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christmas presents for newlyweds


Ah, the first Christmas as a married couple. Talk about romantic! The first Christmas together is a special milestone that deserves to be recognized! As best friend or family member to a newlywed couple, it's your job this Christmas to gift them something to commemorate this momentous occasion! From drinkware to canvas gifts and beyond, we've got you covered! The countdown to Christmas is on, so lets get started!


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christmas gifts for newlyweds

Wedding Vows on Canvas - Heart Shaped Vows

 For the couple that could use some personalized wall decor, this wedding vows on canvas print is a great Christmas present! The vows on this selection come in an adorable heart shape on top of a romantic picture of them you select. You can also personalize it further with names and an anniversary date! Just send in a copy of their vows and our friends at Canvas Vows will create a beautiful and heartfelt canvas print for them! If you can't get their vows, you could use romantic song lyrics or a poem as an alternative! Perfect for a living room, bedroom, home office, or anywhere else in their home!




christmas gifts for newlyweds

Night Sky Map

For the newlywed couple in your life, this may be their first house or apartment together! This night sky map depicts the constellations of the night sky on a date that you choose! Whether it be the night of their wedding, the night they met, the night they got engaged, or any other significant event! Furthermore, you can customize this art print with their names and the coordinates of their first home! Alternatively, you can customize the message and coordinates for a different location such as their wedding venue, where they met, where they went on their honeymoon or anything else!




christmas gifts for newlyweds

His and Hers Wall Decor

A little reminder of the vows the two of them made on the day they said I do! One side for him and one side for her! Upload a photo from their wedding day or just a romantic photo of them together and include each of their vows to be printed on either side! This canvas looks stunning in person and is so romantic! This is perfect to display above their bed, in their living room, or anywhere else it will look nice! Personalize it further with names and their wedding date!




christmas gifts for newlyweds

Last Name Sign - Custom Monogram Sign

Make their establishment official with this lovely last name sign for their home! This last name sign comes with a custom monogram and establishment date of your choice. We recommend either the day they moved into their first home or the day they became an official married couple! Just send our friends at Canvas Vows the last name you'd like to use and they will design a beautiful high quality last name canvas in your choice of a dark or light color scheme!




christmas gifts for newlyweds

Personalized Wine Glasses - Wifey and Hubby

Give them a start on their wine glass collection! These 12 oz wine glasses are etched with the words "Wifey" and "Hubby" for each of them and can be personalized with the couples first names! His and Hers merchandise is all the rage with newlyweds and your loved ones are no exception! Pair with their favorite wine for an added treat and you're all set!




best christmas gifts for wife

Engraved Tree Glasses- Personalized

An alternative to the wifey and hubby glasses, These high quality glasses come with a beautiful tree design and your choice of initials and dates. Choose his and hers with their anniversary date or even the date of this Christmas! You can purchase two wine glasses, two beer glasses or do one of each! Make it a set of his and hers with two of each! Your friends will love them!




best christmas gifts for girlfriend

Fondue Pot

For a couple with a fondness with for snacking, chocolate and cheese, this fondue pot kit is perfect for Christmas this year! With this fondue pot, they can wow the crowd at parties, be a hit at potlucks, be the fan favorite on game night, or indulge in decadent chocolate covered desserts whenever they so choose! Break out the marshmallows and strawberries! It's time for fondue for two!





christmas gifts for men

Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

For music fans, podcast listeners, or anything else that needs to be heard loud and proud, a wireless Bluetooth speaker will do just the trick! Now your loved ones can play their favorite tunes during gatherings, spontaneous dance parties, workouts, or even bring this speaker to a party! Whenever and wherever they want, they can play their favorite music easily from their phones right to their new wireless Bluetooth speaker!






christmas gifts for menchristmas gifts for women

His and Hers Personalized Bathrobes

For more his and hers gifts, give them something they can feel cozy and warm in while they cuddle by the fire sipping cocoa! These cotton bathrobes come personalized with either their initials or their first name! If you'd like, you could even choose something like: Wifey and Hubby, Mr and Mrs, His and Hers, or anything else you can think of! They'll feel fancy and comfortable in these matching robes together! Elevate your gift by giving them some cozy slippers to lounge around the house in!





