21 Meaningful First Year Anniversary Gifts They'll Love

First Year Anniversary Gifts

Paper Anniversary Gifts

Paper gifts for your first year anniversary are supposed to symbolize the fact that your marriage is new and fragile, like the material of paper, but that it is also made out of strong bonds. There are a ton of ways to get creative with paper gifts, and give your spouse something meaningful and special for this important milestone. Not like giving her a sheet of paper that you wrote a note on and handed to her (sorry guys, you can’t get away with this one), but any type of gift that is made out of, or has something to do with paper. When I first thought about paper gifts I was stumped… I thought, there’s no way there are actually that many options for anniversary gifts made out of paper. But, it turns out, I was wrong. There are tons of paper anniversary gifts out there. If you just think about paper, you won’t come up with much. But if you get a little creative with it, paper gifts can range from so many different things. You can create a photo album, get tickets to a show, write love letters, and the ideas go on and on. After seeing what all was out there, I actually started to feel like paper gifts were probably one of the easier anniversary themes to find a gift for.  

For Her

Paper Anniversary Gift Idea - Earrings


Paper Stud Earrings

Women love jewelry, right? These paper stud earrings are the perfect way to switch up the traditional gift of jewelry into something more personal and meaningful for your first anniversary. You can have them personalized with any text you want, such as your wedding vows, the lyrics to your first dance song, or even just a message you want to give her. She will love this creative and versatile take on jewelry, and it fits right in with the first year theme.



paper anniversary gift custom necklace


 Custom Paper Necklace

Staying on the topic of jewelry, this is another great idea for a unique first anniversary gift. Again, you can have any paper text put on the inside of this necklace. She’ll love the fact that she can wear your wedding vows (or other text) around her neck and keep your love close to her heart always. This simple piece is extremely versatile, while still holding incredible meaning and sentiment. While following the theme of first year anniversary, this gift is the perfect way to remind her of your special day and the bond you share.  

Paper Anniversary Gift Custom Journal

Personalized Journal & Pencil Set

If she’s not into jewelry, or those ideas just aren’t catching your interest, this adorable personalized journal and pencil set makes the perfect gift for just about any woman. Plus, this perfectly follows the first year anniversary theme by literally being a gift of… paper. Whether she enjoys writing, doodling, leaving you love notes, or even just making lists, this journal is sure to put a smile on her face and be a constant reminder of your love. It’s also a great source to make plans for your future together, making this a great gift to bring you closer together and share your dreams together in.

paper anniversary gift wall decor

Personalized Paper Wall Decor

As you start you new life together, spruce up your home with this beautiful and creative personalized paper wall decor. The beautiful colors and details make for the perfect decoration for any home, and she will love the thought put into the customization. Personalize this piece with your last night initial and your anniversary date to create an incredibly meaningful gift for your first anniversary. The design is created completely from paper (theme...check!) and can be customized just the way you like it. By being able to choose the colors it is made with, you can have it match your wedding theme colors, your current house decor, or just colors you both love.


Paper Anniversary Gift Custom Framed Sheet Music

Framed Wedding Song Sheet Music

Another creative and sentimental take on the paper anniversary gift is to have the sheet music from your wedding song framed. It’s elegant look and meaningful background are sure to impress her on your first year anniversary. Your first dance is a beautiful moment during your first hours as husband and wife, a moment she is sure to remember, especially with this gift. It acts as a beautiful home or bedroom decoration that can be customized to both of your liking's.    

For Him

Paper Anniversary Gift Custom Leather Journal


Leather Engraved Journal

Similar to the engraved notebook for her, this genuine leather engraved notebook is a classy gift idea for a first year anniversary gift. We spend so much time posting and documenting our lives on the internet and social media, and this gift will give your husband a different kind of outlet. He can document important things, make plans for the future, etc., and he’ll look good doing it!

Paper Anniversary Gift Message in a Bottle Necklace

Message in a Bottle Necklace

Another super creative way to follow the first year anniversary paper gift trend is this super sleek message in a bottle necklace for him. You can have any message you choose put on paper and it will come rolled up inside the metal bullet. Give him a special message that he can wear as a constant reminder of your love for each other. This will serve as a long term keepsake and is a fun and meaningful take on a first year anniversary gift.


Paper Anniversary Gift Personalized Calendar

Personalized Calendar

Don’t think your man would like jewelry? Well hopefully he likes looking at pictures of you-- especially from your wedding day. This super fun personalized calendar is a great first year anniversary gift, especially when decked out with memorable pictures of both of you from your special day. Give him a constant reminder of the beauty and happiness that was your wedding day for all of year #2! Plus, calendars are paper (score).  

Paper Anniversary Gift Travel Destination Map

Travel Destination Map

One of my favorite ideas for a first year anniversary gift for him is this framed travel destination map. What a fun and creative way to plan and document where you have traveled together! The map comes with push pins so you can always mark where you have been. Use different colors/styles of push pins to signify where you’ve been, where you’re going next, where you dream to go, etc. It’s a great way to show him that you love to adventure with him, and the paper map follows our paper anniversary theme perfectly.

