8th Anniversary Gifts for Him and Her





8th anniversary gifts for him and her

For your 8th Wedding Anniversary, you'll need to get a little creative as the traditional gift this year is...bronze and pottery! As for your modern gift, look for linens and lace! Still stumped? Well then lets dive into the best 8th anniversary gifts for him and her!


8th anniversary gifts for him and her

Pottery Classes

For the 8th anniversary one of the traditional gifts is pottery! Sign up for a pottery or ceramics class with your partner and create beautiful vases, bowls, cups and other unique creations! This is a great bonding experience and you'll get to take home your hand crafted art work and add to your decor! Be prepared though! Making pottery can be messy!


8th anniversary gifts for him and her

Linen Pillow Cases - Linen Sheets

Spruce up your living room or bedroom decor with a touch of brand new linen! Look for linen pillow covers with fun designs or stitching or throw blankets with tassels and pretty patterns! Incorporating linen into your decor will add a splash of boho chic into your space and can be an excuse to donate your old sheets and pillow cases for something new!


8th anniversary gifts for him and her

Linen Place-mats with Wooden Utensils 

In addition to your new pillow cases and sheets, incorporate some flatware accessories like this useful and easy to wash silverware place-mats. They're perfect for when you have guests over or to use while travelling/camping with your reusable wooden forks, knives, and spoons!


8th anniversary gifts for him and her

Cobalt Blue Linen

Cobalt Blue is one of the themes of the 8th wedding anniversary. So why not get the best of both with blue linen? Look for curtains, sheets, throw blankets, clothing, re-usable napkins, the possibilities are endless!


8th anniversary gifts for him and her


One of the 8th wedding anniversary flowers is lilacs! Lilacs come in beautiful purple tones and make lovely bouquets! Present her with fresh or false lilacs in a creative vase such as a cute watering can OR better yet, a ceramic vase you made yourself!


8th anniversary gifts for him and her

Store Bought Pottery

Nothing wrong with buying pre-made ceramic pieces! Gift your partner a new kitchen set of unique ceramic bowls, cups, plates, tea pots, candy dishes, you name it! We can't all be creative, but we can appreciate a nice bowl when we see it!


8th anniversary gifts for him and her

8th anniversary gifts for him and her

Bronze Kitchenware

While bronze gifts are kind of hard to find at the average store, you can always settle for copper as they are almost completely the same minus a few mineral elements. If you do find bronze, hooray! Gift your partner with new bronze or bronze plated kitchen tools such as a kettle, mixing tools, serving spoons, pots and pans, and even flatware! Bring a little color to your kitchen with a gift you can both put to use!


Anniversary Line Framed Sign

Literally count down the days that you've been a married couple up until this point with this sweet and sentimental linen sign framed for your convenience. Place in your living room, your shared bathroom, in your hallway, or anywhere else you want to display the timeline of your love! It includes your names and your anniversary date for an extra personal touch!


8th anniversary gifts for him and her

Anniversary Canvas

Make a memory that will last a lifetime with a stunning and romantic word art canvas from Canvas Vows! Choose your favorite wedding photo and your vows or song you danced to at your wedding and get them printed on a canvas you can display proudly in your home!



What did you do for your 8th anniversary? What did your spouse give you?

Let us know down in the comments!

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