3rd Anniversary Gifts for Him and Her

Leather Anniversary Gifts


Congratulations on making it to your 3rd year of marriage! Another year down… another anniversary gift to come up with! Luckily, you always have a starting point by looking at the theme for that year’s anniversary. The traditional 3rd year anniversary gift is leather. Strong, flexible, and ever changing, leather represents the growth and strength of your marriage over the past 3 years. The modern 3rd year anniversary gift is crystal or glass. Both beautiful and reflective, these gifts represent a time to look back on how far your marriage has come so far, and celebrate the beauty of your love. Choosing a symbolic gift can make giving anniversary gifts incredibly meaningful and a lot less stressful. Here are a few great 3rd year anniversary gifts to get you started on finding the perfect gift this year.  


Traditional 3rd Year Anniversary Gifts

As mentioned, the traditional 3rd year anniversary gift is leather. Easy enough, right? If you’re spouse is still into the leather pants and leather jacket look then yeah, this will be a breeze! But if not, you may need some guidance on alternative leather gifts. Leather represents the third year of marriage because it is strong, flexible, and continuously changes over the years. At this point in your marriage, you are becoming stronger every year, but you are also continuously changing, adapting, and being flexible for one another. The more you learn about how to love the other person, the more your marriage changes, grows, and strengthens. Finding a leather gift for your spouse on your 3rd year anniversary is a great way to represent all of these things and celebrate the love that continuously grows between the two of you. Here are some ideas to get you started on your leather gift hunt.

For Her



Leather Engraved Bracelet

For women, I really didn’t foresee there being many jewelry options for the leather gift theme. However, I was wrong, and there are actually some really cool pieces out there! Including this leather bracelet that can be versatile for women and men! This is a very cute and simple piece of jewelry that would make a very meaningful gift for your anniversary.



Leather Anniversary Gift For Her Necklace


Leather Necklaces

Here’s another example of how I was wrong about women’s leather jewelry! This beautiful lariat necklace has a leather “chain” that connects gorgeous sterling silver and turquoise pieces. There are many different varieties and styles of this kind of necklace, so if you think it matches your wife’s taste, you have options! Finding a piece that includes a pearl gemstone would add on another piece of the third anniversary theme and make the gift even more symbolic!




Fossil Leather Purse

If your wife loves purses, the leather anniversary is the perfect time to get her that designer leather bag she’s been eyeing! I love this simple and mid size cross body bag from Fossil. The options for purses range from simple and small, to detailed and large. Whatever your wife’s preference, she won’t be disappointed with a brand new leather purse for your anniversary!



Leather Anniversary Gift Women's Watch


Women's Watch

When it comes to leather, a watch with a leather band is always a safe bet, usually for men or women. There are tons of fashionable watches out there these days to choose from, giving you lots of possibilities when picking out the perfect watch for your wife! Upgrade her wrist bling with a new leather band watch for your 3rd anniversary!




Leather Earrings

Now if I didn’t think there was going to be leather jewelry options for women, I DEFINITELY didn’t think there would be leather earring options that were actually fashionable! But these leather leaf earrings are simple and elegant and would make a beautiful leather anniversary gift for any woman. And the best part is, you probably won’t have to worry about her having them already!


For Him

Leather Valet Tray

Men (fine...and women too) always seem to have a bunch of little things laying around. Give him a place to put the important things (keys, rings, watch, etc.) that is also a reminder of your love. The message on this sophisticated leather valet tray says: Thank God for 3 Years Together. The Day We got Married was the Beginning of many Blessings and Goodness for Us. Happy 3rd Anniversary. You can personalize with his name and your anniversary date! He’ll be especially grateful when he can always find his car keys!



Leather Anniversary Gift Luggage Tagb


Custom Leather Luggage Tag

Does your husband travel a lot? Do you travel a lot together? If so, this custom leather luggage tag would make the perfect meaningful leather anniversary gift for your adventurous husband. Get it personalized with your initials, anniversary date, special message, etc. so he can always keep your love with him when he’s on the go.




Personalized Leather Cuff Links

I always say...when in doubt, there’s probably cufflinks for that theme. And sure enough, there are a variety of leather cufflinks out there! So if you’re really stuck, or the they just really call to you, get a pair of sleek leather cufflinks for your man! These ones come customized, but there are a variety of options and styles out there to choose from. He’ll love the classy upgrade to his style!




