4th Anniversary Gifts for Him and Her



Happy fourth anniversary! It’s that time of year again! Thankfully you’ve got the Gift Guru’s at Forever Anniversary on your side to help you find the perfect gift for your partner! What’s on the menu this year you ask? Drum roll please...ta da! It’s Fruits and flowers! Yay! What a nutritious and (sometimes) edible treat! But that’s not all, our modern gift for the fourth year is...survey says...electrical appliances! 

You’re probably wondering what the deeper meaning behind appliances is...perhaps nothing. But, maybe the toaster your cousin got your for your wedding present is busted or just disappeared altogether (spooky). Maybe the juicer you used every day finally juiced its last fruit. 

Speaking of fruits, there is a deeper meaning behind the fourth anniversary gift being fruits and flowers. These two represent how your relationship has blossomed over time and become fruitful (no pun intended). Your love started as a small seed and together with a little tender love and care, you have watched it grow. So, naturally, the appropriate token of affection this time is produce and floral arrangements. 

As promised, we’ve got you covered with the best fourth anniversary gifts for him and her. The gift harvest has been good and plentiful and we’re just flourishing with great ideas you’ll love!



Top Five Fourth Anniversary Gifts for Him




4th anniversary gifts for him

Mini Espresso Machine

It’s the first thing the majority of people do when they get up in the morning: make their coffee. But not everyone is the cream and sugar type. Sometimes you need something a little stronger, the rawest of the raw, and that’s a shot of espresso. You know you can’t get through the work week without it. But pulling over at the nearest cafe is just an extra stop you’ve got to make before sitting in traffic hoping you make it to work on time. Not to mention the expenses add up. But imagine having quality espresso from the comfort of your own home instead of having to stop at a crowded java joint where they always get your name wrong. If your spouse needs his caffeine to kick start his morning, you can’t go wrong with a mini espresso machine. Every morning will smell of fresh coffee and sunshine and he’ll adore you for it.






4th anniversary gifts for him

 Indoor Grill

Do you still live in an apartment complex or condominium and hate that you have to use those nasty (probably not well cleaned) shoddy outdoor public grills? Do you just not own one? End your husband’s suffering and get him an indoor grill! Perfect for apartments, condos, or just a lot more convenient than having to stand outside for however long it takes with a giant grill. This is perfect for dinner with you and your spouse or for a small gathering of people! Let’s get cookin’! 







4th anniversary gifts for him


Fruit Flavored Hot Sauce

Whataya outta ya mind? Fruit and hot sauce?? Yes! If your man is a fan of spicy food, add a little kick to his taste buds with fruit inspired hot sauce! Open up his mind to bold new flavors he’s never thought to explore and see if he can handle the heat! Take this as an opportunity to try new recipes together and incorporate your new collection of hot sauces. As they say, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach!







4th anniversary gifts for him

 Electric Juicer

Is your spouse a health nut? Starting his morning with a protein shake and maybe a banana? Maybe his favorite snack is a handful of blueberries? If your man is loyal to the food pyramid, then we’ve got the perfect gift for him. Instead of having to cut up fruits and vegetables to meal prep, get him an awesome juicer to take all the hard work out of eating healthy! Not just convenient and useful, but also fun to do! Make delicious strawberry-banana juice or a mega healthy green drink! If he’s cutting back on coffee and living a healthier lifestyle, this is a great gift! 







4th anniversary gifts for him

  Floral Neckties

Who says men can’t wear floral patterns? Help your spouse look his best with some sophisticated floral neckties! In keeping with the theme of flowers, these neckties will add a splash of color to his office or formal ensemble. They can range from subtle small patterns to a little bolder bigger design. Your man is going to rock this elegant statement piece and definitely get compliments wherever he goes. Suit up!







Top Five Anniversary Gifts for Her




4th anniversary gifts for her

Edible Arrangements 

You’ve probably heard of Edible Arrangements before or maybe even received one (or at least snuck a pineapple flower off someone else's). Create a custom fruit bouquet or choose from one of the many pre-designed arrangements on the site. Anything from chocolate dipped strawberries to hazelnut dipped pineapple mustaches (yep)! If you don’t want to splurge on a giant fruit bouquet, Edible Arrangements also features fruit boxes as an alternative. Of course this gift also works for men too, who doesn’t love chocolate and fruit??









