Christmas Gifts for Grandparents



christmas gifts for grandparents

 Let's not forget about getting your grandparents something nice for Christmas! Whether its your grandparents, your spouses or your own parents, we've got your essential gift guide for all things Christmas! From home decor to drinkware and more, everything your Grandparents will want this year we have listed! Let's not waste another moment! Read on!



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photo gift ideas

Photo Canvas Print

Whether its your favorite shot from your wedding day, a picture of your newborn, a family portrait, a snapshot of your Grandparents dog or anything else, transferring it from file to a gorgeous canvas print will really bring it to life! Standard photo canvas prints make great home decor and can be displayed in your living room, bedroom, home office, kitchen, even your bathroom! Canvas prints make a moment magical, and stand out much more than an average framed photo. Your Grandparents will love this gift!





christmas gifts for newlyweds

Last Name Sign - Custom Monogram Sign

Give them something special with this lovely last name sign for their home! This last name sign comes with a custom monogram and establishment date of your choice. We recommend either the day they moved into their first home or the day they became an official married couple! Just send our friends at Canvas Vows the last name you'd like to use and they will design a beautiful high quality last name canvas in your choice of a dark or light color scheme!




christmas gifts for womenchristmas gifts for men

His and Hers Personalized Bathrobes

For more his and hers gifts, give them something they can feel cozy and warm in while they cuddle by the fire sipping cocoa! These cotton bathrobes come personalized with either their initials or their first name! If you'd like, you could even choose something like: Wifey and Hubby, Mr and Mrs, His and Hers, or anything else you can think of! They'll feel fancy and comfortable in these matching robes together! Elevate your gift by giving them some cozy slippers to lounge around the house in!





christmas gifts for new parents

Baby Handprint & Footprint Keepsake Photo Frame Kit

 For a keepsake gift that's unique to their Grandchild and their Grandchild alone, give them this wonderful baby hand print and footprint keepsake photo frame kit! Get an impression of your baby's hand or footprint for them to treasure forever! This is a perfect keepsake for Grandparents that they can look back at years later even after their Grandchild is not longer a baby.





christmas gifts for grandparents

Grandma and Grandpa Sweaters

Your Grandparents are cute as a button, so get them these adorable matching Grandma and Grandpa sweaters to wear this Christmas! Perfect for snow days, relaxing inside, a family portrait, or a Christmas party! Your Grandparents will look so cozy and adorable in their matching sweaters, you'll probably want a Mom and Dad one for you and your husband too!





Glass Essential Oil Diffuser

Gift your grandparents the gift of aromatherapy this year! Match with some calming scents you think they'd like and give them the gift of fresh air! This diffuser has a wood base and a glass top so its high quality. This will keep their house smelling fresh and sweet all the time and might even relax them a bit if they're ever feeling stressed or just want to kick back. It's zen, it's calming, and it blends in with any decor! Yay!





christmas gifts for dad 

Rock Slate Photo Plaque

For the Grandparents that can't get enough in the way of photo gifts, this super unique rock slate photo plaque is perfect for them! Take any photo and have it printed onto a beautiful rock slate in a rectangular shape! Perfect to display on a desk, on a a book shelf, night stand, or anywhere else the recipient can enjoy it! Now your Grandparents can appreciate a unique photo plaque of their Grand-kids, a family portrait, or a photo of a beloved pet!





spa gift box bundle

Spa Gift Box Bundle

With this spa gift box bundle, your Grandparents can enjoy an evening of total relaxation. Including his and hers robes, champagne flutes, an essential oil diffuser, an extendable bamboo caddy and soy tea candles! Your Grandparents will love that they get to be spoiled with all these thoughtful items and may inspire a date night for them!





our bucket list adventures

Our Bucket List Adventures Journal

For the older couple in your life that still likes to go on adventures and live as if they're teens again, this Bucket List Adventures Journal may inspire them to tackle all those things that they've been itching to do but keep putting off. Things such as: skydiving, visiting a foreign country, getting matching tattoos, going on a completely unplugged camping trip,  seeing a Broadway show on Broadway, seeing a major landmark or even writing that novel they've been talking about for years! With this journal they can write out all the things they want to do and write about them after they've been accomplished!