Leather Engraved Wallet

Is it time for your husband to replace his wallet? If so, the leather anniversary is the perfect time to gift him a brand new one. Make it extra meaningful by getting a personal message engraved on the inside to remind him just how much you love him. You could also get your vows, anniversary date, etc. engraved as well to make it more centered on your anniversary.



Leather Anniversary Gift For Him Bottle Opener


Leather Engraved Bottle Opener

If you want to get more creative and give him something more out of the box this anniversary, this leather engraved bottle opener is a great solution. The sleek and classy design of this bottle opener will be a great addition to his bar accessories. The leather portion of the bottle opener can be engraved with a personal message, making this a useful, creative, and meaningful gift for your anniversary.

Modern 3rd Year Anniversary Gifts

Crystal or glass is the modern third year anniversary gift. At first, similar to the modern second year anniversary gift of china or porcelain, I couldn’t think of much beyond dishes and boring gifts. Turns out, there are a lot of cute, meaningful, and creative crystal or glass gift ideas. Some of them are even dishes, but without being boring.

For Her

Crystal Anniversary Gift Necklace


Crystal Jewelry

If you want to go with the crystal theme for your 3rd anniversary gift, you definitely can’t go wrong with any of the beautiful pieces of crystal jewelry from jewelers such as Swarovski. There are a ton of beautiful pieces of jewelry to choose from in a variety of styles. Take her breath away this anniversary by gifting her crystal jewelry, such as this beautiful crystal necklace.





Fountain Aerating Wine Glass

When it comes to glass gifts, wine and champagne glasses come to mind right away. If your wife is a wine lover, or you both enjoy sharing wine together, a nice set of wine glasses could be a good way to go for this year’s anniversary gift. Another option could also be this wine glass with a built in aerator. This is a super creative gift option that any wine lover would appreciate, and it definitely looks cool, too!


Glass Anniversary Gift Custom Champagne Flutes


Personalized Champagne Flutes

Cheers to another year! Another great glass gift could be these personalized champagne flutes. Make the occasion extra fancy by toasting each other with these glasses. Get your last name, Mr. & Mrs., your anniversary date, etc. engraved to make the gift memorable, meaningful and extra special. You can break them out for every anniversary going forward!



Glass Anniversary Gift Sea Glass Necklace


 Sea Glass Necklace

If you still want to get your wife jewelry but also want to go the glass theme route, you could go with this something such as this beautiful sea glass necklace. It is a super creative and unique piece that will be a gorgeous addition to her jewelry collection. The colors make it a pretty and versatile piece, and the fact that it lines up with the 3rd year anniversary theme will make it that much more meaningful.

For Him


Glass Ship Whiskey Decanter

Gifts for him are a little trickier in the crystal department. However, there are a lot of great ideas for glass gifts! Take this Glass Ship whiskey decanter for example. If your guy enjoys whiskey now and then, this gift is a great and creative way for him to show it off. It has a beautiful and simple design that would look great wherever he decides to display it.





Personalized Beer Glasses

If your husband is an avid beer drinker, he’ll love having his own personalized set of glasses. These glasses make for a creative gift that he will be able to use and enjoy for years. If he’s not a beer guy and prefers whiskey instead, personalized rocks glasses are also available out there. Either of these make for a great addition to his bar ware.  



Glass Anniversary Gift For Him Beach Glass Cuff Links


Glass Cuff Links

Yes, I know...cuff links again. But seriously, they work for just about any of the anniversary themes! If you have nothing else to turn to, or no other gift so far has caught your eye, these frosted glass cuff links could be your saving grace! They are super unique and will add something new to his style. If you don’t think these are just right for him, there are tons of other styles of glass cuff links to choose from as well. You are bound to find a pair that he would love.  



Glass Anniversary Gift For Him Watch


Men's Wrist Watch

Okay if all else fails, a watch is a perfect gift for the 3rd year anniversary. With a leather band and a glass face, it fits multiple themes for this year’s anniversary! There are thousands of shapes, styles, colors, etc. to choose from, it’s definitely a good go-to gift if you’re all out of ideas. Even smart watches would work (they still have a glass face and can have leather bands), so no matter what type of guy you’re married to, you should be able to find a watch for him that he would love.



There you have it! A comprehensive list for another year’s worth of anniversary gift. Hopefully there is something that catches your eye, or at least starts to jog your mind about other ideas for your husband/wife! Congratulations to the two of you, here’s to another year!

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