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15 Best 40th Anniversary Gifts For Parents

Posted on June 21 2019

15 Best 40th Anniversary Gifts For Parents


Looking for gifts for your parents who’ve been married for 40 years can be tricky — they’ve been married forever and it feels like you’ve already bought them everything under the sun! They’re not even sure what to get each other!! They probably have their go-to gifts for each other by now: Dad gets some golf balls every year and Mom gets her favorite flowers or perhaps a new coffee mug to add to her collection. However, this year marks a big moment — 40 years with the same person is no easy feat and it should be celebrated accordingly. What’s more — they’ve put you through college, paid for your cell phone bill long after you should have started to pay for it yourself and are always, always just a phone call away whenever you need them.

Your parents are pretty special.

That’s why, this year, you should step out of your comfort zone of the typical gifts you give your parents, and search for ruby anniversary gifts that really have a lot of meaning for them this anniversary!

If you’re looking for 40th anniversary gifts for parents, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve looked all around for some of the absolute best 40th anniversary gifts for parents, ruby anniversary gifts and personalized anniversary gifts so that you can easily find what will make your parents happy and celebrate their anniversary with them in true ruby style. For all the best 40th wedding anniversary gifts, 40th wedding anniversary gifts for parents and 40th anniversary gift ideas, keep reading!!

For more information on the 40th wedding anniversary, check out our Complete Guide: 40th Anniversary Gifts!

(HINT: #12 is our fave!)


40th anniversary gifts for parents



#1 Ruby Anniversary Poem Picture Frame

ruby anniversary picture frame

This ruby anniversary poem picture frame makes for one of the best 40th anniversary gifts for parents! After 40 years together, it’s important that your parents take some time to really reflect on their marriage and the journey they’ve been on together. When you give a beautiful poem that speaks to the adventures and joys they’ve had, you will feel glad knowing you’ve given them a truly meaningful gift for their 40th wedding anniversary.

What makes this anniversary so special is the journey your parents have been on together all these years. With a poem that really speaks to who they are individually and as a couple, this is one of the all-time best personalized anniversary gifts and 40th anniversary gifts for parents!

#2 Where It All Began Ruby Throw Pillow

where it all began ruby pillow

After 40 years together, what your parents really need is some comfort and some much-needed down time. Though you could get your parents a ruby red gift for their ruby anniversary, or you could get them a personalized gift, what makes this gift idea so great is that you can combine both! A personalized ruby pillow is something your parents will definitely cherish — pillows, in general, are thrown all over your parents house, so you can be reasonably certain they’ll care for this personalized one that much more.

Remind your parents this wedding anniversary to spend some time cuddling with one another, reflecting on their 40-year journey together with this lovely personalized ruby pillow.

#3 40th Ruby Wedding Anniversary Keepsake Large Clock

ruby clock

A keepsake like this 40th ruby wedding anniversary clock is one of the all-time best personalized anniversary gifts you could get for your parents. Not only does this ruby clock symbolize their 40th wedding anniversary, but it also serves to remind your parents of all the time they’ve spent together building a life!

The gift of a clock is so meaningful.

When you give your parents a ruby clock, they will be reminded of their 40-year-adventure every time they look at it! With a simple and sleek design, this ruby clock makes for the perfect keepsake and addition to any home. This anniversary, remind your parents that they’ve been given the gift of time: they’ve had 40 years together already and their journey has only just begun!

#4 Anniversary Ruby Photo Frame

ruby photo frame

Sometimes, you really don’t need anything too complicated to make an impact: a simple photo frame that celebrates their 40 years together can be the only gift you really need to get for them! With two places for photos and a gorgeous ruby ribbon design, this anniversary photo frame will be one your parents will cherish for many, many years to come.

#5 Stemless Wine Glasses

ruby wine glasses

Do your parents love wine?

If so, then these stemless wine glasses are a no-brainer!

Get an anniversary gift that helps them to relax and unwind, to let loose and not worry so much! Not only are stemless wine glasses a super great wine glass style, but the design on this particular wine glass is timeless! Your parents will love taking these glasses out at Christmastime when the whole family is there to enjoy a great meal and even better company.

#6 Personalized Wall Cross

personalized wall cross

For the religious parents, a personalized wall cross can speak to them more than you know. You can personalize this beautiful wall cross with your parents’ names and their anniversary date to remind them that relationship is more than just between them. What could be more meaningful than that? This is one of the absolute best 40th anniversary gifts for parents because it is a reminder of what bonded them in the first place and what continues to bond them throughout their relationship and marriage: their faith.

#7 Personalized Paperweight

personalized paperweight

For the dad who is the hardest working individual you know, a personalized paperweight can add to his office decor and serve to remind him of what truly matters after long days in the office: spending time with his wife and children. This gorgeous personalized paperweight makes for one of the best ruby anniversary gifts for parents because it acts as a simple and subtle reminder of their 40 years of adventure together.

#8 Personalized Carafe

personalized carafe

This personalized carafe pairs nicely with the #5 stemless wine glasses! For the parents who love to sit on their back patio and relax after a long day with a glass of wine, this personalized carafe is absolutely the way to go. All you have to do now is find the perfect bottle of red wine and you’re all set to give one of the best 40th anniversary gifts for parents!

