Will You Be My Bridesmaid Gifts (15 Bridesmaid Gift Ideas Your Girls Will Love!)


Your special date is coming up and you couldn’t be more excited. You’ve found your partner for life, your confidant, your happily-ever-after. You’re completely over the moon, but you know you can’t plan the whole wedding alone!

You need your girls.

Your best girlfriends have been there with you through thick and thin; they’re always there to protect you, stand up for you, and take care of you; and you know your life and your wedding just isn’t complete without them. Though you couldn’t be happier with your soon-to-be-spouse, you need the support of your best girlfriends just as much. 

That’s why bridesmaid gifts are so important. 

You need to find a creative, awesome, and wonderful way to ask all your best girlfriends, Will you be my bridesmaid? You know without a doubt they’ll be there for you, so it is important you let them know how much their support and care means to you. Make your girls feel special, so they can help you to feel like the bride you’ve always wanted to be.

bridesmaid gift ideas

But, how much to spend on bridesmaid gifts?

Sure, you might be wondering how much should you spend on bridesmaid gifts, especially when you have a whole wedding to pay for (!), but thankfully, there are a variety of bridesmaid gift ideas in a range of prices. How much you spend on your girls is up to you, how much money you have, how much you’re spending on the wedding, and how big of a gesture you want to make for your bridesmaids. 

Some brides like to go over-the-top and extravagant. If that’s you, then don’t worry, we’ve got some great bridesmaid gift ideas for you. However, if you have a strict budget you need to stick to, don’t worry, we definitely understand and we’ve got some bridesmaid gift ideas for you, too! For all the best will you be my bridesmaid gifts, keep reading!!!

HINT: our faves are #3, #8 & #11!! 


bridesmaid gifts

Best Bridesmaid Gifts

This section is dedicated to single ideas that do not come in sets. If you just have one or two bridesmaids and want to make each bridesmaid gift unique to the person, this section is your best bet for finding something super unique and awesome. Will you be my bridesmaid gifts are super meaningful and serve to bond you to your girls even more. Whether you’re going for silly or serious, these are, without a doubt the best bridesmaid gifts out there!!

#1 Will You Be My Bridesmaid Gift Message in a Bottle

gift message in a bottle

How adorable is this bridesmaid gift?! With this message in a bottle, you can send your girls a unique message! Printed on white-gold luxury paper with distressed edges, this is one of the best will you be my bridesmaid gifts because of its extravagance. Pearls, lace and ribbons add the finishing touches on this gorgeous message in a bottle — what better way to ask your best friends to stand next to you on your wedding day? 

#2 Will You Be My Bridesmaid Makeup Bag

bridesmaid makeup bag

You and your best friends are always there for each other and help each other with any and all problems you may have, whether it’s boys, money or makeup. You love hanging out in the bathroom, doing each other’s makeup and sharing stories about the funny thing your fiancé did the other day. Thus, a great way to ask your girls if they’ll be your bridesmaid is with a makeup bag they can use every single day thereafter, and be reminded of the unique bond you girls share.

#3 Will You Be My Bridesmaid Cute Linen Pillow

bridesmaid pillow

Ok, this is definitely one of our faves because look how cute this linen pillow is!!! Not only is this something that your bridesmaid(s) can keep in their homes and use after your gorgeous wedding, but it is just such a unique way to ask your girl to stand by your side. 

We think this is one of the all-time best will you be my bridesmaid gifts and best bridesmaid gifts in general because the darling image represents the relationship between you and your bridesmaid, which is what it’s all about anyway. While other bridesmaid gifts simply pop the question and maybe offer a few other interesting details, this one showcases your friendship, making it obvious why it’s important that she is your bridesmaid.

#4 Will You Be My Bridesmaid Fancy Pretzels

bridesmaid pretzels

What do you love to do most with your girlfriends? 

Eat and talk, right?

So, what better way to present your girls with the honor to be your bridesmaid than with some delicious snacks?! We think this is one of the best bridesmaid gifts because there are multiple ways you can use it. 

For instance, you could take your girls out to lunch and hand each of them a box while popping the question. Or, you could simple buy one box and have each girl take one pretzel stick. (There are 5 pretzel sticks per box, so if you’ve got 5 bridesmaids, you’re all set!) Lastly, you could pass them out on your wedding day (after you’ve already asked them to be your bridesmaids, of course), and share in some last-minute girl-fun before the big moment. 

Whatever you choose, we think you’ll consider this gift one of the best will you be my bridesmaid gifts out there!

#5 Funny Will You Be My Bridesmaid Card

funny bridesmaid card

This is another one of our favorites!! Though we didn’t list it as one of our favorites, we just can’t help loving this bridesmaid gift idea. 

Why is that? 

Because it speaks the truth about close-knit girl relationships: we can be annoying to the friends who are closest to us, but that’s only because we feel comfortable enough to be our true selves. You know, deep down, your girls will always be there for you and you will always be there for them, even if you do accidentally pee on them from time to time (whoops!).

Bridesmaid Gift Boxes

Here you will find the best bridesmaid gift boxes and all the best ideas for a will you be my bridesmaid gift box. Bridesmaid gift boxes are one of the all-time best ideas for bridesmaid gifts because you have the ability to give them more than just one thing! With more extravagance and more variety, bridesmaid gift boxes feature a couple different cute items. It’s true, bridesmaid gift boxes are super popular. 

Why is that?

Because getting your girlfriends just one gift can sometimes feel a little, well, underwhelming. You want your bridesmaids-to-be to really know how much they mean to you and what it would mean for them to be a part of this wedding with you. It is no small honor, so your will you be my bridesmaid gifts shouldn’t be small either. 

