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best honeymoon destinations

 Oh Italy, the vacation of our dreams! And a romantic honeymoon no less? We could absolutely swoon! There’s a little something for everyone here, groundbreaking architecture, world renowned art, high fashion, the location of (at least) thirty-plus romantic comedies... not to mention this is WINE COUNTRY. And the land of the best pizza, pasta, and gelato you will ever have! We know you’ve been dreaming of a trip to Tuscany ever since you first saw Under the Tuscan Sun or Roman Holiday. Now the dream is being realized! Here’s what you’ll need to do:


best honeymoon destinations

First, you’ll choose a fabulous hotel near to all the exciting things Tuscany has to offer. Italy, has to have some of the most amazing hotels we’ve ever seen with prices ranging from luxuriously expensive to decently priced. But all beautiful nonetheless! It was hard to narrow down our favorites, but here’s a list to sort through before you book a room...

best honeymoon destinations

Our Picks (By price):

-Continentale $$$

-Gallery Hotel Art $$$

-Hotel Montebello Splendid $$$

-Plaza Hotel Lucchesi $$$

-Hotel De La Ville $$$

-Hotel L'Orologio Firenze $$$

-Borghese Palace Art Hotel $$$

-Piazza Pitti Palace $$

-Grand Hotel Baglioni $$

-Hotel La Scaletta Florence $$

-Hotel Mona Lisa $

-Hotel Albani Firenze $

-Ambasciatori Hotel Florence $

Once you’re settled into your beautiful hotel room and you’ve slept off the jet lag, It’s time to get into your romantic Italian adventure!

best honeymoon destinations

If we learned anything from Eat Pray Love, it’s that Italy has a lot to offer in the culinary and wine department. What better way to dive in than to go on a cheese and wine tour? Taste of Chianti is a tour of Florence’s countryside (via vehicle) to taste some of the best wine, meat, cheese, and chocolate Florence has to offer. After several glasses of Chianti and tasty samples of Tuscany’s best, enjoy a 3 course dinner with your fellow wine enthusiasts to finish the day. Be prepared to make several stops along the way for each sample, and be led by a very knowledgeable tour guide. What could be better than exploring the gorgeous Italian countryside eating cheese and drinking wine??


best honeymoon destinations

Take in some art at the Accademia Museum! Home of several famous art pieces from the Renaissance period, the 14th, 15th, and 17th century, and hosts the iconic Statue of David by Michaelangelo! 


best honeymoon destinations

Shopping is a must in Tuscany. While in Florence, be sure to take some time to find a genuine Italian keepsake to take home with you. Along the Tuscany streets you can find shops like Aquaflor Firenze (a perfume shop with laboratory tours), La Pelle (for fashion accessories), Bartolucci Store Firenze (a handmade wooden toy shop!), and Signum (for quills and parchment that will make you feel like Juliet Capulet). Be sure to at least take a quick peek inside Prada, you are basically walking around in one of the biggest fashion capitals in the world. 

For bargain shopping, head over to Mercato Delle Cascine and check out what the local vendors have to sell! If you want to do some shopping in a traditional shopping center, be sure to check out The Mall Firenze. These are luxury outlets with popular high-end stores. Here you’ll find brands you’re familiar with such as Valentino, Gucci, Fendi, Burberry and so much more!


best honeymoon destinations

The Leaning Tower of Pisa, need we say more? Take a fun couple photo in front of this historic landmark and take a moment to really acknowledge the fact that you’re in Italy seeing such an amazing landmark.


best honeymoon destinations

You haven’t lived until you’ve seen the Val d’Orcia with your own eyes. It is one of the most recognizable natural parks in Italy and a great photo opportunity. With lots of wineries and restaurants nearby, it’s the perfect place to enjoy a glass of wine and watch the sun set. Explore on foot, bike, or car.


best honeymoon destinationsbest honeymoon destinations 

If you want to walk into literal Heaven, you HAVE to see the Park of Villa Reale! It is one of the most treasured historical landmarks in Italy and so gorgeous. Take a step into history as you walk past camellia flowers and a lemon garden. The 17th century architecture will take you back in time. This beyond words villa is the perfect place for photos and a romantic stroll with your spouse. You will seriously feel like you’re in a fairy tale! This is not to be missed!


