15 Modern And Traditional 2nd Anniversary Gifts

2nd Year Anniversary Gifts

So you made it past the first year milestone and now it’s already year #2! Congratulations! BUT, with another anniversary comes another time to pick out a gift. Lucky for you, we’ve got you covered with some great ideas for second anniversary gifts. The traditional theme for a second year anniversary gift is cotton. Similar to year one, I couldn’t imagine many gifts that could be cotton. But with some creativity, there are a surprising amount of cotton gifts to give to that special someone. You could also go the modern route, with the china or porcelain theme. Although I actually found it more difficult to find china/porcelain gifts than cotton gifts… unless you married someone who REALLY loves china kitchenware. Whichever theme you choose, we’ve rounded up a list of some of the best gift ideas you can give to your love to celebrate your second year of marriage.


Cotton Anniversary Gifts

The traditional gift for a second anniversary is something related to cotton. Cotton symbolizes how a marriage should be long lasting, strong, and be able to adjust to and work through changes. At first, this seemed like yet another tricky theme to follow. However, I quickly came to find out that there are tons of cotton related gifts from home decor, to jewelry, etc. Here’s a few of the best cotton related anniversary gifts out there.

For Her

Cotton Anniversary Gift Wall Decoration

Custom Cotton Wall Decoration

 As your starting to build a life and a home together, you’re always looking for decorations, right? Especially things that you BOTH like. This custom cotton decoration is the perfect way to add a personalized touch to your home, and is sure to be something you both love. Show her your decorative side with this super creative (and cute!) piece that not only represents the both of you and your marriage, but also follows the second year anniversary theme of cotton gifts.






Customized His and Hers Towels

 Personalized bath towels are such a traditional gift for newly married couples. In this case, it also works perfectly to fit the cotton anniversary theme! If you know your wife has been eyeing some new towels, consider these cozy personalized hand towels that you can get your anniversary date put on. She’ll love the sentimental and meaningful aspects, while also appreciating the fact that now you’ll definitely know who’s towel is who’s.



Cotton Anniversary Gift Wine Pairing Towels   

Wine Pairing Towels

Us ladies love our wine!! She will definitely appreciate the boost in her wine knowledge with these adorable wine pairing kitchen towels. She’ll be an expert on food and wine, which means you’ll also be having some great food and wine (it’s a gift for both of you, really.). You’ll be getting her a creative gift that she loves, and scoring bonus points by following the cotton theme!




 Fashionable Cotton Tote Bag

 Women could use a bag for just about anything. An everyday purse, a gym back, a grocery bag, you name it...we could use a bag for it. So why not spoil her with a super cute and versatile tote bag (and yes, it’s cotton!!) that she’ll love to show off. This will definitely earn you points in the style department and she’ll love the fact that she’s got some new arm candy.




Cotton Tassel Earrings

I was super excited to be able to incorporate a jewelry piece even into the cotton anniversary gifts!! Fun earrings are very in right now, specifically cotton tassel earrings like this! You’ll definitely make her heart and style happy by gifting her a pair of trendy cotton tassel earrings. There are tons to choose from just about anywhere you go, so it’s just a matter of finding the right pair for your lady!


For Him


Cotton Anniversary Gift Customized Socks


Customized Socks

Cotton gifts for guys seemed to require a little more creativity. But who could resist these personalized anniversary socks for their hubby?? There’s not many things we get to give to guys that can be customized with your anniversary date, but this is a winner! Plus, since it also acts as a reminder, he’ll probably never forget your anniversary!



Cotton Anniversary Gift Custom Tray


Custom Cotton Tray

If you want to get him something super creative, these customized cotton trays are the way to go. Since you can’t get guys a jewelry box, this is the next best thing for guys to have something to keep their watches, rings, cologne, etc. on. Customize it with your anniversary date, initials, or any special message to make it even more personal and the perfect anniversary gift.



 Cotton Anniversary Gift Custom Robes


 Personalized Cotton Robes

What's better than being comfy cozy with your husband on a lazy Sunday morning? Ensure both of your comfort with these cozy cotton bath robes. With the option to get them personalized with your initials, it makes for the perfect gift for the cotton anniversary. 




 Customized Coordinate Pillow

Do you have a special place where you two first met or fell in love? Remind him of that place and time with this adorable customized coordinate pillow. With a variety of color options, you’re sure to find a design that’s just right for him. This pillow is definitely a cute addition to a second anniversary gift.



Cotton Anniversary Gift Custom Sound Wave Canvas


Custom Sound Wave Canvas

The cotton anniversary is the perfect opportunity to get a beautiful custom canvas. These sound wave canvas’ are super elegant and personal. You can have your first dance song, or any other voice recording engraved to make it extremely meaningful. And the sleek, simple design will be sure to fit both of your style’s.


Modern 2nd Year Anniversary Gifts

The modern 2nd year anniversary gift theme is china or porcelain. Personally, this is not my favorite theme, especially when first trying to think up gift ideas. My mind kept going to china dishes that just sit in a china cabinet and no one ever uses or even looks at. But once I started to look at what was out there, it got a little better. It's definitely still not my favorite theme, but I was able to put together a collection of some pretty cool gifts. SO, if your heart is set on going the modern route for your 2nd year anniversary gift, here are some awesome ideas to get you started on your gift hunt. 

For Her



Porcelain Serving Set

Does your wife love to entertain? If so, she's sure to love this elegant porcelain serving set. It's clean and modern look will be sure to impress, and she'll love how fancy it feels! It is the perfect addition to anyone's home who loves to entertain others, or even just to put things out for the family!  





Porcelain Ring Holder

(Most) Women love getting jewelry. BUT, we also need somewhere to put that jewelry. The porcelain anniversary is a great opportunity to get your wife some sort of beautiful jewelry holder, like this porcelain peacock ring holder. She can keep her rings, earrings, even some necklaces, on this unique piece. Not only is it functional, but it is also a beautiful addition to the room. 



Porcelain Anniversary Gift Jewelry


Porcelain Jewelry

If you're still dead set on getting your wife jewelry as an anniversary gift, the porcelain theme doesn't have to stop you! There are tons of unique and beautiful jewelry pieces out there, including this necklace and many more pieces from Modern Mud. I love the clean, elegant, and modern look of these pieces, and they would make for the perfect 2nd year anniversary gift!





Hanging Porcelain Planters

Plants have always been a popular decoration. Especially recently, with the succulent and cactus craze. If your wife loves to decorate with plants, these porcelain hanging wall pots are the perfect gift. They are simple, but add a beautiful modern touch to any home. It doubles as a beautiful and creative indoor decoration that she will love to arrange and make her own! 





Porcelain Coffee Mugs

If your wife is anything like me, her day doesn't really start until she sips that first cup of coffee. And, if she's REALLY like me, she definitely can't resist buying a cute coffee mug when she sees one. When I came across this adorable pink porcelain coffee set, I thought it was the perfect gift for coffee or tea lovers out there. She'll appreciate the thought you put into something she loves, and she's sure to love the colorful and cute design!


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