5th Anniversary Gifts for Him and Her


Has it already been five years?? At this point in your marriage, you’ve grown from being as delicate as paper to a sturdier, more solid foundation. Imagine the fifth year of marriage like wooden cabin. It’s a sturdy dwelling made with love, but it is still susceptible to trouble and hardship. Over time, the home you build together as a couple will become stronger and able to deflect any hardships you may face. With that being said, wood is the traditional fifth year gift.

For the modern age, the esteemed high council of anniversary presents (probably) has decided that the alternative anniversary gift shall henceforth be...silverware. Not quite silver, that’s not until your twenty-fifth year (yowza). Think flatware sets, fancy kitchen knives, antique spoons, things like that.

In addition to traditional wood and modern silverware, the fifth anniversary is also celebrated with sapphire, pink tourmaline, and daisies. Sufficient to say, this year you’ve got a lot of options. 

Without further ado, let’s dive into the best fifth anniversary gifts for him and her and get this years gift crossed off your to-do list!


Top Six Anniversary Gifts For Him


Personalized Wood Flask 

For the man that has everything, why not gift him with a classy, personalized wooden flask? Perfect as a conversation piece at parties or as a memento to display on your shelf. Get creative, get it engraved with his initials and the date of your anniversary, or for a more sentimental note, personalize it with a sweet message. A wooden flask will add a touch of class to his look or to your home amongst your possessions. Your man will stand out amongst the rest with this gentlemanly token of love. It’s sophisticated and plays well with the wooden gift tradition. Bottoms up!


 Personalized Whiskey Decanter with Glasses and Wood Tray 

Maybe your hubby isn’t the type to carry around a wood flask, but if he’s still a whiskey lover and a man of good taste, he’ll probably be over the moon for this personalized whiskey decanter with matching glasses and a classic wood tray to display them on. He can proudly display these in his home office for a 1940’s mob boss vibe, or in your kitchen. Glassware adds a touch of sophistication to any decor. Why drink your liquor in any old glass when you could do it in luxury? Whether these remain a decorative piece or are used for small gatherings, there’s no doubt he’ll be floored when he sees this gift.



Wood Cuff Links

For your fifth anniversary, let's assume your husband is taking you out to a very snazzy dinner and having you play dress up. We both know you’re going to look breathtaking, but your man should look good too! Take that outfit and make it a LOOK. Stainless steel wood cuff links are the way to go. It’s perfect for this years theme, and he’s going to look absolutely amazing with some jewelry of his own. Definitely a statement piece he can use for any occasion, as not everyone owns wooden cuff links. Even men should get to feel like royalty sometimes, so for the King of your heart, gift him with style!



5th anniversary gifts for him

 Wood Docking Station

Does your husband constantly lose his keys, phone, sunglasses or other important things? This wooden docking station is perfect for all those times his car keys run away. Long gone are the days of, “I can’t find my phone, can you call it?” With this convenient and personable gift, he’ll have one centralized place to store all his valuables: keys, phone, sunglasses, a watch, a flash drive, his wallet or anything else he would prefer not to misplace. You can also get it personalized with a “Happy Anniversary!” or “Don’t lose this, love y/n.” This is such a helpful gift you’ll probably want one of your own!


5th anniversary gifts for him

Razor with Handcrafted Wooden Handle

Unless your spouse is a sea captain or a viking (but like, how cool would that be?), there’s a good chance he regularly shaves. Instead of using those gross plastic razors that end up in the trash when they get rusted and overused, get him something he can treasure, like this handcrafted wooden razor with interchangeable blades! Displayed upon a chic toiletries tray, his morning routine will have a rustic, more refined feel. And as is tradition with any wedding anniversary gift, yes, you can get this personalized. 


 Personalized Cigar Holder Whiskey Glass With Personalized Coaster and Wood Box

The wooden anniversary comes with a great excuse to buy grown-up drinking accessories. We couldn’t release this list without raving about this modern take on the whiskey and cigar pairing. Here we have a square drinking glass with a slot to place a cigar without having to worry about stacking it on an ashtray and the possibility of it rolling onto the floor. It also comes with matching wood coasters and a personalized wood keepsake box for storage! Have your man feel like Gomez Addams or Rhett Butler with his new whiskey and cigar set! 



Top Six Anniversary Gifts For Her


Pink Tourmaline Earrings

Pink Tourmaline is one of the two traditional fifth anniversary stones. Pink Tourmaline is an incredible healing stone said to aid depression, anxiety and guilt and turn those bad feelings into good emotions of self love and happiness. It is the stone that best activates the heart chakra, which is probably why it is associated with the love of the fifth wedding anniversary. Gift her with a stone that not only with sparkle beautifully on her, but also has a lot of healing properties and significant meanings. These pink tourmaline earrings are a perfect feminine token of love that she can wear for a spectacular night out or for any other occasion!





Sapphire Princess Cut Pendant

The second traditional anniversary stone is beautiful blue sapphire! Sapphire is associated with being the stone of royalty and wealth, integrity and wisdom. It has also been used for mental and spiritual healing. For example, bringing balance to the mind and body and overall peace of mind. Sapphire has played a role with ancient religion and historical figures. Some people believe sapphire keeps us faithful to our partners which is why it makes for a good anniversary stone. (see this article on more sapphire history). Get her “something blue” and beautiful with the gift of sapphire. A simple, but stunning sapphire pendant is a perfect anniversary gift she can wear daily to be reminded of your everlasting love and faithfulness while also bestowing spiritual balance. Plus, it’s so pretty!