christmas gifts for grandparents

Record Player

If the record player they own has seen better days or they don't have one anymore, then a brand new record player for your Grandparents is a great gift! They can listen to their classic records that have been away in the attic for some time and reminisce on the "good ol' days". You could also gift them some brand new classic records or some vintage ones you find at a record store. This gift is a classic and they're sure to love it!





christmas gifts for grandparents

 Family Birthday Tracker Calendar Board

Now they'll never forget a birthday or other memorable celebration ever again! This family birthday tracker board is easy to hang anywhere it can be referenced such as a living room, bed room, kitchen, dining room, home office or anywhere else! It comes with wooden attachable pendants that can be easily written on and hung under the month they occur (as seen above). Now instead of having to look for that out of shape notebook with all their loved ones birthdays written down in it, they can just look at this and instantly know when a Grand-kid or best friend's birthday is approaching!





christmas gifts for grandparents

Family Tree Picture Frames

Here's a unique photo gift that your Grandparents can display beside their couch, on their nightstand, in their home office,on a kitchen counter, or anywhere else it can be admired! This metal family tree photo frame statue is just what they need to display photos of their loved ones creatively! Comes in two sizes and holds photos that are about 1.75 x 2.5.





christmas gifts for grandparents

Our Moments: Generations, Conversation Cards

In lieu of Scrabble, Yahtzee, or Monopoly, your Grandparents can spend game night with these wholesome conversation cards designed specifically for different generations to play together! This will open up honest conversations, bring back good memories and maybe even spark a few laughs. Perfect for just the two of them, for them and their friends, or even to play with their Grand-kids!





christmas gifts for grandparents

Grandparent Picture Frame

An adorable picture frame that tells your Grandparents how great they are and how they did such a great job on your upbringing! This frame can be pre-filled with a photo of them together or with their grandchildren or you can gift it to them empty so they can choose their favorite photo! This frame is perfect for a desk, nightstand, wall, or anywhere else they would like to look at it!





christmas gifts for grandparents

Our First Christmas as Grandma and Grandpa Ornament

If you're expecting your first little one, or you know the grandparents in question are becoming grandparents for the first time, then this precious ornament will make a beautiful Christmas gift for them! Personalized ornaments are great keepsakes that they can use time and time again and be reminded of the milestones represented! This ceramic disc ornament will look beautiful on any tree!





custom canvas print

Sheet Music Canvas Print

You can’t go wrong with a classic print! Choose the sheet music of their first dance song or their favorite song and get it printed on a one of a kind canvas! This will make beautiful home decor that they can display in their living room, in their bed room, above a piano, or anywhere else in their home they would like to see it!





christmas gifts for grandparents

Old Fashioned Whiskey Decanter

For Christmas this year, why not an old fashioned whiskey decanter? This particular one is in the shape of an old fashioned car! This decanter can hold two whiskey glasses on either side and the bottle on the inside. This makes for a retro and sophisticated decorative piece for a kitchen, dining room or kitchen bar! To make the gift complete, add in their favorite whiskey!





Picnic Backpack

Your Grandparents will love this easy to pack picnic backpack for those walks they take together, for a spontaneous picnic date, or anytime they need to transport more than just some Tupperware. This picnic backpack can carry plates, a small cutting board, silverware, drinking glasses, napkins or any other small picnic essentials! Convenient to carry and chic on the outside! The perfect Christmas present! 






christmas gifts for grandparents

Retro Recipes From the 50's and 60's by Addie Gundry

This recipe book will take your grandparents back to a time when things were a little more simple and the dining experience was a lot more intricate. This book contains popular retro recipes from the 50's and 60's that are easy to follow and are equally delicious! Hopefully this will inspire them to get creative in the kitchen and work on culinary projects together!





christmas gifts for grandparents

What was your favorite on our list? What are you getting the Grandparents in your life? Tell us in the comments!




Have a Happy Christmas!


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