Paper Anniversary Gift Framed Wedding Vows

Framed Wedding Vows

Similar to the framed wedding song sheet music for her, having your vows framed and customized with pictures, your names, dates, etc. is a great first year anniversary gift for him. This gift could really go either way, but it’s a great way to remind him of the words of love and dedication that you shared with each other on that special day one year ago. Make the words physically everlasting by framing and displaying them in the home you build together. These customizable framed vows are a great sentimental gift that the both of you can appreciate for a long time.

Traditional 1st Anniversary Gifts

As we’ve been discussing, the traditional first year anniversary gift is paper. We’ve already seen some of the pretty creative ways that you can give a paper gift to your significant other. Just in case none of those sparked your interest, here are a few more ideas for paper first year anniversary gifts!


Paper Anniversary Gift Ticket To Event


Tickets to an Event or Activity

You’ve been married for a year. Celebrate that! Buy your wife/husband tickets to an event or activity that they would love, and more importantly, love to do with you. This leaves the idea of a paper gift so open and able to accommodate anyone’s interest, no matter what they like to do. This “paper” gift is a great way to do something fun together and continue creating amazing memories as a married couple.


Paper Anniversary Gift Custom Location Canvas

Memories Map

Remind each other of where you started, where you’ve been, and where you are with this beautiful and creative personalized memories map. Each heart represents an important milestone in your relationship; where you met, where you got engaged, and where you tied the knot. This is an awesome, creative, and sentimental first year anniversary gift for him or her. This wall decor is completely customizable to fit your unique style as a couple.

Paper Anniversary Gift Custom Wine Label

Personalized Wine Bottle Labels

Calling all wine lovers! Wine may not work as a paper gift for this anniversary, but a wine label does! Upgrade his/her favorite bottle of wine with a personalized label to commemorate your special day. This is a gift you’re sure to enjoy together. Even after the contents of the bottle have been enjoyed, the bottle and label act as a valuable and sentimental keepsake.  


Paper Anniversary Gift Photo Album

Personalized Photo Book

A very traditional, yet incredibly sentimental idea for a traditional first year anniversary gift is a personalized photo book with your favorite pictures from your wedding day. This perfects fits the paper theme, and will act as a permanent keepsake for both of you to look back on and remember your special day. There’s something so much better about looking at pictures printed in person, rather than off a screen. And with thousands of ways to customize your own through sources like Mixbook, you’ll be able to create something unique and special to the two of you.

Paper Anniversary Gift Watercolor Photo

Wedding Day Watercolor Print

A great way to commemorate your special day is to have one of your favorite wedding day pictures turned into a watercolor print that you can frame and keep forever as a beautiful memory. This is a creative take on your traditional framed wedding photo, and perfectly incorporates the paper theme.



Modern 1st Anniversary Gifts

If paper gifts still aren’t calling to you, you could also go with the modern first year anniversary gift, which is a clock. And if this is the route you choose, look no further! Here are some great anniversary gift ideas to fit the modern first year anniversary theme.

Paper Anniversary Gift Custom Wall Clock

Personalized Anniversary Wall Clock

If you want to follow the modern first year anniversary theme of a clock gift, this nails it right on the head. Upgrade your average clock to a personalized wall clock with your names and  wedding anniversary anniversary date. There are tons of different styles of personalized wall clocks out here, including this beautifully customized option.



Modern First Year Anniversary Gift Watch

Watch for Her

For the watch lovers out there, an easy way to fit the clock gift theme is to get your wife a beautiful watch that matches her style. Among many styles, this Kate Spade watch is an elegant and classy option that she’s sure to love. Make her heart (and wrist) happy with a watch specifically picked out just for her on your first anniversary.


Modern First Year Anniversary Gift Men's Watch

Watch for Him

The beautiful thing about watches is that they make perfect gifts for both men and women. Men’s watches come in so many different styles, there is bound to be a watch that your man will love and will fit his taste. This sleek Movado watch definitely keeps it classy, and the gold accent fits the first anniversary theme as well.



Modern First Year Anniversary Gift Smart Watch

Smart Watch

Smart watches have been an increasingly popular craze these days. They make the perfect first year anniversary gift for the sportier type (or just someone that likes the look of them). The multipurpose use of smart watches will be the gift that keeps on giving for your spouse. There have been more and more brands and styles of smart watches on the market, such as these Apple Watch designs.

Modern First Year Anniversary Gift Macaroon Kitchen Timer

Macaroon Kitchen Timer

Love to cook? This adorable macaroon kitchen timer is an adorable addition to the kitchen for food lovers everywhere. Macaroons are a popular craze right now, so this cute little gift is sure to please, while also fitting the first year anniversary theme of a clock.

First Year Anniversary Gift Gold Bracelet

Gold Accented Bracelet

Not into clocks or watches? Not a problem! Luckily, there is another theme for the first year anniversary: gold. Spice up your hubby’s wrist with this elegant gold accented bracelet. With thousands of varieties, a piece of gold jewelry for him or her is sure to be a winner.

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