5th anniversary gifts for her

Glass Daisy Mug 

In keeping with the modern tradition of flatware and the traditional daisy as the fifth anniversary flower, here we have a gorgeous glass mug with colored glaze and delicate daisies. Daisies signify innocence, purity, and harmony. Making them a perfect symbol for your love story at this stage. This daisy mug is perfect for a hot or cold drink and it comes with a beautiful matching spoon for mixing! A gorgeous statement piece as well as a great glass for hot or iced tea, coffee, lemonade, even sangria and fruit! If you purchased that blooming tea set for the fourth anniversary, this glass would be a perfect addition! Just pour hot water into the glass followed by your tea bloom and watch the magic happen in this gorgeous drinkware accessory! 



5th anniversary gifts for her5th anniversary gifts for her

Wood Bar Earrings or Wood Bar Pendant

Perhaps your partner isn’t the sparkling jewelry type but definitely loves to accessorize. If you want to give her the gift of jewelry but stray away from pink tourmaline and sapphire, these wooden bar dangle earrings are a great alternative! Organic black walnut wood painted in gold for a simple but chic look. Pair with this equally earthy wood bar pendant to complete the look! Bar jewelry is very on trend right now and these pieces are a great addition to her unique jewelry collection. She can wear these in her day to day life as they are a very neutral style or dress them up with matching gold accessories or formal wear. Give her style and tradition all in one with this fabulous wood jewelry!



 Bamboo Wood Bath Caddy

She’s all about self love and at home spa days. She’s the kind of woman that always keeps her nails manicured, uses face masks, and loves bubble baths. She’s always got those scented bath bombs or bath salts on deck and always makes her bath-time an experience. Give her beauty routine a little convenience with a wood bath caddy! These have so many slots and cubbies to hold anything she wants to bring in with her without worrying about dropping it in the water! She can secure her phone or ipad to listen to music or catch up on the most recent episode of the Bachelor (don’t pretend like that’s not your favorite too). She can easily set down a wine glass without fear of spilling, a scented candle, and all her lotions and potions she’ll use while she relaxes. She’s going to be over the moon with this gift and perhaps she’ll let you borrow it too.



  Personalized Wood Wall Art

Tell your story on a rustic wooden plaque for all to see! Personalize it with all your big milestones! Your first date, the day you proposed,  your wedding, (if applicable) the birth of your child, whatever special days matter most to you! Get it beautifully written on this wood wall piece to stay within the wooden gift tradition. Hang wherever it can be displayed best and use it to look back on the fond memories you two have had and the big milestones that brought you to where you are today!  


Gifts for Him and Her!


Our Favorites:


Date Night Savings Box

A wooden framed box with a transparent glass face with “Date Night Savings” scrawled on the front. This is a perfect reminder to save up for all those dream dinners or extra special date night activities you've been wanting to do!


Wooden Wine Glass or Wood Martini Glass 

If the two of you are collectors of unusual, fancy or unique drinkware, these wooden glasses are the perfect addition to your collection! Make it shaken, not stirred in a wooden martini glass or enjoy a nice Chianti. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about shattering these if you’ve got buttery Chardonnay fingers!



Wallace Silversmiths 45-Piece Gold Napoleon Bee Flatware Service

 Fancy Flatware 

This isn’t the time to go out and buy a standard silverware set from your local value home store. It’s go big or go home with memorable flatware that you’ll be using for the rest of your lives (woah, big commitment). Choose a style that really suits your tastes. If your home is more modern and contemporary, think smooth silvers with subtle detailing. If you’ve got a more traditional household go for intricate patterns and colors. You’d be surprised how many different types of flatware exist. Happy hunting!



5th anniversary gifts for him and her

 Anniversary Jenga

Marriage is a constant game of balance and takes a good strong foundation to keep it going...also jenga is really fun. Get a personalized jenga block set for your wood anniversary, crack open a bottle of wine (or that whiskey decanter set) and have some fun! (Remember, if you touch the block, you have to take it!)



 Rustic Wood Bar Cart 

Now we’re talking! A roll-away wooden bar cart to carry your drinking glasses, liquor or wine bottles, decanters, plates and whatever else you need to bring into the party. Paired with the whiskey decanter set and the wooden wine and martini glasses, your home is going to be infamous for hosting! 



  Wood Cutting Board and Serving Tray Set- Personalized

Because who doesn’t like a good cheese plate? A perfect homey wood cutting board/serving tray for cutting up fruit, cheese, prosciutto, whatever your heart desires. Personalize it with your shared last name and you’ll wow anyone who sees it. Bonus: it comes with 4 cutting tools!



5th anniversary gifts for herTOM FORD Oud Wood  Image 2

 His and Hers Eau De Parfum

 A more modern spin on the traditional wood and daisy tradition. Get each other complimenting scents you’ll both enjoy! Our choice is Tom Ford’s “Oud Wood” Cologne for him (with its smokey sandalwood and amber notes), and Marc Jacobs “Daisy” perfume (fruity and floral) for her! Romance is in the air, and you can smell it!



For your fifth anniversary, you’ll have so many options of what to get your spouse it’ll be harder to narrow it down than it’ll be just to find one! This is the perfect year to stock up on stunning silverware, kitchen and drinkware novelties, and jewelry for both! As always, whatever gift you choose, your spouse is going to love, and we hope this list helps you find the perfect one! Salud!

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