That’s why bridesmaid gift boxes are definitely, without a doubt, the way to go. Check out the best bridesmaid gifts and the best bridesmaid gift boxes below!

#6 Will You Be My Bridesmaid Candy Bento Box

candy bento box

Who doesn’t love candy?! 

This sweet gift is the perfect way to pop the question to your closest lady friends. Get one for each bridesmaid-to-be or, if your have three future bridesmaid, offer one piece of candy to each! 

If you and your girls have a sweet tooth, this is one of the all-time best bridesmaid gift boxes there is.

#7 Will You Be My Bridesmaid Gift Box - Packed Party 

packed party

We think this is one of the best bridesmaid gift boxes because, after all the planning and the organizing and the stress, your wedding really and truly is a party. You have fun with your girls, so your bridesmaid gift boxes should represent that!

But, what’s in the Packed Party? 

  • signature gold confetti vanity kit 
  • a brides babe sash
  • yay for rose drink pouch
  • brides babe headband
  • signature letterpress card stating what the party is

With this bridesmaid gift box, you and your girls will be ready to party in no time.

#8 DIY: Will You Be My Bridesmaid Gift Box

DIY bridesmaid gift box

You’ve made it to our second favorite of the will you be my bridesmaid gifts: a guide for how to do it yourself!

As you can see, there are a lot of will you be my bridesmaid gift box ideas and will you be my bridesmaid gift set ideas. While you could easily purchase one of these awesome options, imagine how special it would be for you to make them yourself! Yes, yes, we know, you’re a bride, so you’re undoubtedly swamped with a million little details and probably feeling overwhelmed with everything to do. 

If that’s the case, don’t worry about it! 

Your girls will love whatever you do for them! 

On the other hand, if you have some spare time and want to make it extra special for your bridesmaids-to-be, this DIY guide is the thing to do. When they realize you went to all the extra trouble, they will be grateful and will, no doubt, do the same for you. 

#9 Will You Be My Bridesmaid Box With Succulent

succulent gift box

This is one of the best bridesmaid gift boxes because it is representative of your friendship: like plants, your relationship needs nourishment to continue growing, otherwise it will die. However, unlike most plants, succulents do not require as much water and can survive off of less water than other plants. 

This is representative of your relationship with your bridesmaids because you know they will be there for you more than other people, and your actions require less explanation because they just get you. You need to pay attention to your bridesmaids, sure, but you don’t need to talk to them every single day to feel secure in your connection and bond. We think this is one of the best bridesmaid gift ideas for all the symbolism of the box’s contents. 

#10 Ain’t No Party Like a Bridal Party Gift Box

bridal party gift box

We love this ain’t no party like a bridal party gift box because of how much you receive!

  • May Designs Bride Tribe Plans notebook
  • Lirio Velo candle. Choose between:
    • Honeysuckle Jasmine
    • Lily of the Valley
  • Sugarfina Champagne Bears
  • Flora 1761 nail polish. Choose between:
    • Bougainvillea
    • Crimson Peony
    • Painted Fern
    • Sheer Camellia
  • Hand-lettered “Proposal” card. Choose Between:
    • Bridesmaid
    • Maid of Honor
  • Bridesmaid initial tag

There are so many cute little options in this bridesmaid gift box and it is definitely worth the money! That’s why we think this is one of the best bridesmaid gift boxes and one of the best will you be my bridesmaid gifts!



Will You Be My Bridesmaid Gift Set

You don’t want to leave anyone out, right? 

That’s why you need a will you be my bridesmaid gift set to include all of your girls, and not just a single bridesmaid gift or bridesmaid gift box. 

#11 Personalized Bridesmaid Initial Necklaces

bridesmaid necklace

This is one of our all-time favorite will you be my bridesmaid gifts and bridesmaid gift sets because it doubles as a meaningful keepsake your girls can wear as an everyday necklace long after your wedding is over. The best gifts are ones that really speak to the uniqueness and individuality of the receiver, and that’s why we love personalized bridesmaid initial necklaces as bridesmaid gifts. Your girl(s) will feel recognized and valued when you present them with an item of jewelry that represents who they are. 

#12 Will You Be My Bridesmaid Cookie Dough Cups

bridesmaid cookie dough cups

Present your girls with a cookie dough cup of their favorite cookie dough and you can guarantee they will say yes! With cookie dough as your will you be my bridesmaid gift set, you can count on your girls to be there for you on your big day. 

#13 Will You Be My Bridesmaid Robes

bridesmaid robes

You and your girls want to relax with some nice champagne and a chick flick. Now’s your time to get some much-needed girl time in before the big day! With these bridesmaid robes, you can treat your girls to a girls night in, or a luxurious girls trip to the beach! 

#14 Will You Be My Bridesmaid Champagne Glasses

bridesmaid champagne glasses

Pair these bridesmaid champagne glasses with the bridesmaid robes (#13) and the bridesmaid shot glasses (#15) and now you’ve got yourselves a real party. Hang out, relax, and gab with your girls over some bubbly. 

#15 Personalized Will You Be My Bridesmaid Shot Glasses

bridesmaid shot glasses

The only way to celebrate with your girls and let them know how much you mean to them is over a few shots, no doubt. That’s why these bridesmaid shot glasses are so important. You want to have a good time with your girls and enjoy your bachelorette party, and what better way to do that than with these cute bridesmaid shot glasses, your girls, and a bottle of your favorite liquor? 

And there you have it!

The top 15 will you be my bridesmaid gifts and all the best bridesmaid gifts out there!! We hope you got some great ideas for your girls. 

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