4th anniversary gifts for her


24k Gold Forever Rose

Roses are red, ice cream is cold, why not get her a rose dipped in 24k gold? It’s not a statue painted gold, it’s a REAL rose that has been dipped into 24k gold liquid and dried to create the forever rose! Finally! A flower she can keep forever and ever and not have toss out a week later! It’s a real rose bud, real leaves and a real stem glistening in gorgeous 24k gold. Imagine the look on her face when she sees this for the first time...and then when you explain that its 100% real! These are vastly popular and make a great conversation piece for your household. Make her feel like a princess when you hand her this beautiful gold forever rose.








4th anniversary gifts for her

 Preserved Music Box Rose

Similar to the Forever Rose, this is a super cute alternative with some extra bells and whistles. A REAL preserved rose blossom encased in a beautiful specially crafted music box that plays a sweet song when you open it. Anytime she misses you, she can wind up the box and open it to appreciate this unique romantic gesture and think of you. There are also some versions where you can insert a photo on the inside of the lid. Perhaps your favorite picture together or something from your wedding! This is definitely something that will surprise her and be something she cherishes always. 









4th anniversary gifts for her

 Topaz Jewelry

In case you didn’t know, the stone for the 4th wedding anniversary is beautiful blue topaz! This stone represents open communication, loyalty, affection and deep emotional attachment. If someone gives you topaz, it may mean they want a stronger commitment! This beautiful blue is a calming peaceful color and is considered a cooling stone. In ancient times, people used the stone to heal burns. Nowadays, it is the December birthstone and a beautiful gem to wear as earrings, a necklace or bracelets. Get her topaz in her favorite style of jewelry and add a little pop of ocean color to her look. Bonus points if you find it in a flower shape like the photo shown above!








4th anniversary gifts for her

Blooming Tea Set  

You may have gifted her a china set before, but does she have a BLOOMING tea set? A stove top safe glass teapot with matching tea cups, a tea infuser, tea candle warmer and several lovely tea blossoms for her to try. Watch in amazement as she drops on of her flowering teas into the hot teapot and watch as they slowly blossom into a beautiful flower creating a unique fruity or floral flavor. Blooming teas can be dried and used a couple times over so she’ll be stocked for awhile. She’ll be the envy of all her friends when they come over and she showcases this magical tea set you’ve gifted her. If you’re lucky, maybe she’ll let you borrow it!









 4th anniversary gifts for both



Our Favorites:




4th anniversary gifts for him and her

Chocolate Fondue Fountain


Break out the fruit, marshmallows, and whatever else sounds good dipped in chocolate! Invite some friends over for a fondue party or indulge in this over the top chocolate fountain with your spouse, we won’t judge.






4th anniversary gifts for him and her

 Fruity or Floral Wine

Fruity, floral, or both? You don’t need an excuse to enjoy a nice glass of wine, but since it's all about fruits and flowers this year, let's make a celebration out of it!







4th anniversary gifts for him and her

 Fruit Flavored Beer

Citrus, strawberry, blueberry, grapefruit, raspberry, apple, lime...and that’s just some off the top of our heads! If you’re not feeling wine, a nice fruity beer will pair nicely with those steaks you made with your new indoor grill!







4th anniversary gifts for him and her

 French Press Coffee Maker

Feel like true coffee artisans with your own french press coffee maker! It’s a little bit of work, but well worth it!








4th anniversary gifts for him and her

Ramen Cooker 

Ramen has spiked in popularity recently. But not just the cheap stuff you can get in bulk. The real, authentic stuff you get when you go out to your favorite Japanese restaurant. Take a trip to the local Asian market, get all the fixin’s, and throw them into your new noodle cooker and enjoy that authentic taste from home!








4th anniversary gifts for him and her

 Hot Dog Toaster

Yeah we said it, HOT DOG TOASTER. Bet you didn’t think you wanted one of these in your life until now. Maybe it’s not a big necessity, but it’s fun. A little easier than grilling or microwaving, and you get to toast the bun at the same time in the same contraption! Amazing!







4th anniversary gifts for him and her

Bluetooth Wireless Speaker 

The gift of music and convenience. Whether it’s staying in for a night on the couch with a bottle of wine or having guests over, this bluetooth speaker will definitely come in handy. Imagine being able to put on your “Dance Party Jamz” or “Date Night” playlist with your phone. You can say a lot with sound, and this makes the perfect modern 4th anniversary gift.








 4th anniversary him and her

The possibilities are almost endless with a tradition like fruit flowers and electrical appliances! Have fun selecting the perfect gift for your spouse and remember everything that brought you to this moment. It’s four years in the making! Be sure to include a sweet card with that hot dog toaster and enjoy the day, you both deserve it! See ya next year!

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