Best Honeymoon Destinations (Skopelos, Greece)

Skopelos, Greece

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best honeymoon destinations

Ahhh, crystal blue waters, white sandy beaches, age old architecture, and it’s the place where the first Mamma Mia movie was filmed (and if we learned anything from Mamma Mia, its that this island is absolutely gorgeous!). For a humble, quieter, more tranquil honeymoon, there’s no place like Greece! Since there’s no direct flights to Skopelos so you’ll have to land as close as you can to Skiathos which is a very lively beach city with tons of restaurants, bars, shops and nightlife. Spend some time here on your first day! What’s the rush?


best honeymoon destinations

Hotels in Skopelos are very cheap and we found some amazing places with great views and the ocean not too far away!


best honeymoon destinations

Our Picks (By price):

-Skopelos Village Hotel $ (P.S. the cast of Mama Mia stayed here!)

-Skopelos Holidays Hotel & Spa $

-Villa Ble $

-Evlalia Studios and Villas $

-Hotel Prince Staflios $


best honeymoon destinations

From here you can ferry over to Skopelos (it’s approximately a 1 hour trip, but super worth it) and walk hand in hand down the cobblestone streets in the official old town tour, where you’ll get to see the oldest restaurants and buildings in the area and enjoy some samples of the local food. Next, go hiking in Skopelos’ beautiful green forests and then swimming in the islands magical blue waters. 


best honeymoon destinationsbest honeymoon destinations

For sun and fun, head over to Kastani beach and enjoy the cool air and blue skies while you enjoy a tropical drink from the Kastani Beach Bar as you and your partner relax under the shade in cushioned beach chairs along the bar deck (fair warning, depending on the time of year you come, this area can get packed due to the Mamma Mia tours, yes that’s right, they do a Mamma Mia location tour!). 


best honeymoon destinations

For a real workout, go visit the Chapel of St. John the Baptist and climb its 199 steps! It sits upon a rocky hill surrounded by crashing waves and is truly a sight to behold. If you want to be away from crowded beaches, head over to Glossa, the second biggest town in Skopelos and make it a day trip! It’s quiet and car free and really takes you back to a simpler time. 


best honeymoon destinations

Pro Tip: Do a bit of studying of the Greek language to make your trip a little easier. Knowing a few helpful phrases can go a long way, especially since the Greek alphabet looks very different than ours.


best honeymoon destinations

Enjoy the local food at Agnati and enjoy their breathtaking oceanside views. Avoid coming to Skopelos around June through August as it is the busiest time for tourists. Enjoy sun, sand and culture in beautiful, breathtaking Skopelos! Opa!


best honeymoon destinations


-Land in Skiathos for food, drinks and shopping

-Ferry to Skopelos

-Take the Old Town Tour

-Hiking near the Aegean sea

-Take a dip at Kastani beach

-Enjoy a drink at Kastani Beach Bar

-Visit the Chapel of St. John the Baptist

-Trek to Glossa for sightseeing and shopping

-Lunch/Dinner at Agnati

-Enjoy the beautiful white sandy beaches as long as possible!

-A nap (probably)


best honeymoon destinations

Bask in the tranquility of the sapphire skies, clear waters and ancient architecture of Skopelos!

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