#9 Ruby Heart Pendant Necklace

ruby heart pendant necklace

The 40th wedding anniversary is the Ruby Anniversary, so it just makes sense to go for ruby gemstone jewelry for your mom! Though a little on the more expensive side, if you have the funds, you should definitely go for this ruby heart pendant necklace. She will absolutely love it and you can count on this being her new favorite piece of jewelry that she will wear with everything, all the time! Remind your mom she’s a gem this 40th wedding anniversary.  

#10 Questions For Couples Book

questions for couples book

Your parents know each other pretty darn well, that’s for sure. They have their own unique little jokes and quips — it’s almost like they have their own language! But you’re in on it, as are your siblings. You know how to take care of each other, as a family should. Every once in a while, every relationship (no matter how close!) needs a little refresher. Good relationships work because each person makes sure to check up on the other person and make sure they’re doing okay emotionally. While it can be pretty natural to do this when you have a strong bond with someone, sometimes it’s helpful to have a little push.

This Questions For Couples book provides 469 thought-provoking questions to get the conversation started and to rekindle intimacy. After 40 years of marriage, it can be easy to fall into a routine and to have lost some of that passionate spark that characterized your early years. With a little help from this book, you can continue fueling that beautiful relationship. This makes for one of the all-time best 40th anniversary gifts for parents you could get, no question about it.

#11 Ruby Talisman Earrings

ruby talisman earrings

So, it’s the ruby anniversary — it seems like a no-brainer to get your mom some gorgeous ruby earrings, right? The thing is, though, there are a lot of different ruby jewelry gifts for mom you could get, so how do you know which ones she’ll like? It boils down to her sense of style and what really speaks to her. If you’re looking for ruby anniversary gifts that really stand out and sparkle, then these ruby talisman earrings are definitely, absolutely, 100% the way to go. We love the huge, oversized raw gemstones that really stand out from other earring silhouettes.

(If your mom is more of a ring or necklace jewelry-wearer, check out the matching ring and necklace!)

#12 Omaha Steaks

omaha steaks

You’ve made it to our all-time absolute favorite of the 40th anniversary gifts for parents! It might seem a little odd at first glance, but think about it: when you cook a steak perfectly, what’s the inside color? Ruby red!! Think outside the box for this anniversary — and you might need to anyway, because you’ve run out of ideas for what to get your parents after all these years!

And who doesn’t enjoy a nice, juicy steak, right?

For the meat-lovers, the gift of Omaha Steaks is really the way to go this 40th wedding anniversary. Pair it with some new grilling tools and make an evening out of it! Spend a Sunday afternoon grilling steaks with Dad and drinking ruby-red wine with Mom from her personalized wine carafe and stemless wine glasses! They will absolutely love the thoughtfulness of the occasion.  

#13 Nasturtium Hanging Floral Arrangement

nasturtium hanging flower

When searching for 40th anniversary gifts for parents, you might be wondering, what is the flower for 40th anniversary?

It’s nasturtium!

If you want to branch out of the typical 40th anniversary gift ideas and think outside of the ruby theme, opt for a bouquet or packet of seeds of the nasturtium flower! We love this hanging floral arrangement because the decorative basket comes with 21 flowers, 261 leaves and 18 buds!

The best part about this nasturtium hanging floral arrangement is that these faux flowers are super easy to clean and will never die! Your parents can be reminded of their lovely 40th anniversary celebration every single day when they walk by the gift you gave them. That makes this one of the best 40th anniversary gifts for parents!

(For more details on the significance of the nasturtium as the 40th wedding anniversary flower, check out our Complete Guide to the 40th Anniversary!)

#14 Personalized Sheet Music

personalized sheet music

Though we love #12 Omaha Steaks, we absolutely love the gift of personalized ruby sheet music, too! In a subtle ruby red tone, this personalized canvas wall art serves as a reminder of your parents’ lovely and romantic 40 years together! The great thing about this personalized sheet music canvas art is that you can customize it with any sheet music that your parents find meaningful!

For instance, to really make their 40th anniversary special, consider personalizing this sheet music wall art with their first dance song from their wedding. Or, is there another song that really holds a lot of meaning to your parents? Something that got them through hard times or served to bond them as a couple? Whatever comes to mind, go for that one! For ruby anniversary gifts for parents, you can’t do better than this personalized sheet music wall art!

#15 Ruby Cufflinks

ruby cufflinks

Getting something specifically for Dad can be hard to do sometimes: you feel like you’ve already bought him everything and he never has any new ideas to give you! If that’s the case, then this 40th wedding anniversary, think of getting him ruby anniversary gifts that he could use! For example, these ruby cufflinks are a small gift, but they make such a big impact on your Dad’s outfit when he’s taking your Mom out for a date night. Something small like these ruby cufflinks can really go a long way to make an outfit look and feel super special.

And there you have it!

For 40th anniversary gifts for parents, ruby anniversary gifts and personalized anniversary gifts for parents, these are the all-time, absolute best 15 gifts you could get them this anniversary.


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