best honeymoon destinations

After a long day of sight-seeing, you’ll need to refuel. What could be better than a romantic meal in Italy with your new spouse?? Here we’ve compiled a list of amazing authentic Italian restaurants in Tuscany for you and your partner to try!

best honeymoon destinations

Our Picks (By price):

-Tavola di Guido (Montepulciano) $$$$

-Degusteria Italiana agli Uffizi (Florence) $$$

-Il Ceppo Toscano (San Gimignano) $$$

-Il Ristoro Di Lamole (Greve in Chianti) $$$

-Ristorante Casa Puccini (Lucca) $$$

-Cuvee Enobistrot (Livorno) $$$

- Ristorante Brandolino (Florence)  $$

-Allabona Pisa (Pisa) $$

-Porto Di Mare (Livorno) $$

-Fattoria Poggio Alloro (San Gimignano) $$ **tours available

-Poderuccio (Montepulciano) $$

-Pizzeria Giardino di Strada (Greve in Chianti) $$

-GUStO al 129 - Pizzeria (Pisa) $

-Da Ciacco (Lucca) $

(Just to name a FEW!)


 best honeymoon destinations

Another great stop on your Tuscan journey is the majestic garden of La Foce. Wander through its gorgeous greenery and lovely rose gardens against the breathtaking Italian countryside (either on your own or with a tour guide). La Foce boasts romantic scenery where many weddings have been held. The perfect fairy tale landscape. Great for a quiet stroll through the gardens and excellent for photo ops. La Foce comes with a fantastic history and stunning centuries old architecture alongside the gardens. Open to the public, occasionally cultural events are held here.


best honeymoon destinations

Enter the extraordinary fantastical wonderland of the Giardino dei Tarocchi Sculpture Garden! Wander through an adventure of outlandish, larger than life mosaic style sculptures featuring dragons, dinosaurs, bird-like creatures, snakes and large women. You'll be instantly transported into a wacky world of eccentricity while also appreciating the beauty of mosaic art! Be prepared to do some walking and behold the bizarre in Giardino dei Tarocchi!


best honeymoon destinations 

Put on your apron and take some Pizza and Gelato Cooking Classes! Cooking with your partner is a lot of fun (especially if neither of you are professional chefs) and is a great bonding experience for the two of you! Learn how to make authentic Italian pizza and heavenly gelato, a skill you can bring back home to the states! 


best honeymoon destinations

Make a date to see the iconic Cinque Terre. Known for its colorful architecture, delicious cuisine, eclectic shops, and gorgeous sea side scenery. You can make the journey alone or with a tour group on a Cinque Terre Day Trip. Get some exercise along one of the many hiking trails, visit one of the historical cathedrals, enjoy nature in one of the peaceful parks, take a dip in the ocean, rent a boat to take a spin around the island, and stop for a bite to eat at one of the many mouth watering eateries.


best honeymoon destinations

Awaken your sense of adventure with a Vespa Tour! Drive around the Tuscan countryside on a real Italian Vespa! On this tour you'll visit a 12th century castle, vineyards, villas, olive orchards and more! Enjoy picturesque views, engaging history and some food samples along the way! Charge your phone before you leave, you'll definitely want to take some pictures!


best honeymoon destinations

Step into history at the Leonardo Da Vinci Museum! See Da Vinci's greatest inventions, learn how they work, take a peek into the great inventor's life and even take in the spectacle of some of his most infamous artwork including a copy of the Mona Lisa. This museum is interactive as well, so you'll even get to operate some of the various machines yourself!


best honeymoon destinations

Stand and behold the sheer size and beauty that is the Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore. See the gorgeous architecture up close and take a peek inside with one of the many walking tours. Learn about its history and be transported back in time as you take in all the attention to detail and the artwork that makes this cathedral so infamous. 


 best honeymoon destinations

A romantic Italian honeymoon is a trip you'll never forget (and never want to leave!). From our list choose the sights and adventures that stand out the most to you and make your Tuscany fantasy come true!

best honeymoon destinations


-Choose your snazzy Italian Hotel

-Eat all the pasta, gelato and cheese you can

-Drink authentic Italian wines

-Shop for the perfect keepsake

-Explore the Italian countryside with your partner and have an adventure!

-Take a bite out of history

-Make sure to fill in time for a romantic stroll

-More wine, pizza and pasta please!

-A nap


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