9th Anniversary Gifts for Him and Her


9th anniversary gifts

For your 9th wedding anniversary, the traditional gift is pottery and willow! The modern gift for those not interested in either of those is...leather! This opens up a big world of opportunities for you! Anything from pottery bowls and dishware to signing up for pottery classes or gifting your spouse that cozy leather office chair they're been eyeing or even a brand new leather jacket! There's a lot of creative ways to celebrate the 9th anniversary and we've come up with some great ideas to get your started! Let's go! 


Modern and Traditional 9th Anniversary Gifts

Pottery home items (e.g. vase, bowl, mugs, dish, flower pot, candle holder, jug)

Leather card holder/money clip

Pottery sculpture

Faux leather gifts (e.g. wallet, purse, clothing items, shoes)

Willow picnic basket

Leather gloves

Willow pen

Lapis lazuli jewelry

Willow sculpture

Bouquet of poppy flowers

Willow wine cooler

Leather briefcase

Porcelain pottery roses

Leather-covered journal or photo album

Coffee or tea mugs

Leather cigar kit

Ceramic watch

Leather passport holder or wallet

Tea set

Leather bracelet

Porcelain collectible figurine

Leather watch

Ceramic jewelry

Personalized leather organizer

Porcelain cookware

Personalized leather coasters


9th anniversary gifts

Pottery Classes

Take a romantic pottery class together! Whether or not you make amazing, practical vases, bowls or plates isn't important. What's really important is that you have fun!


9th anniversary giftsCeramic Tea Set

Tea sets are a classic anniversary gift. For the 9th anniversary, choose ceramic style teapots and cups. Think traditional Japanese dishware, something your spouse can really impress their friends with when you have company over or for them to enjoy in the wee hours of the morning!


9th anniversary gifts

Pottery Bowls

No one ever said no to a good bowl. Get some fancy store bot pottery or get creative and make some yourself. Even if you're not the most creative, your spouse will still love it the same. Why not carve in your names, a message, or your anniversary date too?



9th anniversary gifts

Ceramic Vase

Vases are an instant decor boost to any home. Gift your spouse a beautiful ceramic vase with their favorite flowers and see them smile ear to ear! If you're talented enough, try making your own!



9th anniversary gifts

Pottery Planters

For the spouse with the green thumb, ceramic planters are a great addition to your home and make for a very cute anniversary gift! Bonus points if you make these yourself!


9th anniversary gifts

Ceramic Paper Weight

Paper Weights: The perfect gift for the man or woman who has everything. Great for work or home offices, art studios, you name it! Get creative and even get that paperweight engraved with your names and anniversary date!


9th anniversary gifts

 Leather Watch

Leather watches are a classic anniversary gift. We've never heard of someone not being happy with receiving one. If your partner is due for an upgrade or has been wanting a nice watch for awhile, this is the perfect gift for them!


9th anniversary gifts for him and herLeather Camera Case

 If your spouse is a photographer by trade or just snaps photos as a hobby, a brand new leather camera case is a perfect gift and will help them keep their camera close while also looking stylish in the process!


leather furnitureLeather Furniture

Who doesn't love new furniture? Remember that aforementioned office chair? Now's the time! Needing a new couch? Perfect. Leather furniture is high quality, luxurious, and a gift that benefits you both!


leather headphonesLeather Headphones

Perfect for music fans, streamers, or fans of podcasts. A set of leather headphones with high quality sound will definitely put a smile on the face of someone that needs a new pair!


9th anniversary gifts for himLeather Messenger Bag

For someone who travels, or simply has a lot to carry with them day to day, gift them a luxurious leather messenger bag to carry important documents, a laptop, and anything else they may need!


leather purseLeather Purse

Remember that leather hand bag your spouse was eyeing at the mall? This is the perfect opportunity to surprise them with that exquisite purse they've been hinting at! 


9th anniversary giftsLeather Mouse Pad

For the man or woman who has everything, gift them a leather mouse pad and other leather office accessories. Perfect for work or for a contemporary home office setting! 


9th anniversary gifts for himLeather Gloves

 If you live in a place that gets particularly cold or your spouse likes to go joy riding, a pair of genuine leather gloves should do the trick!


lapis lazuli jewelry

 Lapis Lazuli Jewelry

Gift your spouse some beautiful Lapis Lazuli jewelry! Lapis Lazuli is a beautiful blue and gold speckled crystal that is supposedly best for clarity of mind, and boosting creativity! It is also a great protection stone! This beautiful stone will be the perfect gift for your 9th anniversary!




 9th anniversary gifts for him and her

What did you do for your 9th Anniversary? Let us know down in the comments!

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