 Personalized Wood Wall Art

Tell their story on a rustic wooden plaque for all to see! Personalize it with all their big milestones such as their first date, the day he proposed, their wedding, the birth of their child (if applicable), or any other memorable moments from their journey together! Get it beautifully printed on this wood wall piece and hang it wherever it can be admired! This wood wall sign is perfect for a living room, a bedroom, in their his and hers bathroom, a home office or anywhere else! Customize it further with their shared last name, first names and an anniversary date!





christmas gifts for girlfriend

Custom Initial Discs Necklace

For a wearable symbol of love and personalization, gift the wife (or wives) of this pairing this sweet custom initial discs necklace! Take each of their first initials and our friends at Gracefully Made will engrave it onto two silver circle discs for you! The double initial discs necklace gives you the opportunity to be creative and to represent two people at once! This is a simple but meaningful Christmas gift that will be loved and can be worn as an everyday necklace!





christmas gifts for newlyweds

Our First Christmas as Mr and Mrs 2019 Ornament

Commemorate their first Christmas together as husband and wife with this beautiful keepsake ornament! A classic red truck with a Christmas tree in the bed of the trunk is depicted with the words "Our First Christmas as Mr and Mrs 2019" on it. This ceramic circle disc ornament will look lovely on their tree and be a memento of this special milestone!





christmas gifts for newlyweds 

Personalized Couples Christmas Ornament

Here we have another ornament for the newlywed couple you're looking to surprise! This is a more simplistic design but is the same handcrafted quality, ceramic circle disc type of ornament. The design is a simple Christmas tree silhouette with stars and the names of the newlywed couple written in cursive on the front. This will blend in with any holiday decor and be a beloved keepsake for your loved ones!






christmas gifts for newlyweds

Mr & Mrs Photo Frame

This beautiful Mr and Mrs photo frame is the perfect addition to a newlywed couples home! It's shabby chic and rustic with a pop of red coloring. The heart in the center displays the photo of choice. This is perfect for a mantle, a coffee table, a desk, nightstand or anywhere else this would look presentable. Insert a photo of the couple or leave it empty for them to put together. This is a home decor piece that can be kept up all year!





christmas gifts for newlyweds

Let The Adventure Begin Photo Frame

Marriage can be considered a journey, an adventure, maybe even a quest? For the newlywed couple that's more than ready for their adventure together, this sweet photo frame makes a great Christmas gift! This photo frame can rest on a tabletop or desk or be hung on a wall! It's made of wood, has white print and a threaded mountain design. The photo slot is perfect for a 6x4 picture. This will blend in well with any decor and be a sentimental keepsake for them!





christmas gifts for newlyweds

Martha Stewart's Newlywed Kitchen

A cookbook just for newlywed couples! Martha Stewart has put together a cookbook for easy meals, snacks, desserts and so much more! This cookbook also gives the ins and outs of what tools to use and even the most strategic way to organize your kitchen together! This book has beautiful, high quality photos and easy to follow recipes. This is perfect for the couple the entertains frequently or simply wants to expand their horizons in the kitchen!





christmas gifts for newlyweds

Personalized Cutting Board

Personalization is everything, and this personalized cutting board is no exception. Personalize this unqiue walnut wood cutting board with their first names and shared last name, and the date of their wedding. This intricate and beautiful design is a collection of flowers with two antlers surrounding the names and anniversary date. It's so pretty they may just use it for decoration and not for food cutting!





christmas gifts for newlyweds

Oil/Vinegar Bottles with Oak Stoppers

These chic and stunning oil and vinegar bottles are works of art. This is a avant-garde take on the traditional oil and vinegar container. These glass bottles are topped with spherical oak stoppers rather than a cork or traditional cap. Your newlywed friends will love having these as part of their kitchen decor. They can use for oil and vinegar or any other liquid that their kitchen requires! 





christmas gifts for newlyweds

Natural Slate Serving Tray with Brushed Gold Stainless Steel Handles

For the couple that's the hosts with the mosts...most? Anyways, for the couple that likes to have gatherings, game nights, parties, potlucks, etc... this beautiful natural slate serving tray is a great gift for them this year! This serving tray will make the food placed on it look like it was made for a celebrity...or meant to be displayed in an art museum! Traditional serving trays are out, serving trays made of slate are in!






christmas gifts for newlyweds

 Did you love the gifts on our list? What was your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!




Have a Joyous Christmas!



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