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Personalized Silver Soundwave Necklace - 25th Anniversary Gift

Chain Length

A custom made silver soundwave necklace. This necklace is made out of sterling silver which is the traditional and modern 25th anniversary gift. 

The soundwave is personalized to your liking. We have a few different ways to create a unique soundwave for you:
#1 Your Voice - We can turn your own voice into a sound wave. You can record a meaningful message and then send us the sound file and we will create a soundwave and engrave it on your necklace.
#2 Your Song - You can let us know what song you would like to use and we will create a soundwave for the engraving. You can use a portion of the song if you like a specific part of it or we can use the whole song.
#3 Your Words - You can simply write the words you would like to use and we can turn those words into a soundwave. For example, you can tell us that you want "happy anniversary" turned into a soundwave and we will make it happen!


Pendant width: 1.25"

Pendant Metal: sterling silver

Chain Length: 16", 18" or 20"

Chain Metal: dainty sterling silver


Once the order is placed you can email us a file with your voice. It will then be turned into a sound wave necklace and shipped to you! 


Please reach out to us with any questions you may have.