton gift, present your wife with a charming and elegant china tea set.  A china set exudes femininity, style and sophistication. China is an alternate choice for the second anniversary gift because it represents looking after your marriage with care when it is in its delicate early years. Really wow and surprise her with a gorgeous tea with complete with a teapot, tea cups, saucers, and a sugar and creamer set. Top it off with some of her favorite teas! She’s going to love displaying her fine china for her friends and loved ones when they come to visit, or to just use on her own or with you as you enjoy the morning air. Break out the biscotti and lets have a cup of tea!






2nd anniversary gifts for her

Cotton High Thread Count Sheets

As beautiful as she is, every woman needs her beauty sleep. Warmth and comfort are the key elements of a good night's rest. Spoil your love by gifting her some extravagant high thread count bed sheets she can dream the night away in. And as mentioned before in the top five best second anniversary gifts for him list, Egyptian cotton is a luxury fit for a Queen. Being as you are sharing a marital bed, this benefits you too! Rest easy with a gift that will spoil her and enjoy the posh and plush comfort of brand new high thread count sheets! 






2nd anniversary gifts for him and her

Custom Word Art - Cotton Anniversary Canvas

This is a big one...literally. Imagine taking your favorite photo from your wedding and turning it into a larger than life cotton canvas display to showcase wherever it will be appreciated the most. But that’s not all, take that great and memorable photo and weave in the words to your wedding vows or to the song you had your first dance to! Make a grand gesture by presenting her with an art piece that's one of a kind and that tells your story. It’s a romantic sentiment and makes for a great home decor piece. Because it’s a cotton canvas, it still serves as an appropriate second anniversary gift for her! Can’t go wrong with this one!






2nd anniversary gifts for her

Personalized Framed Cotton Print

If you’re not ready for the commitment of a large cotton canvas, then perhaps an alternative proposal would be a personalized framed cotton print! A small cotton framed print personalized with your names and the date of your anniversary. It’s a lovely sentiment to remind the two of you of the day you became man and wife. Easily displayed anywhere in your home you believe to be best suited.  It’s a modest, contemporary wall art display that will have your wife smiling from ear to ear. 






2nd anniversary gifts for him and her

Matching Couple T-shirts

This may be an obvious one, but a cotton t-shirt can make a great second anniversary gift for her! Especially if it's two matching t shirts that tell the world you’re a happy couple in love. There’s so much you can say on a shirt, so get creative! Think of her personality and yours. Make it silly or make it cute and sweet. Incorporate elements of your relationship or shared interests. Then take her out on a second anniversary date wearing your matching tees and see how everyone that comes in contact with you will smile and awww. Matching couple shirts are a great photo opportunity and one for the scrapbooks!





2nd anniversary gifts

Your second anniversary may not be the anniversary everyone talks about when the topic of marriage comes up, but that doesn’t mean you should disregard it. You’ve graduated from paper to cotton, a much stronger material. And as the years go by your relationship will only get stronger, and so will the symbols that represent each year. Enjoy the warmth and comfort the second year of marriage brings and wait in anticipation for all the love that year three will bring. Here’s to you!

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