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Forever Anniversary

Coral Ring- 35th Anniversary Ring


For your 35th anniversary, the modern gift is jade, while the traditional gift is coral! That might sound like an odd gift to have to search for, but you'd be surprised what kind of options you have for gifts with coral jewelry, coral colored clothing and other fashion accessories...just using the color is a great way to stay traditional for your 35th anniversary gift. The reason coral is the traditional gift for a 35th wedding anniversary is because coral takes a long time to form, like that of a strong relationship. So at this stage in your marriage you've faced many ups and downs, built a home so to speak, had a family, grown as people, made countless memories, and now your bond is stronger than before! This makes coral a great representation of your relationship after 35 years of marriage. This gorgeous coral ring is a beautiful sentiment of love and strength to give to your wife after 35 years together. This ring comes with genuine diamond accents and the band is 10K solid gold. So you'll be gifting her a piece of jewelry that is 100% genuine. She's going to love wearing this gorgeous ring as a daily fashion accessory or out on special occasions. And every time she wears it, it will be a beautiful reminder of your love for one another. 


Naturally-vibrant, superior quality color gemstone
High Quality Genuine Diamond Accents
10K Solid Gold
Made in the USA